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Yet, the emperor was still locked up for 3 years.

There was a time, he was locked in a horse stable for half a year by his father.

The 3 years were tough for the both of them.

His eldest son died, the emperors body was also weaker than an average persons because of all the ordeals he had to deal with.

However, from the advice of the imperial physician, if the emperor was well cared for, he would still live a longer life than the others.

However, since consuming the pills one year ago, the Emperors health showed no signs of recovery, it got even worse, and he found it hard to fall asleep.

Recently, an abscess even grew on his back.

The more Empress Wei thought of it, the more worried she got, and her heart felt like it was being squeezed together.

Qin Jiu was careful with her words: “Aunt, is it possible that the medicines are slightly poisonous It would be totally fine if he took them once or twice, however, the longer he took them, the poison would accumulate inside his body.

Hence, the medicine could pass the imperial physicians safety test.

If the emperor continuously took the pills, the effects would then slowly appear.

How could Empress Wei not think about this hypothetical situation that Qin Jiu just mentioned to her Her expressions looked slightly grave.

She suspected this long ago and had mentioned it to the Empress Dowager.

However, the dowager doubted her and said that the medicine consumed by the emperor was insufficient for the medicine to show positive results just yet.

The emperor as a caring son didnt want his mother to worry, he was left with no choice but to continue taking the pills.

Empress Wei sighed: “ I already secretly ordered someone to bring the pills and have them examined by the folks doctor.”

Qin Jiu pondered for a moment, and raised her lips thoughtfully.

When she was about to speak, Gu Zhen, who was solving the puzzle ring suddenly cheered: “Cousin Jiu, come take a look, I solved all of it!”

Gu Zhens eyes were as black as the dark sky, and his bright smile was like the sun that rose from within the dark clouds, that could blow all the sorrows away.

“You are so brilliant, Zhen !” Qin Jiu applauded Gu Zhen again, then shook the puzzle ring on her hands, “Zhen, I only managed to solve one, could you teach me

“Sure!” Gu Zhen raised his head, and his chubby fingers pointed at the puzzle ring, “Cousin, you should do it like this……”

He was explaining attentively to Qin Jiu, like a little teacher, his highly raised lips and flushed cheeks glowed with excitement.

Empress Wei smiled and looked at the pair who were getting along well, her worries slightly dissipated, and her gaze softened.

The wind was blowing, and made the branches and leaves rustle.

The ambience in Feng Luan Palacewas peaceful and comfortable.

That day, Qin Jiu stayed in the palace, the same room which was at the side hall of the Feng Luan palace.

The next few days, Qin Jiu lived a comfortable life staying in the palace.

Everyday, she would accompany and talk with Empress Wei, or play with Gu Zhen, or read a book, she truly enjoyed the days.

Empress Wei even specially instructed the imperial physician to produce a medicine for her to apply every day.

Since then, her old scars had faded, and her rough skin that was caused by the harsh weather was as soft and delicate as a babys skin.

During her free time, she even drew a sketch of a Rubiks cube, and requested the craftsman in Empress Weis palace to make it.

Qin Jiu only provided a simple sketch, on it was a rough drawing of the Rubiks cubes design, she also labelled the dimension of each part and the approximate gameplay.

In a short period of three days, the craftsman had already completed the Rubiks cube.

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