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“Hey, hey, why are you here”

Not only did Xu Youyou remember this girl named Miaomiao, but she also remembered Xu Youyou.

The thought of her crying last time made the unwilling little girl frown and jump from her mothers arms.

She quickly reached out her hand and wanted to drag Xu Youyou.

As for why she wants to drag her, drag her first then talk!

Xu Youyou naturally couldnt be caught by her, so she hurriedly ran in the opposite direction.

This aroused the little girls desire to win again, and the two short legs speeded up.

The two children started running circles around the adults.

“You stop for me!”

“Dont stop! Just dont stop! Come and catch me if you can!”

“Stop! Huhu!”

“Catch me, catch me~”

Looking at Xu Youyou made a face, the adults who had wanted to stop it: “……”

They seem to be having a good time, or just leave it alone.

Here, Xu Wenyin sees that Xu Youyou has the upper hand now, and she has not made a move for the time being, but most of her attention is on Xu Youyou.

Once the situation is wrong, she cant help being disrespectful.

My own cub love dearly!


Xu, what a coincidence.” The little girls parents were the first to greet her, “You and Mrs.

Lu are also here”

The couple obviously knew Qin Yiren, and there was a familiarity in their tone.


Liu, Mrs.


Qin Yiren smiled lightly.

She didnt expect Xu Wenyin to have an intersection with these two, but she and this couple had only met a few times, but her brother and this President Liu seemed to have a good relationship.

In the past two years, Jiangchengs economy has developed rapidly.

Many people have seen this treasure and want to get a piece of the pie in advance.


Liu is one of them.

It didnt take long for a few adults to exchange pleasantries before a dark-skinned, well-built soldier emerged from the training camp and urged on.

“Sister-in-law, you can rest assured that we will take good care of Chenjun.”

This last sentence was said to Qin Yiren alone.

The children who came this time, except for Qin Yirens husband, who is a serious soldier, all the others came through various channels, such as the Liu couple, who are standard businessmen.

They also went through Xu Wenyins incident last time and saw that the same three-year-old child.

Xu Youyou was smart, sensible, and courageous, but what about his family

Cant even argue with others.

The husband and wife learned from the bitter experience, and while their old mother wont be back to her hometown for half a month, they are determined to send this spoiled girl in for a good exercise.

They all say that at the age of three, if you dont correct it in time, this daughter will be ruined!

Of course, to be with Lu Chenjun by such a “coincidence”, probably only the Liu and his wife know if there are any special thoughts in this.

“I dont want to! Im not leaving! ”

Sure enough, the little girl found that she didnt come to play.

Mom and Dad wanted to leave her, she immediately started crying, and even wanted to rush over and hold her fathers leg.

But that soldier was a sharp-eyed one or had seen too many such children.

Without seeing any movement, she grabbed the girl who was moving, unable to move her hands and feet, and carried her away like a pig to be slaughtered.

“Woohoo, Mom, Dad!”

Hearing the girls shrill voice, Xu Youyou took the initiative to hold Lu Chenjuns hand, and waved the other hand to Xu Wenyin and Qin Yiren: “Mom, Aunt Qin, I and Juanjuan are going in, I will take good care of Juanjuan~”

——What a well-behaved and sensible child!


Liu, who was still a bit reluctant, was now once again determined, and looking at the back of the three little one leaving, she couldnt help but look at Xu Wenyin: “Ms.

Xu, how do you teach your children Can you teach us some tricks”

Xu Wenyin didnt expect anyone to ask her this kind of question, and she couldnt help feeling a little proud.

Her family Youyou is really great!

But thinking of the social etiquette of Huaguo, Xu Wenyin showed a modest smile on her face: “Wherever she is, Youyou is sensible by herself.”

——It seems that she was invisibly shown a wave

As a businessman, Mrs.

Liu quickly changed her expression: “Youyou is really the cutest little girl Ive ever seen.

I really hope that Miaomiao can be a good friend with her in there.

