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The maid went straight to Lady Sus Qiong Zhi courtyard and anxiously reported: “Madam, the eldest master and the third mistress just came back with the fifth master.

The fifth master was drunk, and the third mistress is now beating the fifth master.”

Lady Su was alarmed, she put down the tea cup in her hand, and asked: “Whats going on, be more clear!”

The two maids, Qiao Er and Ling Er, were specially gifted by Lady Su after Qin Zeyu returned to the mansion this time.

Lady Su was more than delighted for Qin Zeyu and Qin Jiu to fight, the messier the better.

Ling Er hurriedly explained what had happened just now, and said: “Qiao Er and I were shut out by the eldest master.

The fifth master was bawling inside from the pain.

The third mistress also said that she must punish him until he behaves today.”

Lady Su smiled, she stroked her sleeves, stood up and said, “Lets go take a look.”

Lady Su was secretly delighted, the three siblings of the first wife werent getting along and that made matters even more.

After the death of the old marquess, her lord took over the title.

Naturally her son should be given the title as the crown prince.

However, he appealed to the emperor several times but was still held down by the emperor.

He didnt understand the emperors rationale behind this, he was constantly worried that the emperor would want to pass the title to Qin Zening or Qin Zeyu.

Even if this wasnt according to the rules, but what if……

In any case, Lady Su absolutely wouldnt allow such a situation to happen, she wouldnt even allow the slightest possibility of it happening, the title can only belong to his own son!

A light flashed past Lady Sus eyes, and she hurried to the front yard.

When Lady Su arrived, the maid, Qiao Er, was pondering anxiously outside the room.

When Lady Su came, she hurriedly stepped forward and said, “Madam, the eldest master and the third mistress will not let me in, I……”


A scream in the room interrupted Qiao Er.

The voice belonged to Qin Zeyu.

Lady Su slightly smirked as she raised her voice, “Open the door quickly!”

Mama Zhao hurriedly stepped forward and banged on the door vigorously, she then shouted, “Eldest master, third mistress, open the door, madam is here.”

On the other side of the door, Qin Zeyu, who was getting beaten up, found his savior.

He threw himself at the door excitedly and shouted, “Second aunt!”

“Tsk.” Qin Jiu gently patted the sheath with her right palm, and sneered, “Qin Zeyu, I thought youre very tough But youre just a spoiled brat, who tell tales.”

“I didnt!” Qin Zeyu wiped his face with the back of his hand, “Do you really think I cant defeat you”

Pain is the fastest way to sober up.

At this moment, Qin Zeyu had completely sobered up, and his rebellious black eyes were clear and full of energy.

Qin Jiu raised her hand, pointed at him with the sheath and said, “Are you thinking of fighting back”

“If you dare to fight back, Ill beat you up so bad that your brother wont even recognize you!” Qin Jiu said arrogantly, she has Qin Zening support anyways.

With Qin Zenings skills, it would be a piece of cake for him to press him down for her to beat Qin Zeyu up.

Qin Zeyu pursed his lips stubbornly and said nothing.

Qin Zeyus messy hair and face were still dripping with water, and half of his robe was soaked wet, it stuck to his wet body which stinked with the smell of alcohol, he looked just like those miserable drunkards.

He was spoiled ever since he was a child, and when he acted all arrogant, he showed a “no one can ever stop him” kind of look.

It was the first time he looked so pitiful.

“Boom boom boom!”



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