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“Jiu, you can go back now.” Empress Wei smirked, these barbarian from Bei Yan think too highly of themselves,  they dont have the power to decide who they want to marry.

Afraid that she would have frightened the little girl, Empress Wei hurriedly added: “The emperor and I would not agree upon the marriage just to make peace with them.

Jiu, I will personally select your future partner for you, dont you worry.”

“……” Qin Jiu thought to herself: Maybe it was because of the compound bow that Ye Lu Luan started to grow fond of to her

“Du Ruo!”

Empress Wei summoned and an oval-faced palace maid who was dressed in a blue dress walked in, she politely greeted the empress.

“Jiu, this is Du Ruo, she will be under you from now on.” Empress Wei pulled on Jius hand, her lips drew into a meaningful smile.

Since Empress Wei allowed Du Ruo to serve Jiu, this meant that Du Ruo was no longer a palace maid, but Qin Jius follower.

Qin Jiu obediently agreed.

In no time, the palace maid had quickly packed all of Qin Jius belongings, Qin Jiu that was dressed in jewels and Lady Qin returned to Zhong Yi Residence, followed by Du Ruo that was gifted by Empress Wei to Jiu.

Along the way, when the carriage passed by An Ding Residence, there were white flags hanging from the front doors.

Lady Qin sighed: “I am afraid that his wife and the crown prince has been executed.”

When Yun Guangs scandal unfolded before the Empress Dowager, Qin Jiu was there at that time, and hence, she overheard about the “Birth Charm” incident, and how this was tied to An Ding Residence.

The crown prince of An Ding had many wives, but none of them have given birth to any children.

It was clear that the problem lies with the crown prince, yet even if his wife desperately seeked for doctors from all over for a cure, praying and begging to the gods, but when something goes wrong, the lady would be responsible for it and put to death.

In a split second, the carriage was far from An Ding Residence.

After crossing another five streets, they arrived at the Zhong Yi Residence.


Su of the Marquess family personally welcomed Lady Qin and Qin Jiu at the front door.

Her elegant face was smiling brightly, like nothing major had happened, and said: “Jiu, your winter robe is ready, Ill instruct the mama to let you try it on later.

If the measurements turn out wrong, Ill let the seamstress make the adjustments immediately.

Qin Jiu also pretended as if nothing had happened, she smiled and thanked her: “Thank you, second aunt.”

Lady Qin was still smiling, “You have a good rest today, you dont have to come over tonight……”

The three of them stood together, the atmosphere seemed rather cheerful.

After that, Qin Jiu brought Du Ruo back to Guang Xiang courtyard.

She hadnt returned for around ten days, Guang Xiang courtyard looked the same as before, all the servants came up to her and bowed as a sign of respect.

Du Ruo skillfully instructed the servants to prepare a pot of tea, cakes and fruits for Qin Jiu.

After she served Qin Jiu with a cup of tea, she then looked around the courtyard and said as she walked:

“The quilt is still damp, immediately dry it outside and make sure that it smells good!”

“Why is the Curio Box in such a messy state! Everything is just piled on it, do you think the Marquess Residence is of such low standards

“How long has it been since the water in the vase was changed”


The servants in the yard were busy under Du Ruos never ending commands.

They all knew that Du Ruo was from the palace and was rewarded by Empress Wei to Qin Jiu.

They didnt dare to refute her.

The yard was initially managed by a mama in charge and two first class maids.

Since Du Ruos arrival, they all naturally let her take the lead.

Qin Jiu was leisurely sipping on her tea as she watched Du Ruo delegate tasks around the yard, the corner of her lips formed into a slight smile.

Hmm, the yard should always be this lively!

Qin Jiu sipped a mouthful of tea, and suddenly thought of someone, she casually asked: “Where is Xia Lian”

Another maid, Chun Xi bowed and replied: “Miss, Xia Lian fell ill and is still resting.”

Qin Jiu placed the tea cup in her hand back down, raised her eyebrows and forced a smile before asking: “She fell ill just from my aunts slap”



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