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Yun Guang said that Qin Xins four pillars of destiny is good, her signs show that she is a benefactor, a guardian angel.

It is not only towards herself, but she also would bring luck for her husband and son.

Empress dowager Liu also gave it some thought, if she wasnt that she was born blessed, how could Qin Xin change her fate, from a maids daughter to a daughter of the noble family, and would marry into the royal family

Therefore,Empress dowager Liu dismissed her original plan and asked the emperor to cover up for the Qin family.

The Qin family would deal with the matter privately, as long as they gave Qin Xin a legitimate “identity”.

Now, It seems that her decision was right.

The more Empress dowagerLiu thought about it, the more she felt this way, and the look in Qin Xins eyes had become kinder.

“I am very fond of this artists artwork.” Empress dowager Liu smiled, “This is the best birthday gift that I have received today.

Sister Xin, you are really talented.”

Qin Xin got up and thanked her, and said with a shy expression: “Thank you, Empress dowager Liu, for the praise.

To be able to receive such a compliment from the mama is a great honor in the eyes of all the ladies in the world.

After todays Qian Qiu Banquet, this matter will spread, and her reputation will definitely be restored.

Qin Xin couldnt help but glance at Qin Jiu again.

She wanted to see Qin Jius envious and jealous gaze.

However, she was disappointed.

Qin Jiu was talking to Xin An happily, as if she didnt care about it at all.

Qin Xin felt dispirited for a while, her gaze fixated on Qin Jiu.

As if she felt Qin Xins gaze, Qin Jiu finally raised his head and glanced at her briefly.

Her gaze was soft, and her beautiful apricot eyes looked like the lake under the sun, clear and shining, but Qin Xin simply couldnt get her attention.

“Empress dowager,” Empress Wei spoke again, “Yun Guang has superb mana and is a powerful master in everyones eyes.

Its no wonder that with fate, you got to meet him in person and obtain some of his prescriptions.”

“Thats true.” Empress dowager Liu was in a good mood, her eyes narrowed with a smile, “Yun Guang has stayed in the palace these past few days, and he has put out a new prescription for the emperors dragon body.

I have already asked him to refine it for the emperor.”

Empress Wei firmly clenched her right hand, her expression was calm, as she suppressed her emotions.

While talking, several court ladies came in, took away the old tea, and served everyone a fresh cup of tea.

Empress dowager Liu turned her head to look at Yun Guang on the right, “Yun Guang, please talk to the empress about this medicine, so that the empress doesnt always think that I want to harm the emperor.”

Yun Guang gently shook his silver hossu, bowed to Empress Wei, and talked persuasively: “Empress can be rest assured as this pill is made with the fire of Yin and Yang.

It takes nine days to refine it into a pill.

Taking this pill can remove all chronic diseases, nourish the organs, and prolong his majestys life.”

Yun Guang praised this pill in such an exaggerated matter, as if one could ascend to the immortal world by taking this pill.

Her lips started to feel slightly dry from all of the talking, so she picked up the tea cup to take a sip.

Empress dowager Liu nodded without any doubt, and said to Empress Wei earnestly: “Mama, I did this all for the emperors good.

Yun Guang was enlightened by the old emperor, and the pills she refined are from the immortals.

The emperors complexion has gotten much better these days!”

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