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Having noticed the mess at the inn, the team immediately closed in on Little Six aggressively.

At this point, it didnt matter whether Little Six was the thief or not.

The royal carriage was at Jianglin Palace.

Since Little Six dared to cause any trouble in Qingyun County, he absolutely could not be tolerated.

The team leader immediately ordered the officers to take Little Six down.

“Arrest this suspicious thief down immediately!”

A dozen or so officers immediately responded as they swarmed at Little Six.

They pulled out their respective sabers and aimed their blades at Little Six.

Its extremely difficult to beat four hands with two fists.

As such, Little Six was soon subdued by these officers.

Two long gleaming blades were placed on his neck.

“Search him!”

An officer immediately started searching Little Six at the order of the team leader.

Little Sixs face immediately grew dark.

He struggled hard and shouted, “Let me go!”


Suddenly, a copper token fell down from his clothes.

As another officer picked it up to check it, that officers expression turned grim in a flash.

This is clearly Prince Duans token!

Every officers expression changed while looking at Little Six.

The air on the streets seemed to have frozen.

Since Little Six wasnt an ordinary thief, the team leader did not dare to deal with him at his will.

He hurriedly yelled at the officers, “Take him to the county office!”

This hot potato must be handed to the Magistrate as soon as possible.

The team of officials immediately escorted Little Six on the road.

When they walked past the Fragrant Tea House, Qin Gui on the second floor also saw this.

She peeked a glance at Xiao Ze with a gentle smile.

She felt that this guy was sinister from head to toe.

“Is this the guy who has been following you” Qin Gui asked affirmatively.

Xiao Ze nodded with a smile.

He did not explain that this person was just one of them.

After he had started traveling with Qin Gui, he had indeed thrown these people off his tracks.

But later, when they entered Qingyun County, he found himself being followed by two people again.

It was just they didnt make a move due to lack of manpower.

If so, it was his turn to make a move.

The fact that the royal carriage was here was a good opportunity for him.

From the very start, he had planned to pull out these nails before the royal carriage.

This would kill two birds with one stone.

Xiao Ze picked up the white porcelain tea cup and took a sip.

The amber tea clearly reflected his shining eyes.

“Happy cooperation.” His voice was gentle, graceful, and calm like a noblemans son.

His every movement was beautiful.

Qin Gui didnt dare to take the credit.

“I didnt do anything.”

“Those government officials are here for you.” Xiao Ze said with a smile.

“I guess thats true.” Qin Gui nodded her agreement as the corner of her brows rose with a smile.

Xiao Ze lowered his head and smiled.

His smile was obscured but his eyes were quite radiant.

Qin Gui was in a very good mood.

She turned her head, pointed her slender finger at Little Six, who was restrained by the officers on the street and asked, “What will happen next”

Xiao Ze smiled but didnt speak, rather he took another sip.

Qin Gui stared at him curiously.

Xiao Ze took several more sips slowly.

Just when Qin Gui thought that he would not answer, Xiao Ze started speaking all of a sudden, “, you wont be in any more trouble.”

Xiao Zes expression gave her a profound feeling.

Qin Gui was confused upon hearing this while her bright apricot eyes glittered.

She had no idea how much Xiao Ze knew but she didnt bother to ask.

Even if she asked, he might not answer.

So be it!

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