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They didnt fully understand what this pair were talking about, but they could see that Qin Xin must have something in Qin Jius hands, otherwise, Qin Xin would not have to grin and bear with her now.

After carefully analyzing Qin Jius words just now, some of the smarter people suspected that something was off, and an incredible guess came to their mind.

No way!

“Sister Xin,” Princess Ying Luo asked hesitantly, “What is your third sister trying to say”

The others stared at Qin Xin intensely.

Qin Xins heart skipped a beat, the suspicious gaze from everyone around her made her nervous.

She lowered her gaze slightly, her slender and curled eyelashes flapped lightly like butterfly wings, pitifully, she looked like she wanted to just blurt out everything but she couldnt.

Gu Jing looked at his sweetheart, he felt like needles were pricking into his heart, he just wanted to hold her in his arms immediately to comfort her.


His Xiner was just too kind, as she was her sister, she just let this wild girl accuse her like this!

“Guards.” Gu Jing snorted coldly.

The prince would always travel around with his guards.

He gave an order and two tall and agile guards immediately came over.

Gu Jing raised the corners of his mouth slightly, a light flashed across his eyes, and he thought: Qin Jiu had offended him.

Qin Jiu is fated to be a lonely and cursed star, the empress still kept this niece of hers in the palace for such a long time, thats why the emperors royal body had fallen ill recently…… If he utilised this matter well, he could avenge his mother over the incident where she knelt outside the Feng Luan Palace for a whole day and night!

“Take her down!” Gu Jing ordered.

“Yes! Your Highness!”

The two guards strode towards Qin Jiu, but Qin Jiu remained calm, she calmly looked at Gu Ze Zhi who was sitting aside, and gave him an unusually bright smile.

In Gu Ze Zhis eyes, the little girls bright smile at this moment and the fake smile she had on just now were a world apart.

Gu Ze Zhi smiled with interest: “Second prince, let the young lady finish her words first.”

His tone was gentle, but there was an unquestionable aura to it.

His words left everyone dumbfounded, and they looked at each other again.

What is the relationship between the third son of Duke Duan and Qins third daughter! He would actually stand up for her!

The second prince is indeed honourable, but Gu Ze Zhis identity wasnt too bad either.

Although he isnt the crown prince of Duke Duan, he is the only elder son of Duke Duan.

Whats more, he is also elder to the second prince, so the second prince must pay some respect to him no matter what.

Gu Jings expression darkened.

Gu Jing stared at Gu Ze Zhi for a moment, then said: “Since uncle said so, nephew shall obey.

His voice didnt show either joy or anger.

Qin Jiu grinned from ear to ear and said in her heart: This cheap big brother is really reliable, he will indeed be the villain who will make the male and female lead grit their teeth and want to get rid of him in the future!

Qin Jiu blinked at Gu Ze Zhi, as a sign of gratitude.

The reason why Qin Jiu dared to face Qin Xin head on was because of Gu Ze Zhi, this golden patron.

She believes that the big villain and the male and female leads must not be dealt with.

Anyway, she had been addressing him as “Big Brother” for a few days now, the cheap big brother cant bear to just watch her being bullied right!

Qin Xins hands that were hidden in her sleeves tightened, her nails sinking into her tender palms.

All this had completely spiralled out of her control.



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