You see how fated their names are, one Youyou, one Miaomiao, and the same age, hahaha.”

Although Mrs.

Liu did not know Xu Wenyins specific background and had never seen her in her previous circles, based on the fact that Xu Wenyin could befriend Qin Yiren alone, Mrs.

Liu would not easily offend her.

She was even glad that her daughter didnt really hurt anyone that day, and that she and her husband had made remedies in time.

Otherwise, it must be an awkward situation now.


Liu wants to talk to Qin Yiren and Xu Wenyin about children and promoting the relationship, only to find that Xu Wenyins expression froze.

Her brain suddenly turned around!

Miaomiao, surname Liu, and the same age as Youyou.

And appeared in Jiangcheng!

How to think, this Liu Miaomiao should be the one who bullied Xu Youyou for three years in high school, and finally caused her to miss one of the college entrance examinations.

She could have attended one of the two good universities in the capital.

But in the end, she could only go to an ordinary second-rate university!


Its her!

Xu Wenyins fist hardened instantly.

She stayed with Youyou for seven days.

Youyou wont be bullied, will she

A tearful image of Xu Youyou appeared in her mind, Xu Wenyin turned around and wanted to rush in and bring Xu Youyou back.

Fortunately, Qin Yiren held her in time.

“I said, you didnt feel reluctant at all just now.” Qin Yiren looked at Xu Wenyin with a funny look, as if she was going to save the child: “Dont worry, theres no problem with safety inside, I promise!”

Being stopped by this, Xu Wenyin also seemed to calm down at this time, Youyou was looking forward to this training, she couldnt let the child down.

Think about it carefully, this Liu Miaomiao is only three years old now.

Youyou is not the original child with low self-esteem and sensitive, and she has never suffered a loss since they met twice.

Maybe, probably, she is too nervous.

Its just a small boss at stage one, if you are afraid of it, how can you fight the ultimate big boss in the future!

Xu Wenyin, who has been helping others practice games recently, has obviously been affected to some extent.

After she comforted herself, she quickly said goodbye to Qin Yiren.

She thought it was better to hurry home and “communicate” with Youyou to feel relieved.

If that Liu Miaomiao really dares to bully Youyou, she will, will hack Lius official website!

Qin Yiren who was left behind: “…”

Sister, did you forget that we came in the same car

Regardless of the adults own goal, Xu Youyou and Lu Chenjun have entered the base, and they also saw two other children who trained with them this time.

Both are boys.

Actually, this is normal.

Generally, few parents are willing to send their girls to training camps.

Xu Youyou and Liu Miaomiao are special cases.

“Hello, my name is Qian Xin, you can call me Xiaopang.” One of the chubby boys who looked like a big white steamed bun showed a simple and honest smile: “He is Liu Yanzhi, and we are both three years old~

Liu Yanzhi next to Qian Xin smiled slightly: “Hello.”

He looked very polite and courteous, with a touch of charm in his behavior, just like, like those big brothers in ancient costumes on TV!

Xu Youyou quickly remembered the two of them, and then took Lu Chenjuns hand with a smile: “Hello, my name is Xu Youyou, he is Juanjuan, no, his name is…”

“Juanjuan, whats your name” Xu Youyou looked at Lu Chenjun without the slightest embarrassment.

His name seems to have been said by Aunt Qin once, but Xu Youyou always called him Juanjuan, and Qin Yiren always called him by his nickname.

After a while, she completely forgot what the formal name of the Juanjuan was.

A certain Juan1curly of the big-name Lu Chenjun: “…” I dont want to talk.

“Idiot! Big idiot! Xu Youyou is a big idiot!”

Before Lu Chenjun could speak, Liu Miaomiao started to mock people with red eyes.

She just cried so bitterly, but when she really couldnt see her parents and was frightened by the soldiers with a straight face, she slowly stopped crying.

Now she has the opportunity to laugh at Xu Youyou, and immediately forget her sadness.

“Hmph~” Xu Youyou just ignored her.

Mom said, ignoring is the best contempt.

