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“You should have come back and told your family about this first before exposing such a big news to His Highness! How can you be so rash What will His Highness think of our Qin Family He will only denounce us for lax governance!”

Madam Qin nodded her head in agreement.


If Qin Zening had returned and told us first, we could have at least thought about the countermeasures in advance instead of making decisions when the matter had come to an end

“Second Uncle, you think this nephew should have deceived the king” Qin Zening smiled slightly but no smile could be found in his eyes.

“This nephew cant do that!”

Qin Zening fell back, sat down on the rounded-back armchair, and crossed his legs.

He looked quite rebellious.

Of course, he understood what his Second Uncle, Qin Zhun was thinking.

After all, it was just for benefits!

After the death of his grandfather, the mansion had quite a dispute over who should inherit the title, Qin Zening, the eldest grandson, or his Second Uncle.

Qin Zenings grandfather was in favor of him before his death but with grandmothers decision, the emperor conferred the title to Second Uncle.

Over these years, the Qin Family had slowly distanced from the center of the power as they mostly led errands in the dynasty.

For the sake of their future, the second uncle would surely cling to the second prince!

If I had really done as Second Uncle had said, told him first after finding out the truth, its quite possible that Second Uncle might have used any means necessary to suppress the truth.

But thats my sister!

Qin Zhun furrowed his brow tighter.

His ears reddened in anger as he shouted, “Who asked you to deceive His Highness, I just told you to not be so impulsive.”

Qin Zening countered immediately, “Since we arent deceiving His Highness, whats the difference if I told him first and later”

“You!” Qin Zhuns chest heaved up and down in anger.

“Your surname is Qin, you are a member of Qin Family! You are always so willful and reckless.

Where do you put the Qin Family in your heart! Look at what youve done…”

“Second Uncle.” Qin Zening interrupted him as he raised the corner of his dashing eyebrows, “If you think your nephew messes around and pays total disregard to Qin Familys interest, its better to split up.”

Qin Zhun almost seemed to blow his top after hearing the words, split up.

He raised his voice, “Qin Zening, you think your wings have grown bigger, is that it”

Back then when I inherited the marquis title, I had already become the talk of the town.

If Qin Zening left the family, people would definitely talk; they would say that I couldnt tolerate his brothers heirs.

Wouldnt that ruin my reputation

The air in the room suddenly turned more and more tense.

“Ninger.” Madam Qin was also unhappy.

She immediately scolded Qin Zening, “Splitting up the family isnt something trivial.

You are already eighteen, you should know what to say and what not to! Im still alive, no one is allowed to separate this family!”

Qin Zening pursed his lips as a smile appeared on his lips.

He remained noncommittal, let alone admit his mistake.

Madam Qin calmly said, “Since His Highness is already aware of this matter, we have to bring back that child.”

“…” Qin Xins pupils constricted slightly as she glanced at Madam Qin before glancing down again.

Her gaze was as deep as an abyss.

Having reached this point, Qin Zhun also knew that that kid must be picked up but…

Under what name, that was the big question!

“Lets do it like this.” Qin Zhun thought for a moment before continuing with a clap, “Lets say to the outsiders that the Sister-in-law gave birth to twins back then.

Xiner is the older sister and that kid is the younger sister.

The young sister had been staying in the village because of her poor health…”

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