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“You have a pair of eyes” Qin Zening said with a sneer, “Qin Zeyu, I think youre blind!”

“Your biological sister is Qin Jiu!” Qin Zening stared right at Qin Zeyu and said word by word, “Not that woman who is full of lies and is trying to replace your real sister!”

“Big Brother!” Qin Zeyu looked at Qin Zening in disbelief.

Qin Zening continued: “She is pathetic.

Do you know what your real sisters life has been like in the past ten years”

“……” Qin Zeyu was left speechless for a while.

“When your sister was being abused by Qin Xins biological parents over the years, and was beaten all over and starved, Qin Xin just had to play the piano and read, she didnt need to worry about anything and was living the most blissful life!”

“Who is the pitiful one now!” Qin Zening said slowly and nearly blurted word by word, “Since you think that Jius sufferings over the years are nothing, very well, how about I look for a poor and terrible family and give you to them for 14 years, Ill come pick you up after 14 years!”

Qin Zeyu pursed his lips and was speechless, he still looked angry and dissatisfied.

However, he couldnt lie through his teeth that Qin Xin was more pitiful than Qin Jiu.

Qin Zening also noticed Qin Zeyus dissatisfaction, and said in a deep voice: “After two days, when its my rest day, Ill send you back to Songfeng Academy.” Someone still has to teach this kid, so that he can make the right judgments in the future.

“Im not going!” Qin Zeyu said persistently, “I wont go no matter what!”

Qin Zening: “You dont have a choice!”

Qin Zeyu glared at Qin Zening, and after a few breaths of silence, he thrusted the whip in his hand fiercely, and the whip flew up in the air.

He looked up and left without looking back.

Qin Zeyu didnt return even after nightfall.

Qin Jiu only realised this until the next day.

Qin Zeyu didnt appear when they went to greet the elderlies.

So, after leaving Ronghe Hall, she secretly asked Qin Zening.

Qin Zening said with a tired look: “That kid didnt return all night.”

Last night, he looked for Qin Zeyu all around the capital for the whole night.

If it werent for his wide social connections, he might have already been arrested in the Jingzhao prison for violating the capitals curfew.

Qin Zening sneered and said, “Only you noticed this.”

The people in this mansion, excluding himself and Qin Jiu, no one realized that Qin Zeyu didnt come home last night.

Qin Zeyu was only twelve years old!

But still, that little idiot still thought that the whole family loved him very much!

His grandmother treated Qin Zeyu pretty well, but he was not her only grandson, she had seven or eight grandchildren, how could she look after each and every one of them!

Qin Zening rubbed his eyebrows tiredly, “I just heard the news.

Yu went to Deshun theatre to watch the play with some of his good friends, none of the boys went home last night.”

Qin Jiu: “……” The theatre

How should she put this, its fine as long as he didnt get himself lost or in any trouble, and of course, didnt go to the brothel!

Qin Zening continued: “Im going there to take a look now.”

“Ill go with you.” Qin Jiu walked towards the gate with him.

Qin Jiu bluntly said: “Big brother, was Yu raised in the wrong way…..” This twelve-year-old kid was so ignorant.

Qin Zening was annoyed when he thought of this, and said, “I blame myself for that.

I didnt raise him well.

Our parents left you and Yu to me.

I didnt take care of you, nor did I raise him well……”

When he was exiled to the Min province, Qin Zeyu was still young and had no memory of it at all, but Qin Zening had suffered hardships back then.



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