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“I have no other way but to do so!” Qin Xin said impatiently, “About this, let your parents not spread this out, dont mention about this to anyone.”

Those villages, land and shops were all given to her by Mrs.

Qin, theyre worth a few thousand taels, but this time, shes in a hurry to sell them off, so it was hard to say how much she could sell them off for.

Her whole family was born and raised in the Qin family, and she was also the dowry that Mrs.

Qin Tai carefully selected for Qin Xin.

The deed to her life has long been in Qin Xins hands, so she was naturally loyal to her.

Upon hearing this, Shu Xiang hurriedly said: “Dont worry, my father will do a good job.”

Even so, shes still far from the ten thousand taels of silver! Qin Xin was still in a bad mood.

As they talked, the carriage arrived at the Marquesss Mansion and stopped outside the front gate.

After Qin Xin got off the carriage, she walked directly to Ronghe Hall, she was thinking of ways to get the few more thousand taels of silver that she still needed as she walked.

What she didnt expect was that Qin Jiu was also at Ronghe Hall, not only Qin Jiu, but also Mrs Su.

Mrs Su smiled fakely, “……Sister Jiu, are you complaining about my servant”

Mrs Su actually wanted to question her about the matter where she secretly switched their breakfasts, but she had eaten the breakfast that originally belonged to Qin Jiu and had fractured her teeth, if she complained about this, wouldnt this be admitting that she ordered someone to tamper with Qin Jius meal

In this mansion, even if everyone knew what had happened, blurting it all out would only bring shame to herself!

Mrs Su could only hold onto the point where she chased away her people, to force her to bow down.

However, Qin Jiu answered confidently, “Yes.”

Mrs Su: “……” She has never met such an annoying person!

“Okay, okay.” Lady Qin was having a terrible headache, she felt that Mrs Su was being too over.

Qin Jiu just came back yesterday and the maids in the yard dared to disrespect her, how could she not chase her away, how could she just let her be, whats the big fuss about this!

Upon seeing Qin Xin walk in, Lady Qin hurriedly said: “Sister Xin, youre back.”

“Grandmother, mother.” Qin Xin gracefully blessed the two of them, and then sat down on the armchair that she usually sits on.

She lowered her head and kept quiet.

Lady Qin could tell that she had something on her mind because of her abnormal behavior.

Lady Qin wanted to ask, but taking into account that Qin Jiu was still here and the two of them never got along, so she resisted the urge to, she was thinking to ask Qin Xin later when they were left alone.

Lady Qin was absent-minded, and soon dismissed Mrs Su and Qin Jiu, leaving only Qin Xin.

Mrs Su was still fuming with anger, she completely ignored Qin Jiu.

She wanted to leave as soon as she walked out, but was stopped by Qin Jiu: “Second aunt.”

Qin Jiu raised her hand and gestured at Du Ruo.

Du Ruo immediately took a few steps forward, walked to Mrs Su, she bowed and blessed her, and then gave a life deed to Mama Zhao, who was next to Mrs Su.

“……” Mrs Su was confused.

Qin Jiao said thoughtfully: “This is Xia Lians life deed, Im returning this to you.”

“Du Ruo, how much does it cost to buy a maid now” Qin Jiu turned to ask Du Ruo.

Du Ruo sternly said: “At most ten taels of silver.”

Qin Jiu generously said again: “Were a family, Ill make it cheaper.

You just have to pay me five taels of silver.”

Mrs Su: “!!!”

Qin Jiao asked innocently, “Dont you like her”

“……” Mrs Sus expression didnt look too good.

She just asked Qin Jiu if she thought that Xia Lian was a bad servant, and now Qin Jiu threw the question back at her.

If she said that she didnt like her, she would be saying that she herself gave such a weak maid to become Qin Jius head maid, she would be shaming herself; if she said that she liked her, then now as Qin Jiu was willing to sell her to herself, how could she say no

Mrs Su signalled at Mama Zhao, and Mama Zhao took out five taels of silver from her purse and gave it to Du Ruo.

Qin Jiu bowed and walked away with Du Ruo.

Mrs Su heard Qin Jiu say to Du Ruo as they walked away: “You keep these five taels of silver.

Get yourself some dried apricots tomorrow, its my reward to you!”



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