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Chapter 223 (Imperial Decree)


Madam Su smiled faintly as she spoke warmly to Matriarch Qin: “Mother, the little girl in our family is thin-skinned why did you invite here her!”

“Just to greet them and see if she likes him.”

“You already see him, Scholar Cheng is a talented young man, and anywhere I see is good.”

Madam Su keeps talking.

However, Madam Cheng frowned after understanding what Madam Su’s words meant.

Does this noble family think this marriage still needs to be considered!

Seeing that the third young miss Qin did not appear, it seems that it wasn’t because she was not feeling well, but because she was still dissatisfied with the marriage

Madam Cheng pulled out an arrogant sneer and coldly snorted, “It seems that the Marquis can’t see us, so let’s just go.”

Humph! A wild girl like the Qin family’s third young miss, who grew up outside, was already lucky to have a scholar like her son willing to marry her!

This wild girl is so unruly if the Qin family wants to marry her son, then they have to pay more dowry!

Madam Cheng stood up angrily and threatened to leave.

Scholar Cheng also followed and stood up, chin held high with a face of arrogance.

He laughed coldly and said, “A woman should be gentle and obedient, the third young miss from your family is so arrogant, she doesn’t look at our Cheng family, we can’t afford it!”

He casually arched his hand, “Farewell!”

The last two words were said with force and a clear and arrogant look.

Matriarch Qin looked at the Cheng mother and son, almost dumbfounded and shocked.

She originally thought the marriage was good because Madam Su said that the Cheng family has good morals and that Scholar Cheng was a handsome young man with a bright future.

Taking Qin Jiu’s situation as an example, she could live a better life after marrying someone with a lower status.

To put it bluntly, it’s not how good the Cheng family was, but it’s just that the Marquis family was willing to look at the Cheng family!

This marriage has not been negotiated, but the Cheng family already has this kind of attitude, if their marquis family really married the third young miss to the Cheng family, would the Cheng family’s mother and son be floating in the sky!!

Matriarch Qin’s face also hardened, and she said faintly: “in that case, our marquis house will not force this marriage.”

She raised her hand in a gesture and instructed, “Ning momo, see off the guests for me.”

Madam Su was also stunned, not expecting that in just a few words, the mother and son pair had brought the scene to such ugly point.

Really drag yourselves down!

Madam Su cursed in her heart, but she could only smile in the open and hurried to persuade Matriarch Qin first.

“Mother, don’t be angry! Let’s talk properly, it’s just some misunderstanding.”

Immediately afterward, she advised Madam Cheng, “Madam Cheng please stay, how can my niece dislike your family This little girl has thin skin, so she is embarrassed to come.”

Madam Su squeezed out a smile and said good things from both ends, making sure that this marriage was a success.

Madam Cheng was originally pretending, so after hearing Madam Su’s appeasement she stayed and didn’t say anything anymore, but she still didn’t sit down.

Scholar Cheng saw his mother did not leave, so he also did not move, but he couldn’t hide the disdain in his eyes.

Madam Su continued: “Madam Cheng, this marriage is the order of my parents and the words of a matchmaker.

My niece’s marriage is decided by my mother-in-law.”

Then she looked at Matriarch Qin again.

“Mother, don’t you think so”

Madam Su stared expectantly at Matriarch Qin, trying to get her to agree to the marriage, preferably by exchanging the geng tie today.

So, even if Qin Jiu knew about it, she wouldn’t be able to make any complaints!

Matriarch Qin slowly twirls the string of Buddha beads in her hand, but there was no answer.

Seeing this, Madam Su was worried and scolded the Cheng mother and son inwardly.

She settled down and continued to persuade Matriarch Qin: “Mother, this is about the lifelong importance of Jiu’er, we must look ‘in the future’…..”

In front of the Cheng family’s mother and son, Madam Su speaks politely and tries to remind Matriarch Qin that with Qin Jiu’s situation, if she misses out on Scholar Cheng, she’s afraid she won’t be able to find a better one in the future.

These days, Madam Su has been chanting similar words in front of Matriarch Qin.

Now, with her deliberate reminder, Matriarch Qin hesitated again.

She thought to herself:

My daughter-in-law is right, a girl is different from a man, a man can delay his marriage for a few years, and can seek a career first before starting a family.

But this girl in our family can’t afford to drag her time, if it doesn’t work, it’s just picking sesame seeds and losing watermelon*…

(TN*-pay attention to the secondary ones, but ignore the main ones)

Qin Jiu was just about to get married, where in fact a girl as big as her in the capital should have settled long ago.

In the end, what happened today was Qin Jiu’s fault in the first place.

If Qin Jiu had come to Ronghe Hall, it wouldn’t have come to this.

But even so, the words said by the Cheng mother and son were still very unpleasant….

Madam Cheng could see Matriarch Qin’s hesitation and her chin was raised even higher.

In her opinion, Matriarch Qin’s hesitation was justified, after all, after missing her own son, where would their Qin family find a son-in-law more outstanding than her own son

Madam Su was still patient and continued to persuade Matriarch Qin.

She felt that as long as she made more effort, the marriage would be successful.

Just think, this Qin Jiu was so unruly, had no upbringing, the eldest house has no father or mother, she was the eldest daughter of a widow, even if the Empress protects her, so what What better family in the capital would want to marry a girl with no education!

Matriarch Qin twirled the Buddhist beads in her hand more and more slowly, with some difficulty.

Seeing that Matriarch Qin was hesitant to respond, Scholar Cheng felt as if he had been slapped again, ashamed and annoyed, he coldly said to Madam Cheng.

“Mother, why do we have to be so humiliated here!”

With his talent, he would certainly be able to pass the imperial examination, not to mention be the top scorer, and even if being in the top three was not a problem, by then many honorable ministers would be willing to marry their daughter to him.

Why should she stoop to marry a rude girl who doesn’t see big people.

As soon as he spoke, the curtain was raised from outside and a small maid came in panting, straight to Matriarch Qin and said, “Matriarch Qin, a decree has arrived!”


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