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Does he need it now Qin Jiu froze, it was just a rubiks cube, what is he so desperate for

Even if she complained, she still answered him: “Ill order someone to pick it up right now.”

Gu Zhe Zhi went on, and turned around to face the emperor: “Your Majesty, my father always mentioned that you are a master of horse-riding and archery, that you were capable of piercing the target even from a faraway distance.

It happened that this girl right here had came up with something interesting, would you be willing to demonstrate your skills”

Qin Jius hazel eyes blinked.

She finally understood what he was referring to, Gu Zhe Zhi was not mentioning about her rubiks cube, but the bow that she had recently crafted!

Gu Zhen was only four years old, but was already attending horse-riding and archery classes.

However, his body had always been weak since young, the last time Qin Jiu saw him holding a mini-sized bow, he did not even have the strength to pull it backwards, he looked both frustrated and pitiful.

Qin Jiu then thought of remodeling the bow, to make her little cousin happy.

She once saw a type of compound bow.

Although she forgot about the detailed structure of it, she vaguely remembers that the bow was made of rollers to make the pulling much easier and increase the shooting range.

Hence, she sought help from the two craftsmen under Empress Wei.

She described and drew out a rough sketch of the arch and tested for a few days with the two craftsmen.

Finally, they managed to come out with a prototype.

Qin Jiu glanced at Gu Zhe Zhi, and instructed the palace maid to get the bow that was in the Feng Luan palace.

“Oh” the emperor raised his brows and asked in interest: “What is it”

Gu Zhe Zhi smiled, and kept it a secret: “ You will know afterwards.”

Hence, the emperor and others sat by the waterside pavilion.

The noble ladies left, and went to a flower garden that was not too far from them, to play.

Only the second princess, Xin An and Qin Jiu was asked by the emperor to stay back.

After a while, a black bow was placed in front of the emperor.

The body of it was just an ordinary bow that the craftsman had randomly found, an unremarkable stone bow, except for the two rollers that caught his attention.

“ This is……” The emperor took the black bow and looked at it interestingly.

“This is a compound bow.” Qin Jiu introduced, “I saw that cousin Zhen was still too young and had no strength to draw the bow.

Hence, I remodelled the bow for him.”

Gu Zhe Zhi smiled and suggested: “Your majesty, have a go at it.”

The emperor understood Gu Zhe Zhis intention, as soon he raised his hands, the bow was very easily drawn, and his eyes flashed with surprise, but he tried to remain calm.

The emperor pulled on the bow and arrow skillfully into the shape of a full moon.


The long arrow shot out of the bow, as swift as a meteor, and shot through the trunk of the tree that was three hundred metres away, the thick trunk shook violently and countless leaves fell from the tree like rain drops.


Ye Lu Luans eyes widened, and he was taken by surprise.

Although it was just a normal stone bow, and the shooting range was just only 200 steps away.

This seemingly normal bow could shoot as far as 300 steps, no, the emperor had just casually taken the shot, maybe it could go even further,  350 steps, or even 400 steps!

“Your majesty, this bow…” Ye Lu Luan said in a stiff tone.

“This bow is very well made.” The emperor was very satisfied and praised her, “If this could be manufactured and given to the soldiers of Da Qi, our soldiers would grow even stronger!”



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