Although I dont understand what “contempt” is, its right to listen to my mother.

“Okay, his name is Lu Chenjun.”

The soldier who brought them did not know when he left and was replaced by an instructor who looked more serious and fiercer: “I dont care what you are like at home, when you get here you have to listen to me.


The last word was almost shouted out, which sounded a bit scary, as Liu Miaomiaos eyes were red, and she seemed to cry again.

As a result, the instructor glared, Liu Miaomiao was so frightened that she hiccupped and hid behind Xu Youyou, whom she hated.

After all, compared with other children who were all strangers, Xu Youyou at least still knew.

In fact, Xu Youyou was also startled, she held Lu Chenjuns hand as a conditioned reflex, as if this would give her strength.

Fortunately, Lu Chenjuns reaction was as calm as it was, so he also gave Xu Youyou a little more confidence.

Juanjuan is not afraid, and I cant be afraid!

With an inexplicable sense of comparison, Xu Youyou puffed out her chest and looked straight at the instructor.

Its just that this kind of behavior looks cool to her.

In the instructors eyes, its a kitten whose claws havent even grown sharp yet bares its teeth.

Its too weak to be polite and afraid.

“Well, this is your first time here.

Let me explain some rules first!”

Seeing that he successfully deterred these children, the instructor tried his best to use words that even children could understand to explain the matters to needing attention in the next few days.

Actually, its quite troublesome for three-year-olds to train.

Not only cant really hit people, physical strength is also limited, so you cant squeeze peoples potential.

After all, its too small, will pull the seedlings to encourage growth.

2violating the objective laws of the development of things and rushing for success will lead to mishaps, and good things will turn into bad things.

During these seven days, the main task is to teach the children some training methods and what they can do in the face of danger.

Especially the naughty bear children like Liu Miaomiao, who needs to be “educated”.

If it goes well, this training will continue for several years, and the content will definitely become more and more rigorous as the body matures.

In August in Jiangcheng, the weather is really hot.

The instructor said he was going to take them to the place where they stay, but he walked in front of them all the way, and several small children tried their best to follow behind.

It was fine at first, but after walking for about five minutes, Liu Miaomiao was the first one who couldnt stand it.

“Car! I want a car.

Car! Miaomiao cant walk! ”

“There is no car here, either walk by yourself or you can sleep here at night! No one will care about you! ”

The instructors cruel words made several children dare not have any objection.

Even Liu Miaomiao, who is good at throwing a tantrum and rolling on the ground, dared not yell like before.

In fact, children also know how to judge the situation.

Liu Miaomiao knows that there are no grandma and parents who love her here, and the fierce monster in front of her will not feel sorry for her, so after wiping the tears that she shed unconsciously, she wants to continue walking.

Who knows if one does not pay attention, pata.

Liu Miaomiao fell to the ground directly.

Fortunately, the ground was the kind of green lawn.

Except that it was a little dirty and was not injured.

“Woo woo.” But the little girl still couldnt hold back: “I want daddy and mommy, woo woo.”

Xu Youyou was also a bit uncomfortable by the hot sun at this time, but she looked at the pitiful Liu Miaomiao, she bit her lip and held out another empty hand: “Get up.

If you walk faster, you can get there quickly.”

Although she still doesnt like Liu Miaomiao very much, but just leaving people alone is not something that Xu Youyou can do.

On the other side, Qian Xin and Liu Yanzhi also came over to help Liu Miaomiao up and patiently comforted her a few words.

It could be seen that the tutoring of the two boys should be very good

Liu Miaomiao, who stood up again, looked at the eyes of three people, lowered her head and thought about something.

Soon, her two sweaty little hands were tightly clasped together.

The three groups of people who were originally scattered.

Finally, followed the instructor hand in hand, heading towards their goal.

Just like five kittens walking side by side, with a slightly messy pace, not a single one is missing.

1curly2violating the objective laws of the development of things and rushing for success will lead to mishaps, and good things will turn into bad things.-

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