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Facing Xu Youyou’s childish words, Qin Yiren didn’t feel displeased, she quickly extracted the central meaning from it.

The mother and daughter across from her had already planned to go out together tomorrow.

Naturally, Qin Yiren would not insist insert herself into it.

She retracted her invitation with a smile and took the initiative to recommend a few places that she thought would be suitable for taking children to play, and even shared a lot of coupons with Xu Wenyin.

I have to say that when Qin Yiren really wants to befriend someone, it is really difficult for ordinary people to escape.

Xu Wenyin, who was thinking about what to eat tomorrow, quickly decided to take her to a well-known Cantonese restaurant under Qin Yiren’s vivid encouragement and Xu Youyou’s sparkling eyes.

Qin Yiren has a membership of that restaurant, so she can open a table directly without queuing, and save “time”.

This is much more important to Xu Wenyin than money.

After the matter was finished, Qin Yiren took the initiative to take the child to say goodbye.

Fortunately, this is the case, otherwise Xu Wenyin would have to find an excuse to drive people away.

She has limited time; she really can’t do a few hours of chatting.

“Mom, are there bad guys coming”

After people left, Xu Youyou looked at Xu Wenyin with some worry, and her big eyes were full of distress.

She remembered the Zhou family and was afraid that they would take away her mother.

Is Youyou going to have no mother again

Don’t know what her brain filled in, Xu Youyou hugged Xu Wenyin’s leg: “Youyou don’t want mom to go!”

Hearing this tone, it seemed that she was about to cry in the next second.

Xu Wenyin quickly picked up the little girl: “Don’t go, don’t go.

Mom is fine, mom is a fairy.

How can something happen!”

“Then, then Aunt Qin…”

Xu Youyou was a little hesitant.

She wanted to believe her mother but was afraid that her mother would lie to her.

In the end, it was Xu Wenyin who swore again and again to assure the little one that the matter was over.

Then the big-hearted mother and daughter began to happily discuss tomorrow’s outing.

Xu Wenyin didn’t have any worries or other emotions because of Qin Yiren’s words.

I don’t care about such an outsider like Qin Yiren.

Zhou Weimin dared to come over and she dared to take it.

She was also a bully in the system school back then, and once led the students of that sweet literature department to quarrel with the abuse department.

That scene, but the speed of tens of thousands of words a second!

But there is still something to do.

What do I need to prepare for school items

Open the search engine and a series of answers come out.

It is really troublesome for the cubs to go to school.

For example, their system can transmit knowledge as long as the consciousness is connected, and there is no need to prepare anything.

Even the troublesome acting class can appear directly, and the scene is 100% restored.

“First of all, a children’s water bottle…”

Xu Yoyo: “Mom, doesn’t the kindergarten give Youyou water to drink”

Even the water in the orphanage is free to drink, and the kindergarten even has to bring its own water to drink, the kindergarten is very poor.

Xu Wenyin: “Yeah, kindergarten is so excessive, Youyou, I’ll buy you two water bottles.

You must drink more water!”

Human cubs will belch when they don’t drink water.

Who knew that such a good kindergarten, you had to bring your own water, it is really… the gold and jade are ruined in it!1

Xu Wenyin, who felt that she succeeded in using common sayings, continued to discuss with Xu Youyou.

One of them dared to say it and the other dared to believe it, but they have no idea about some common sense.

“Mom, why do you need to bring a little blanket”

“I’m afraid you are cold”

If Qin Yiren were here, she would probably collapse and shout, “Don’t talk nonsense! You will make a good baby crooked.”

Unfortunately, Qin Yiren was not here.

The restaurant recommended by Qin Yiren is not far away.

Besides, today is a working day.

So, there is not much traffic on the road near noon.

It took them fifteen minutes to arrive successfully.

This restaurant has a reservation system, usually about three days in advance, but yesterday Qin Yiren directly helped Xu Wenyin to jump the queue, so as soon as they arrived, they were taken to a quiet private room full of artistic atmosphere.

