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“Your highness, we dont know what thatsomeone” is up to.” Madam Xu was Empress Weis nanny.

That year, she followed the empress that just married into the east palace and had always been loyal to her.

“That someone even tried to confuse the prince, wanting to ruin the relationship between you and the prince.” Madam Xu said in an indignant manner.

Empress Wei looked tense.

These days, all the evidence she investigated was pointing towards the imperial noble consort, she could be quite certain that it was the noble consort that wanted to hurt her son.

The empresss hand that was hidden in her sleeves clenched into fist, her fingertips tightly pinched into her palms, her mind spun quickly: If it was real that Zhener was tricked by the dowager to go against her, and force her to apologise.

She would probably compromise just for her son.

The dowager knew her well, knowing that her weakness was Zhen.

Empress Wei ridiculed with a cold tone: “The dowager likes Gu Jing, and treats him as her sweetheart; Zhen, in contrast, was just a tool that she could take advantage of!”

“Fortunately, we still have Jiu.” Madam Xu said in relief, “You didnt waste your efforts in loving her.”

Empress Wei smiled and nodded, her eyes that were ice cold just now had a hint of happiness in them, she then said: “Madam Xu, Ive finally come to a realisation that counterfeit goods will always be fake.”

“You are right, my highness” Madam Xu nodded and agreed, “In the past, I already felt that there was a gap between your highness and Qin Xi.”

“During that time, I wanted to treat her well, but I felt that I somehow couldnt get close with her.” Empress Wei sighed and continued: “However, when Im with Jiu, I feel at ease.”

“Your highness, the issue with the noble consort and Empress Dowager……” Madam Xu hesitantly asked, “ Should we inform the emperor”

Empress Wei shook her head, “The emperor is not feeling well these days, and he still needs to deal with the officer from Bei Yen.”

She continued in a calm tone: “ Lets discuss further after the celebration of the Qian Qiu Festival.”

Talking about “Qian Qiu Festival”, Madam Xus eyebrows frowned, she looked agitated.

Not long ago, the Empress Dowager saw as the empress was busy preparing for the emperors birthday banquet, and intentionally requested the noble consort to assist her in the palace affairs.

However, to the empress,  the task was relatively easy and she chose to be ignorant of it.

The festival was held every year, Empress Wei could prepare it orderly, they could just follow the old rules.

However the words of the empress dowager, had led her to consider another thought.

The second day while she was handling the palace affairs, she brought Qin Jiu by her side.

Qin Jiu:”…..”

Facing Qin Jiu who totally had no idea what was going on, Empress Wei couldnt hold back her laughter and explained: “Jiu, your mother is gone and your grandmother is not trust-worthy….You are going to marry someone soon, and by bringing you by my side, you could learn from me on how to cook and prepare food.”

“In fact, there is not much difference between a mansion and palace, it still goes down to just the basic necessities.

We dont need to do everything ourselves, as long as we are in control of the rough direction.

Otherwise, it will be useless for us to hire so many people right”

Since Empress Wei said so, Qin Jiu could only follow and took up the account book that Empress Wei passed to her.

Empress Wei smiled gladly and said: “ You are going to reach your marriageable age next year.

When the time comes, aunt would help you pick a good partner.”

Qin Jiu was preparing to look at the account book, but after listening to what Emperor Wei said, it was like a bomb had fallen on her, the shock left her dazed.

No wonder, it seems like the girls now would marry at the age of 15.

The original host is already 14 years old….

Qin Jius eyes were wide open, she didnt feel good right now.

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