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Qin Jiu left Sheng Hua Pavilion with Qin Ze Ning.

Along the way, Qin Jiu recited what had happened just now, and then asked: “It was Qin Xin who went to complain to grandmother right.”

Qin Ze Ning nodded and said angrily: “Sister, you are doing the right thing.

If Qin Xin dares to mess with you again in the future, you can just hit her.

Whatever happens, you will have my support! Ha, this Qin Xin, she still had the guts to snitch on you.”

Qin Jiu was not surprised.

In other words, she had guessed that they would snitch on her upon returning to the Marquess Mansion.

But she already went all out at the time, and its impossible for her to call truce with them now.

She didnt expect Qin Ze Ning to come for her.

While speaking, Qin Jiu already saw Mama Cui, who was waiting next to the carriage.

As she saw the both of them walk out, Mama Cui smiled and bowed politely, “Master, third lady.”

Qin Ze Ning said: “It was Mama Cui who asked someone to notify me about the news.”

Qin Jiu blinked as she looked at Mama Cui who was a few steps away.

“I watched the last crown prince grow up.” Mama Cui took the initiative to explain.

The “last crown prince” in her words referred to the former Zhong Yi Marquesss crown prince, Qin Jue, who was the biological father of Qin Ze Ning and Qin Jiu.

“At that time, the nanny that was chosen by your grandmother for the former crown prince suffered a sudden illness, and I had to be the former crown princes nanny.

In other words, I was the one who watched the former crown prince grow up.”

Back then, Mama Cuis child that was less than half a year old passed away, so she treated Qin Jue, who fed on her breast milk, as her own child.

Thinking of Qin Jues death at such a young age, Mama Cuis expression inevitably showed a hint of sadness.

“Twelve years ago, when the Qin family was exiled, Mama Cui went along with them.” Qin Ze Ning added, “Little sister, if you have any difficulties in the future, just discuss with Mama Cui.” He always had errands to run so he cant always be here for her.

It would be much better to have Mama Cui watching over her.

Qin Jiu responded with a smile and bowed politely to Mama Cui again.

Mama Cui hurriedly rejected it and said “I dont deserve it” dozens of times.

“Third lady,” Mama Cui said worriedly, “Elder Lady Qin is fumed with anger……”

“Lets go back first.” Qin Jiu already had so much to worry about anyway.

The siblings and Mama Cui returned to Zhong Yi Marquess Mansion in no time, and they went straight to Rong He hall.

As soon as they stepped into Rong He hall, a cup suddenly flew in towards Qin Jius direction, and fell just at her feet.


The tea cup shattered and the tea splashed everywhere.

Immediately afterwards, Elder Lady Qins angry voice sounded: “Kneel down!”

Qin Ze Ning squinted his eyes, and guarded Qin Jiu behind him.

Mama Cui frowned worriedly.

Just as she was about to say something to calm her down, Qin Jiu spoke first: “Grandma, whats the matter Who made you upset”

While she said that, she glanced at Qin Xin who was sitting next to Elder Lady Qin.

Although she didnt mention Qin Xin in her words, they all knew what she meant.

Qin Xin was so angry that Qin Jiu glanced at her, her gaze darkened.

Yesterday, when Qin Jiu just returned to the Marquess Mansion, she kept quiet and did not say a word for quite some time.

Qin Xin thought she was timid.

Now, she really wanted to go back in time to slap her innocent self awake.

Qin Jiu looked calmly at Qin Xins eyes.

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