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All the Qin members that were there had met the Wei clan before, they couldnt help but sigh: A jewel forever remains a jewel, even if she falls to live amongst the common folk, its still hard to cover up her glow.

Soon, Qin Jiu and Qin Xin met and greeted their relatives and the patriarch one by one, under the guidance of Mama Ning.

An hour later, everyone slowly started to leave, Qin Zhun and the Su family personally sent each other off.

Everything was settled.

Qin Jiu was about to leave the front hall when she heard Qin Zenings angry questioning from behind: “……what is going on with you, you dropped out of the Songfeng Academy!”

Qin Zening originally thought that Qin Zeyu had rushed back because of the news, but it turns out it was because he decided to drop out of school by himself.

“I never wanted to go!” Qin Zeyu said rebelliously.

Qin Jiu stopped in her way, walked over, and asked, “Brother, whats the matter”

As soon as her words fell, Qin Zeyu pushed her shoulders back roughly, “It has nothing to do with you.”

He walked away in big strides.

Qin Zening: This kid needs to be teached a lesson!

When his gaze met with Qin Jius, Qin Zenings expression slightly softened, and said, “Little sister, hes a spoiled brat.

I dont have time to look after him at all, so I looked for Songfeng Academy for him, I was hoping that it would help with his temper, but this kid actually dropped out of school by himself.”

Qin Zening was afraid that Qin Jiu would be sad, and said: “This is his personality.

If he dares to speak with you using this tone in the future, just tell me and Ill discipline him.”

Qin Jiu didnt care about Qin Zeyus attitude.

In the novel, her younger brothers attitude towards the original character was even worse than this, until……

Qin Jiu pursed her lips and smiled: “Its okay.

Hes just a kid, just coax him later.”

Qin Zening sighed to himself: My little sister is so sweet.

Unlike Qin Zeyu, that brat……


On the same day, Qin Zening informed Lady Qin that he was planning to take his siblings to the Huangjue Temple to pray and visit their parents.

Early the next morning, after Qin Jiu met with the Qin Zening and his brother at the front gate, she got on the carriage and the two brothers rode on horses towards the Huangjue Temple together.

The carriage stopped at the foot of Hualan Mountain, to show their piety, they had to walk up the mountain from here.

Along the way, Qin Zeyu ignored Qin Jiu and walked alone at the back, his handsome face looked grim, he wasnt friendly towards Qin Jiu at all.

Qin Jiu didnt seem to notice his unpleasant expression.

She smiled and talked to Qin Zening about horses, Gu Yu, and Empress Wei.

As she talked, she suddenly mentioned: “Big brother, aunt said youre very good at horse riding and also archery.

When I was in the palace, I made a bow for cousin Yu, its very interesting.

Ill look for a craftsman to make one for you in a few days.”

After the emperor took the compound bow, Qin Jiu thought about making another one for Gu Yu.

Before she exited the palace, she asked Empress Wei for a royal pass and was planning to head to look for the two craftsmen at the Ministry of Works.

Qin Zenings eyes lit up and said excitedly: “Is it the emperors new compound bow”

“Thats right.” Qin Jiu smiled and nodded, “You know about it too, big brother”

“The emperor asked me to try it out once.” Qin Zening said happily, “Its just a stone bow, but it can shoot up to a range of 400 steps, and it doesnt take much effort to draw the bow, even young teenagers could easily draw it.”

Qin Zeyu, who was at the back, pricked up his ears and listened, he was intrigued.

He was originally ten steps behind them.

Now, he couldnt help but speed up and was three steps behind them.

He looked at Qin Zening suspiciously, and said to himself: Thats pure nonsense.

He did think about this, but his attention was still attracted to them unconsciously.

“The shot is sturdy.

Even after travelling four hundred steps, the arrow could still plunge three inches deep into the target!” Qin Zening exclaimed.

“Impossible!” Qin Zeyu blurted, “Dont brag, how could there be such a bow! Qin Jiu, dont think of lying to me!”

Qin Jiu ignored Qin Zeyu and continued to say to Qin Zening: “That bow is only a prototype.

Itll be even better until the craftsmen refine it.

Then, Ill make one for you.”

At this moment, Qin Zening was reminded of him, his eyes flashed, and he subtly glanced at Qin Zeyu, who was fuming with anger behind him.



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