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After seeing Qin Qiu that just left yesterday come back today, Empress Wei quickly waved and signaled her to come to her side, she concernedly asked: “Are you okay Did the Qin Family bully you again” Empress Weis eyes flickered.

Qin Jiu bowed, and walked towards Empress Wei, she smiled happily and said: “ Aunt, dont worry,I wasnt bullied, it was Qin Xin that was “bullied” by me.

Im here so I could stay away from trouble.”

It was only her that would say “stay away from trouble” so proudly.

Empress Wei was curious about what Qin Jius words meant, she raised her eyebrows: “What happened”

Qin Jiu wasnt thinking of hiding it from her anyway, she told the empress the whole story, and emphasized on how she unleashed her words on Qin Xin.

As expected, Empress Wei was overwhelmed with joy after hearing her story, she even cried as she was laughing too hard.

Empress Wei reached out her small, delicate hands and poked on Jius forehead, she smiled and said: “ you naughty little fella.”

Empress Wei with a smile in her eyes, thought: Jiu is truly her younger sisters daughter, they have the same personality, resilient and refused to ever give up!

Looking back, Qin Xi, that little girl, was nothing compared to her sister.

She acted innocent all the time, and always looked like she was about to cry.

She was to blame as well, after all these years, she didnt realise Qing Xi was this kind of a person!

Empress Wei held Qin Jius hand and said: “Jiu, if you encounter this kind of situation next time, dont be afraid and just do anything you want! Im always here to support you.”

What she said was exactly the same as what Qin Ze Ning had said, she swiftly agreed with a bright smile, she wasnt shy about it at all.

Empress Wei then said: “Jiu, the priest, Yun Guang you mentioned just now……”

While speaking, a small figure could be seen running towards them, his voice could be heard even before he arrived.

”Mama, Cousin Jiu.”

It was the sixth prince, Gu Zhen that just finished his lessons in the imperial study room.

“Cousin Jiu, you are back.” Gu Zhen happily pulled on Qin Jius hand, his white and chubby face was glowing with joy.

“Jiu, Zhen was unhappy after knowing that you left after he returned from his studies.” Empress Wei smiled gently, “He even nagged for a while, asking when would you be back.” Empress Wei and Gu Zhen said the same thing, to “come back.”

“Jiu, you should just stay in the palace comfortably.”

“You should only go back when your grandmother acknowledges her wrongdoings.”

Empress Weis smile was graceful and loving.

Qin Jiu happily answered: “Sure.” Living here was so comfortable, she didnt need to fight with the female lead in a battle of wits and courage, she really didnt mind staying here for a longer period of time.

“Cousin Jiu, come and play the puzzle ring with me.” Gu Qin quickly ordered his servant to get the rings, his big black eyes shining.

The puzzle rings were formed and connected with nine metal loops, and set on a frame.

Gu Qin had the whole set of puzzle rings, they had different shapes including the basic sword shape, a flower shape, lantern shape, butterfly shape, goldfish shape and many more.

Gu Qin was still young, but he was very clever.

The puzzle rings were in his hands, his bun shaped hands were swift, dancing around quickly, and a set of puzzle rings was solved in seconds.


Qin Jiu happily picked up and played with a puzzle ring, thinking that she should make a Rubiks cube and let Gu Zhen have a go at it.

Empress Wei looked at them playing with a gentle expression, and asked: “Jiu, you mentioned that Yun Guang was sent to the Jing Zhao residence”

Qin Jiu nodded, “ Aunt, do you know the priest, Yun Guang as well”

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