Knowing in advance that there is a three-year-old child, the private room not only has a child seat ready early, but also some brand-new toys that can be played while waiting for meals.

In short, the service was very attentive, causing Xu Wenyin and Xu Youyou, who had never experienced it before, to look around with wide-eyed eyes.

Of course, the professional waiter will not show any improper expression, keeping the proper corners of the mouth and thoughtfully introducing the specialties here to the two of them.

“The lychee shrimp ball tastes light and Q-shaped, which is very suitable for children …”



“There is also this assorted tofu, which is smooth and tender, and the broth inside is made from a year-old hen with ……”


Xu Wenyin wanted to try everything since she started eating meat yesterday.

As for the lack of money

Just earn more!

Finally, the waiter couldn’t stand it anymore, saying that one of the two of you is a child, and five dishes are really enough, and you can’t finish it and waste it.

Their restaurant is not making black money.

This made Xu Wenyin reluctantly put down the menu, regretting that if it is delicious, she will come again next time.

Of course, Qin Yiren’s recommendation is certainly not bad.

Xu Wenyin was quite satisfied with what she ate.

Like Xu Youyou, she swayed her feet happily and collapsed on the children’s chair with a round stomach.

“Mom, hiccup, it’s delicious ~”

Although the food cooked by my mother is delicious, the food here is not only delicious but also beautiful!

Xu Youyou has a hidden beauty control attribute and likes beautiful things and people, including food.

The two, mother and daughter leaned back in their chairs, showing similar contented smiles.

Anyone who saw it would probably sigh: it deserves to be called biological.

It took an hour to eat, Xu Wenyin thought that it would be better to reserve some time for the evening, so she did not lie down for too long, walking through the corridor of the restaurant with Xu Youyou, planning to go home.

However …


A bowl flashed in front of the line of sight and smashed hard on the other side of the wall!

The broken ceramic residue became the sharpest weapon at this moment, even if Xu Wenyin reacted faster to protect Xu Youyou, her arm was also scratched with a small blood mark.

“I don’t want to eat! Don’t eat! If I don’t want to eat, then don’t eat! ”

At the same time, there was a little girl’s shrill cry that stung people’s ears.

Looking through the wide-open door of the private room next door, you can see a girl of about three years old sitting on the ground, surrounded by scattered dishes and vegetables, and the others in the box are all looking at Xu Wenyin and the others.

They probably didn’t expect that the girl would suddenly pick up something and smash it, and they didn’t react for a while.

“Madam! Madam, are you and your children, okay”

“It hit someone!”

The waiter reacted faster.

Compared with the little girl’s crying, it is obvious that Xu Wenyin needs more attention here.

It’s really just one step away, and that bowl will hit the head straight!

And the little girl looks very strong, otherwise this bowl can’t fly that far.

If this strength hits a person’s head, it would have to open a hole.

Three minutes later, in the box.

Xu Wenyin and Xu Youyou both looked carefully, except for the blood marks on the arm, there were no other injuries.

Of course, there must be some fright.

Xu Youyou is still snuggled up in Xu Wenyin’s arms at the moment, so she must be frightened.

“Sorry! I’m really sorry.

Compared with the little girl who lost her temper, her parents seemed to be very educated.

After the accident, they immediately came over to apologize and put forward some compensation measures.

On the other hand, the little girl who really made a mistake is still wiping her tears and hiccupping in her mother’s arms.

This is not because she realizes that she has just done something bad, but because she is unwilling that her demands have not been met and wants to struggle again.

Seeing that Xu Wenyin’s gaze fell on the girl, her father couldn’t help but reveal a bitter smile: “I’m really sorry, this child is spoiled by my mother.”

Three years old, one says it’s not big and the others say it’s not small, an age when you should know something.

