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Empress Wei stroked her sleeves gracefully, then answered in a timely manner: “Jiu, what happened then”

Empress Dowager Liu liked to listen to legendary stories like this, she was drawn to the story.

She wanted to know what happened to Master Cheng and asked, “What happened after that”

Qin Jiu took a sip of tea and continued: “When the old priest first said this, Master Cheng didnt believe him.

He felt that even after only half a year of taking that pill, he felt energized and his complexion improved tremendously.

The gray hair on his temples turned silky black.

There were also some visitors who knew Master Cheng personally and stood up to testify.”

“Master Cheng also suspected the priests intention was to lie and get some benefit out of it.

He almost chased the priest out.

The visitors were also very angry.”

“Who would have thought, the old priest used his hossu to tap two acupuncture points on Master Cheng twice, Master Cheng grabbed his stomach and felt his abdomen hurting, and drool leaked from the corners of his mouth, so he asked the old priest what evil sorcery did he use on him”

“The old priest said that if the alchemy was not done right, what was made is not a pill, but a poison.

After a person takes it, the evil poison will enter the persons body.

The evil poison would hurt the body, one would collapse just like how tiny ant holes would destroy the nest, gradually swallowing one in whole.

Once the poison reaches the heart, ones gums will be red and swollen, the mouth will rot, the corners of the mouth will drool, and it will be accompanied by abdominal pain, spasm, dizziness and so on.”

“Master Cheng is already showing several symptoms.

Within three days, the medicine will not work.

Let him head back quickly.”

Qin Jiu was good with words and articulated the story interestingly.

Empress Dowager Liu was fascinated, and nodded slightly from time to time, her expressions were changing throughout the development of the story, sometimes she was in awe, sometimes she frowned, and sometimes she sighed.

Yun Guangs pupils shrank slightly, his face turned pale, he subconsciously raised his hand to stroke the back of his neck, paused in midair again, and then put his hand down casually.

Qin Jiu sighed, “However, Master Cheng was still stubborn.

He just doesnt believe him, he was persistent to say that the old priest had used evil sorcery on him…”

She sighed, with an expression that said “Master Cheng is really blinded.”


Empress Dowager Liu excitedly patted the small table beside her, and raised her voice slightly, and said, “Master Cheng is so silly .

How can you not believe him! This old priest is obviously a good man, how can you not believe him!”

“Thats right!” Qin Jiu nodded in agreement, “How can you not believe him! The old priest is really god-like, he only glanced at Master Cheng, and saw right through him!”

Empress Dowager Liu eagerly asked: “What happened next”

Qin Jiu shook his head sadly, “Master Cheng is a stubborn man.

He felt that the old priest was fooling him, so, with a flick of his sleeves, he left.”

“In the end, within three days, the old priests words came true one by one.

The Cheng family called upon all the famous doctors in the county back to their mansion and used a lot of medicines and elixirs on him, but there was still no cure.”

The story was over, but Empress Dowager Liu was still immersed in the story, sighing.

She said to Empress Wei emotionally: “Empress, look, this priests talent is the most important criteria.

Dont be coaxed by the demons words, making the alchemy by yourself so relaxedly.

Youll just end up hurting yourself!”


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