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When Yun Guang showed symptoms, the little palace maid who served her reported to the Empress.

Which led to todays event.

The cup of tea that the palace maid gave Yun Guang just now was actually mixed with a hint of Threewingnut Roots.

A small dose of Threewingnut Roots wouldnt cost a persons life, but Yun Guang will show symptoms such as seizures and abdominal pain, and these symptom were similar to the symptoms of that Master Cheng had described in Qin Jius story, which will definitely raise the Empress Dowager Lius suspicion upon hearing the story.

As long as the Empress Dowager Liu raised suspicion and ordered someone to check on her, Yun Guang that was poisoned would naturally be exposed.

If Yun Guang really was poisoned, how could the Emperor who was also taking the elixir made by Yun Guang be fine

Everything will fall in place naturally.

The Emperor listened patiently to Empress Dowager Lius rambles, and occasionally turned his head and smiled at Empress Wei.

If it werent for the current situation they were in, he really wanted to embrace Empress Wei and laugh out loud.

No matter how the emperor assured her, Empress Dowager Liu was still very worried, but she still went to the Shou Kang Palace.

After all, it was her birthday banquet today, it wasnt worth it if her mood was ruined just because of an evil cultivator.

The others were silent all the way, all with different thoughts running in their minds.

After entering Shou Kang Palace, Qin Jiu and Qin Xin were separated from the Empress Dowager, the Empress and the others.

They walked through the main entrance of the main palace and took a seat first.

A palace maid led her to the designated seats for the Qin family, Elder Lady Qin and Lady Su had already gotten in their seats.

Elder Lady Qin was fuming with anger as soon as she saw Qin Jiu, but before she could say anything, one of the imperial servants shouted in a sharp voice:

“Here comes the Emperor, here comes the Empress Dowager, here comes the Empress!”

The people in the hall tensed up and started to bow, one after another.

When they sat down again, the birthday banquet had officially begun.

The palace maids with dresses of the same colour brought out a variety of drinks and dishes, as the sound of silk bamboo sounded, a group of dancers started to dance as they swung their sleeves along with the music.

They danced gracefully, singing and dancing at the same time.

Everyone talked and laughed, the atmosphere was very lively.

Seeing that no one was paying attention to them, Elder Lady Qin couldnt hold herself back anymore, she said to Qin Jiu earnestly: “Sister Jiu, you were way too harsh.”

“The Qin family is your pillar of support.

When you get married in the future, if youre not on good terms with your family, you wont be able to stand your ground in your husbands family.

So, fighting with the Qin family, it will not do any good for you.”

“After the birthday banquet, go and tell the Empress that youll be going back to the mansion with me.”

“What happened in the Sheng Hua Pavilion, I wont make a big deal out of it.”

Elder Lady Qin acted like she was generous, thinking that Qin Jiu grew up in an outskirt village, and was very ignorant, she thought that with the Empresss support, she would have nothing to fear.

How could things be so simple!

Qin Jiu bent the corners of her lips, and suddenly said, “Grandma, Priest Yun Guang was taken down by the Empress Dowager just now.”

Elder Lady Qin: “!!!”

Qin Jiu looked at Elder Lady Qin, the corners of her lips curled up, and said, “Do you believe in me Or……”

She guided Elder Lady Qins gaze to Qin Xin.

Qin Xin, on the side, was still deep in thought, afraid that Priest Yun Guang would affect her, but now, upon hearing Elder Lady Qins conversation with Qin Jiu, her heart started to beat frantically.

“……” Elder Lady Qin was confused, she wanted to ask how Priest Yun Guang was taken down by Empress Dowager Liu.

At this moment, a servant in green came over and said to Qin Jiu with a smile on his face: “Third Lady Qin, the Empress Dowager asked for you.”

Elder Lady Qin and Lady Su were taken aback again.

Lady Su looked at Qin Jiu, then at Qin Xin, and she thought to herself: Doesnt the Empress Dowager like Qin Xin Just now, she even let Qin Xin to stay back with her in the Ci Ning Palace.

Why didnt she call for Qin Xin this time, but Qin Jiu instead! Could it be that she had made a mistake

Qin Jiu stood up and followed the servant to Empress Dowager Liu under the surprised gaze of the people around her.

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