“If the child is disobedient, it’s fine to beat her once, if one doesn’t work, two!”

Xu Wenyin snorted coldly, “Lucky this time, we are fine.

The next time she kills someone and sets fire to people, do you have the same explanation”

She was in a bad mood.

Originally, it was rare for a mother and daughter to be happy.

They should be happy to eat delicious food.

As a result, it was destroyed by a bear child.2

Feeling Xu Youyou trembling slightly in her arms, Xu Wenyin patted her on the back to reassure her, while learning the appearance of the vicious villain in the movie, her brows were cold, and her own tenderness was not much left at this moment.

If it wasn’t illegal to hit people, she really wanted to pick up this little brat and give her two hard spanks!

The girl’s parents were speechless, and it was their fault.

Seeing the little girl shivering on the other side, what else can they say

“Bad guys! Don’t hit Miaomiao! Miaomiao will kill you!”

Who knows, the girl who was still crying just now seemed to understand something, and she started to wave her little fist toward Xu Wenyin, like she was going to rush over to hit people.

good guy!

Xu Wenyin wanted to roll up her sleeves on the spot!

“You are the bad guy! Big bad guy! ”

Scaring her is fine, but scolding my mother Definitely not!

Xu Youyou was no longer afraid at this time.

She jumped down and stood on the ground with her hands on her hips, imitating the way the aunt of the orphanage scolded people: “You are a bad pig! Disobedient! You will be eaten by Amomo!”

The little girl: “You eat! You’re the one who’s going to get eaten! Boohoo!”3

Xu Youyou: “I am obedient, but you are disobedient!”

The little girl cried louder: “I am the most obedient, you are the one who will be eaten, eaten by Amomo!”

Amomo, the villain in many children’s cartoons recently, the most common phrase is: “disobedient children are going to be eaten by me, oh hehe ~”

Therefore, many parents often use that phrase to “Scare” their children.

Xu Youyou has never been said so, but she has seen this cartoon.

So now she folds her arms around her chest and looks at the girl with a stern face: “Then you have the ability not to cry.”

The girl tried to stop her crying, but who knew that the brakes were too fast and her body failed to keep up, causing a series of hiccups.

The little girl’s parents: “…”

Picked up, covered her mouth, and smiled awkwardly at the opposite side.

The set of movements was very smooth, and it seemed that she did it a lot.

Xu Wenyin, who witnessed the whole process, applauded: “Youyou is so handsome!”

That tone, those who didn’t know thought that Xu Youyou had done something heroic to save the beauty.

Xu Wenyin doesn’t care so much.

Children should be encouraged if they do well: “Come on, high five!”


One big and one small hand clapped together and made a cheerful sound.


The outside is as gorgeous as gold and jade, but the inside is full of broken cotton wool.

Described as beautiful on the outside but broken on the inside.

The language is clear.

Liu Ji’s “Words of an Orange Seller”.

The phrase “gold and jade is on the outside, and the inside is ruined”, in Liu Ji’s “Tangerine Seller’s Words” in the Ming Dynasty, originally refers to the oranges sold by orange sellers.

Broken cotton wool.

The author uses the words of orange sellers to ridicule the officials at that time who could not benefit the people and let the people fall into the water and fire, but “the people who sit on high halls, ride big horses, get drunk and eat fat and fresh”, enjoy riches and glory.

This kind of the act of deceiving the world and stealing one’s name is no different from a mandarin orange that looks like gold and jade on the outside but is full of broken cotton wool on the inside.

Later, “gold and jade are on the outside, and the inside is broken” has evolved into an idiom, which is used to describe the beauty on the outside but the dilapidation on the inside.


Bear children, often described as naughty children, young and ignorant.

and generally, refers to those annoying children.

It also has the meaning of nickname, which means a nickname for naughty children.

Netizens are defined as those children who flip things around, destroy, do not obey the rules, and are unscrupulous.


Sound of crying.



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