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Early the next morning, Gu Zezhi went to the Yu manor.

The person he wanted to see was naturally Yu Fuyun.

The servant boy hurriedly ran to the training ground to inform Yu Fuyun, who was practicing with his sword.

The silver sword dances fiercely against the wind leaving a silver sword net after shadow.

“Young Lord,” the servant boy in blue said, “Master Gu is here.”

Yu Fuyun executed two more moves before he withdrew the sword, surprised at why Gu Zezhi came.

“Cheng Ying, invite the person to the main hall.” His breath was slightly rushed, and his forehead was seeping with some thin sweat.

However, the young servant named Cheng Ying said.

“Master Gu said he would not come in and asked you to go to Siyi Pavilion instead to collect the debt from Second Prince Yelu.”

Speaking of Yelu Luan, Cheng Ying’s heart set off a wave of anger: the Yu family and Beiyan were at odds with each other.

If it were not for Beiyan, how could the Yu family be wiped out and only Yu Fuyun left.

Meanwhile, Yu Fuyun slowly took his sword back into the scabbard and remembered the competition between Gu Zezhi and Ye Luan when he was in the Nanyuan Hunting Palace.

The silver sword reflected in his dark pupils, adding a bit of sharpness and indifference.

Yu Fuyun wiped the sweat off his forehead with a handkerchief, changed his clothes in a hurry, and went out.

Gu Zezhi rode on a white horse just outside the east corner gate and smiled faintly at Yu Fuyun who came on his horse, “I thought you would want to see it with your own eyes.”

Gu Zezhi’s tone was familiar as if they had been friends for many years.

Cheng Ying looks back and forth at Gu Zezhi and Yu Fuyun in surprise.

The third son of Duan Wang stayed in the west of Xinjiang all year round.

He came to the capital in October this year, so why does he seem to be familiar with his young lord

Gu Zezhi and Yu Fuyun could see Cheng Ying’s confusion and surprise, but they didn’t say anything more.

The two of them had actually met more than two years ago, of course not in the capital, but in the northwest.

That year, the Gaoji clan in the northwest combined with several small clans repeatedly invaded the border, causing the people in the Wanho grassland area disturbance and suffering.

The Wanho Grassland was just the junction of western and northern Xinjiang.

Gu Zezhi was ordered by his father to suppress bandits, at that time he happened to see Yu Fuyun from a distance across Wanho Lake.

Yu Fuyun was wearing silver armor and sat astride a fiery horse, just like the contrast between ice and fire, with an overwhelming spirit.

At that time, they didn’t actually talk about anything.

After all, they all had military orders and were eager to pursue the remnants of the Gaoji clan and those small clans.

They just exchanged a gesture across the lake and acted separately.

Gu Zezhi took his father’s order and hurried back to Luo’an City to recover after he destroyed the remnants of the Gaoji clan.

He never saw Yu Fuyun again since then.

He only heard from Duan Wang Ye that Yu Fuyun had won a great victory and destroyed the other half of the enemy.

So, Gu Zezhi could never have thought that when they met next time, the whole Yu family would be destroyed, and Yu Fuyun would retire from the army because of his serious injury

However, Yu Fuyun was Yu Fuyun after all.

He was like a snow leopard that was temporarily dormant, but a leopard was still a leopard, it would never become a cat.

Gu Zezhi believed that he would return to the battlefield one day.

“Let’s go.” Yu Fuyun tapped the horse’s belly, and the black horse took the lead in galloping out.

Unwilling to be left behind, Gu Zezhi’s white horse neighed and chased after him, and the two of them went head-to-head, together to Siyi Pavilion.

The people in Siyi Pavilion immediately reported to Yelu Luan.

Yelu Luan also knows that the emperor gave Gu Zezhi and Qin Jiu a marriage, originally he did not want to see Gu Zezhi, but after thinking about it, he came anyway.

The gauze on his face has been removed, revealing three red scars on his left face, making his once handsome face a little bit ferocious.

“Gu Zezhi, what do you want from me!”

Yelu Luan looked at Gu Zezhi with a hateful expression, thinking that the other party had come to him for the peace talks, and made up his mind to embarrass him.

But after Yelu Luan saw Yu Fuyun, who was walking with Gu Zezhi, he frowned slightly and his eyes showed malice.

Just as the Yu family was at odds with Beiyan, Yelu Luan also hated the Yu family to the core.

If there were no Yu family, they would have seized the northern border of Great Qi long ago.

Facing the fierce Yelu Luan, Gu Zezhi remained calm and said, “Prince Yelu, I especially came here with the young lord to let you fulfill the bet.”

Yelu Luan: “!!!!”

Yelu Luan seems to be splashed with ink as his face suddenly darkened.

Since he returned to the capital from the Nanyuan Hunting Palace, no one has mentioned this matter anymore, and he also regarded that nothing had happened.

This Gu Zezhi was indeed his nemesis!

Yelu Luan’s eyes became gloomier like a dark and cold pit.

He suppressed his anger and said, “I lost the last competition, and I am willing to pay a thousand taels of gold.”


Gu Zezhi refused, not saying anything further as the corners of his lips still hooked upward, but the meaning of his words was as sharp as a sword.

“Is Prince Yelu willing to bet but not admit defeat Though if the three cities of Beimeng City, Tuli City, and Helunta City are used as an apology then this bet will be canceled.”

How could Yelu Luan dare to use these three cities as an apology.

Beimeng City, Tuli City, and Helunta City were the border between Yan State and Great Qi.

If they cede these three cities to Great Qi, it would be like opening the south gate of Yan State to Great Qi!

Yelu Luan glared at Gu Ze with hatred and gritted teeth.

This matter was already a knife on his throat that could be used as a threat, this Gu Zezhi was a really sinister and cunning guy, he would certainly use this during peace talks.

And since he was in Great Qi now, he has to live relying on someone else’s charity.

Yelu Luan gritted his teeth, his voice squeezed out from his teeth: “Good, I’ll go! Yan people dare to bet and never renege, I will go now!”

After he knelt down, the Yan state would no longer fall into Gu Zezhi’s hand.

This was worth it!

“Please.” Gu Zezhi smiled and extended his hand as a gesture.

Yelu Luan flicked his sleeves heavily and walked out of the Siyi Pavilion with big strides.


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