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Madam Qin was sitting on an Arhat Bed of red sandalwood with a cold as ice look on her face.

Qin Zening was standing before him, his back towards Qin Xin.

“Big Brother…” Qin Xin called out, her voice trembling slightly.

Qin Zening stated in a cold voice, without even looking at her, “Not any Tom, Dick, and Harry can call me Big Brother.”

Qin Xins eyes turned red all of a sudden.

She bit her cherry-red lips.

She could barely hold her tears.

I have been calling him Elder Brother for ten years, for ten years.

Can our brotherly-sisterly feeling be no match for blood relationship

Madam Qin had always loved Qin Xin like a granddaughter.

She couldnt help but blame Qin Zening, “Ninger, dont talk to your sister like this!”

“Grandma, she is not my sister.” Qin Zening turned sideways and pointed at Qin Xin with a cold and disgusted look on his face.

“It was her despicable parents who had replaced my sister and had been torturing, beating, and scolding her in every possible way.”

“Even a dog would not bite back its owner!” Qin Zenings each and every word was colder than the last.

“Ninger!” Madam Qins furrow her brow more tightly.

She didnt want to believe Qin Zening.

But Qin Zening wouldnt make things up regarding such a big matter.

Madam Qin was upset and confused.

She remembered that Qin Xin was just four years old when she was brought to the house.

She was so young but well-behaved and clever little girl.

Her eldest son and daughter-in-law passed away in their prince, When Qin Xin was put on her lap, she named her personally.

She watched her grow with her own eyes, calling her grandmother sweetly and coaxing her to be happy.

This granddaughter was the apple of her eyes.

How could she cast her aside!

Even if Li Family is at fault, Qin Xin is innocent!

How can this crime be imposed on Qin Xin!

“Grandma.” Qin Xin looked at Madam Qin gratefully, her eyes turned redder.

She knew that her filial piety to her grandmother would not be in vain.

In the past ten years, she had been filial to her grandmother.

What did Qin Gui do Why should she take away everything when she comes back!

Qin Zening raised his sword-like eyebrows and said, “Grandma, when my parents were alive, they couldnt forget my poor sister.

My sister has suffered for more than ten years but this imposter has been living in Marquis Mansion happily.

Arent you afraid that my parents would turn in their graves”

Back then, the Qin Family was exiled to Min Province.

Pirates ran rampant in Min Province.

The local guards often conscript the exiled criminals forcefully to suppress the bandits.

Qin Jue was the eldest son.

And Qin Zhun was sick from time to time because of hard life in Min Province.

So every time Qin Jue was conscripted until he died during a suppression of pirates.

At that time, Wei was still pregnant.

She gave birth prematurely in shock.

Wei had difficult labour which caused heavy bleeding after giving birth to Qin Zeyu.

In just a few days, Qin Zening lost both his father and mother.

Madam Qin tightened the Buddhist beads bracelet in her hand.

The eldest son and eldest daughter-in-law often missed the second granddaughter when they were in Min Province.

If their spirits in heaven came to know that the second granddaughter was living outside and had suffered for so many years, they would really be sad.

The second granddaughter must be brought back, but Qin Xin is…

“Grandmother…” Qin Xin squeezed the handkerchief in her hand in grief as her eyes turned moist, which made people pity her.

Madam Qin couldnt bear it even more.

She thought, Li Family couples conduct might be really poor.

But Qin Xin had always lived in comfort, she hadnt done any work.

How could she live that life.

Marquic Mansion has a big business.

Cant we even raise a little girl…

Ninger is too stubborn!

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