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Qin Xin glanced at Priest Yun Guang, and motioned her not to continue further.

Priest Yun Guang: “……”

She was secretly annoyed at Qin Xin.

If Qin Xin had not got hold of her secret and threatened her with that, she would have never dealt with such unappreciated work!

Now, she was in a dilemma.

If she says that she has made a mistake, she would be ruining her own reputation and contradicting with her own self!

“Although Im not a jack of all trades, I still know a thing or two on physiognomy and fate.”

What Priest Yun Guang meant was that her readings werent wrong.

She sighed, looked at Qin Jiu and said with a compassionate tone: “Qins third daughter, I know you dont believe in me, but the matter is over, I hope you will stop creating a scene out of it.”

Priest Yun Guang flicked her hossu again, and walked away, “I will leave first.”

Qin Jiu couldnt let her leave so easily.

She blocked her way with a smile, and asked: “Priest, you havent answered me yet.

Does my second sister have a noble or poor fate”

“Noble.” Priest Yun Guang said sharply.

Qin Jiu asked again: “Is it even more noble than the empress dowagers”

Was there any woman in this world who had the audacity to say that her fate is more noble than the empress dowagers! Priest Yun Guangs heart skipped a beat, and she denied without hesitation: “Of course not.

Qins third daughter, mind your words, dont be…” disrespectful towards the empress dowager.

“Thats weird.” Qin Jiu interrupted her directly, frowning suspiciously, “If my fate is that bad, with just one glance, I could ruin a painting dedicated to the Empress Dowager.

The 10 years that second sister was under the presence of my fate……”

“Qin Jiu!”

Qin Xin subconsciously called out Qin Jius name.

Qin Jiu ignored her completely, and said to herself: “Why didnt it affect her noble fate”

“……” Qin Xins expression changed drastically, and her petite body trembled uncontrollably.

Qin Jiu actually said it!

Qin Xin has been raised in the Marquess Mansion since she was four years old.

In the past ten years, she lived a noble and royal lifestyle, the poor life she had gone through in her previous life felt so distant, it felt just like a nightmare.

Ever since she was little, everyone around her talked and acted gently, politely.

Even if they hated each other, they would always scheme behind each others backs, but on the surface, they acted nice and gave off an “everyone is well” illusion.

She has never seen someone so thick-faced, that she had to be so head on with her in front of so many people!

Qin Xin stared at Qin Jiu bitterly.

In her previous life, Qin Jiu returned to the Marquess Mansion when she was eight years old, and she had to leave.

The two of them had only met once.

That one time when they met, Qin Jius face had already been clearly printed in Qin Xins heart.

The fourteen-year-old girl in front of her eyes looked so similar to that eight-year-old girl in her previous life, but something changed about her.

Her slight smile looked so bright, so calm, so brisk, she didnt seem to know how outrageous her words were.

Qin Xin felt like a fire was burning in her heart, and her body tightened.

Qin Jiu didnt seem to feel the hatred in Qin Xins eyes at all, she looked pleased.

Anyway, its already out in the open and besides, the female lead was already setting up a trap to deal with her, wouldnt it mean that she will send herself into the trap for the female lead if she continued to bear with it!

Qin Jius smile deepened, she smiled evilly, and deliberately asked: “Second sister, am I right”



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