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“Shopkeeper Li, take out yesterday’s gold-inlaid jade bracelet!” As soon as Qin Zeyu entered the pawnshop, he slammed his palm heavily on the counter, he couldn’t wait to prove that he was right.

Shopkeeper Li sensed Qin Zeyu’s strong aura, so he didn’t dare to be slow about it, he hurriedly took out the gold-inlaid jade bracelet.

Qin Zening looked at the bracelet carefully.

The white mutton-fat jade and the red gold ring clasp that had a carp carved onto it, greatly complemented each other, there was also a mark of the Jiang Nan Yi Pin workshop printed on the red gold ring clasp.

He remembered that when his mother was still alive, she adored this gold-inlaid jade bracelet and often wore it.

Qin Zening was sure that this was indeed their mother, Lady Wei’s dowry.

Before coming, he wondered if his brother had seen wrong……

Qin Zening raised his gaze to look at shopkeeper Li and asked, “Who pawned this” His brows furrowed and his expression was stern.

Qin Zeyu raised his chin up proudly as he knew what his brother meant by that.

Like he said, it’s his mother’s dowry!

Qin Zeyu also glanced sideways at Qin Jiu triumphantly, trying to regain some of his pride that he had lost yesterday, but Qin Jiu didn’t look at him at all, her gaze looked down as she took the gold-inlaid jade bracelet from Qin Zening’s hand and started to play with it.

Qin Zeyu looked away unamusingly.

Shopkeeper Li was slightly embarrassed, “Lord, there are rules in our line of business……”

The rule is that they have to keep the identity of the seller a secret.

After all, those sellers have their pride to keep too, and those who were there to sell off their stolen goods were even more afraid of people knowing about their identities.

If this tarnished his reputation, his business will go downhill in the future.

Qin Zening was not one who gave up so easily, he smiled and sat down on the armchair next to him with his legs crossed.

“So you’re refusing to answer my question Then I’ll call my troop from the Wu Cheng Security Bureau to stop by everyday to look for you and have a chat!” Qin Zening said casually.

Shopkeeper Li: “……”

Everyone in the capital knew that all the men from the Wu Cheng Security Bureau were all just dandies from the noble families, and were naturally unreasonable.

Shopkeeper Li had been in the pawnshop business for decades and was particularly sharp, of course he could tell that Qin Zening and the two of them were the sons and daughters of a highly positioned family, but he didn’t expect Qin Zening to know the people from the Wu Cheng Security Bureau.

If the people from the Wu Cheng Security Bureau came by here to cause trouble every day, who would even dare to step in his pawnshop to buy and pawn stuff His business would be ruined!

Whichever is the lesser evil, shopkeeper Li hesitated and finally confessed: “Lord, a man in his thirties and his wife pawned it.

The man was of a darker skin tone, a long-shaped face and slender eyes, he had on coarse clothes.

He spoke in a rather befitting manner, the couple said that they wanted to pawn away this bracelet for good.”

Qin Zening: “Continue.”

Shopkeeper Li racked his brain as he tried to recall, his face was squished together as he tried hard.

Suddenly, he clapped his hands together excitedly: “I remember now, the couple seemed to be in urgent need of money.

The man asked me if I accepted other stuff such as vases, decorations and other items, but before he could finish, he was dragged away by his wife.”

“I also overheard them as they walked out, the wife said to the man that they should head to a few more stores to not draw attention to themselves.”

“That’s it.

Lord, I’ve told you everything that I could think of!” Shopkeeper Li looked at Qin Zening with an apologetic grin.

Qin Zening nodded, he knew who was behind this.

He asked Qin Jiu and Qin Zeyu to leave after he asked for the price that the shopkeeper had offered for the bracelet, he then left a silver certificate to pay for the bracelet and planned to head to another pawnshop.


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