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After exiting the palace gates, Yu Ping saw Qin Zening standing by a red horse.

The young man in blue was just 17-18 years old.

His black eyebrows were slanted upward and his eyes shone like stars.

He looked particularly dashing.

His black hair dancing along the breeze made him look a bit frivolous and willful.

“Young Master Qin.”

Yu Ping put away the whisk in his hand and cupped his fist to Qin Zening before conveying Empress Weis intention to him.

Qin Zening pursed his thin lips but remained silent.

He also knew that now wasnt the good time to take his sister home.

After all, the family still had no idea about this.

Besides, her imposter was still there.

She had to be dealt as well!

A sharp gleam flashed past Qin Zenings eyes before he cupped his fist to Yu Ping and said, “Please tell his highness I know what to do.”

When Qin Zening led the imperial guards of fourth rank to investigate Qin Guis origin under the emperors order, he didnt have any idea about the empress intentions.

It wasnt until he arrived at Jiangyu County of Jin Province and investigated a bit that he gradually discovered the cruel truth.

His sister was replaced by two evil-minded people.

His sister wasnt just replaced but also tortured, humiliated, and had her life almost ruined.

Qin Zening rushed back to the capital as quickly as possible and reported everything to the emperor.

Originally, he wanted to bring his sister back to the capital himself but the empress, her aunt was worried that this would scare Qin Gui.

So, she went to bring his sister personally…

A brooding Qin Zening returned to the Zhongyi Marquis Mansion on his horse.

After throwing the rein to a servant, Qin Zening went to Glory Hall where Madam Qin lived with a clear goal.

“Big Brother.”

Qin Zening met Qin Xin along the way.

Qin Xin was also going to the Glory Hall.

Today, Qin Xin was wearing a beizi with red begonia and green plums embroidered on it and a pink pleated skirt below.

Her silky black hair was tied into buns on either side of her head with two pink beaded flowers hung by her temple.

Her palm-sized little face was glistening brighter than snow.

Her eyebrows twirled upwards whenever she smiled; it was particularly enchanting.

[TLN: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Beizi.]

“Big Brother.” Qin Xin smiled affectionately at Qin Zening and said, “You came back early today.

Im going to grandmas place.

Lets go together.”

Qin Zening stared at her in a daze.

His gaze was as deep as an abyss.

Once, he regarded her as a treasure left by her parents.

He cared for her in every possible way.

But now, when he thought how Qin Xin grew up in Marquis Mansion and how her biological parents tortured his sister day by day, hatred rose in Qin Zenings heart.

Qin Xin was almost four years old when she arrived here.

Did she knew…

Qin Xin was a little scared by Qin Zenings look.

She asked with hesitation, “Big Brother, whats the matter with you”

Qin Zening said in a nonchalant manner, “Mothers death anniversary is coming soon.

I will rest for two days then you and I will go to Huangjue Temple to burn incense for her.”

Qin Xin immediately replied, “Then Ill ask someone to prepare the alms.”

Qin Zening didnt comment.

He matched Qin Xins pace.

While walking, he asked meaningfully, “Mother always missed you when she was alive.

She couldnt die in peace, saying she will remain in the sun to keep watching you…”

It was dusk right now.

The sky was grayish blue.

A few lanterns hanging under the eaves swayed with the evening breeze as the candlelight flickered.

Qin Xin couldnt help but shudder as a cool breeze blew past them

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