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Now that weve come to the training camp, its basically impossible to feel as comfortable as at home.

The place where the children rested and slept was a large solid cement room, with an old worn-out fan making a rattling noise overhead and a hard-paneled bed put together in the center of the room, on which everyone would sleep afterwards.

After all, these babies are still young, and they are not so strict for men and women.

Besides, there is a bed about one meter wide at the edge of the room, which should be for instructors to sleep on.

Liu Miaomiao, who had finally arrived at the rest point, saw this, sniffed and wanted to cry again.

The bed looked so hard, it was not half the size of her bed, and there was no cool wind in the room.

When they learned that five people slept in this bed, let alone Liu Miaomiao, Qian Xin and Liu Yanzhi, their faces looked a little bad.

One of them is a baby at home, and the other, although the family has a complex composition, is absolutely not treated badly in material terms.

Not to mention the large room they live in, it is also furnished with a toy room, a study room, etc., which is better than the place where many ordinary families live.

Even if the two of them were a little psychologically prepared before coming, such conditions still refreshed their worldview.

Can you really sleep in a bed like this

Even Lu Chenjun couldnt help but frown.

He also doesnt like sleeping with so many children, its hard to think about it.

The only one who has adapted well here is probably Xu Youyou.

This kind of environment is not much different from that in the orphanage.

Although Xu Youyou lived better than the orphanage during this period, she did not forget her days in the orphanage.

And this time, I swore that I would come to learn the skills.

Of course, I couldnt give up halfway before I started

Thats how the word is used, right

Xu Youyou recalled Xu Wenyins words, saying that when her mother “came over,” she was a little unaccustomed to leaving her mother for so long.

“Rest for ten minutes and gather in ten minutes.”

The instructor doesnt care what these little brats think, since they have come, they have to learn to adapt.

Even if they were the princesses and young masters before, they are now just ordinary soldiers.

At most, because of their young age, they can be tolerated a little.

The instructor kept a straight face, guessing in his heart how many children would be left in seven days from this period, and whether there would be a so-called second period.

He had seen this kind of thing a lot, and his heart didnt fluctuate in the slightest.

He even looked forward to the reaction of these little brats when they went to the cafeteria.

“Uncle, we want to drink water.”

“Call me Instructor!”

The instructor said this in a conditioned reflex, then lowered his head and saw Xu Youyou in front of him.

The voice was milky, the big eyes were flickering, and there was a hint of crimson on the white and tender face, which was probably hot.

She is the daughter of all mens dreams.

If he wants such a daughter, he can ride on the head!

“Cough, cough.” The instructor forcibly maintained a deadpan serious face: “The water cups are there.

You have to get your own water, understand”

There is a water dispenser in the other corner of the room.

Xu Youyou learned the step of taking water long ago under Xu Wenyins instruction, so she naturally picked up a paper cup on the side, took two half-full cups of water and went to Lu Chenjun: “Juanjuan, drink water!”

Instructor: “……”

Where did you get this thoughtful little cotton-padded jacket He can lose a family fortune!

Lu Chenjun licked his dry lips and got up to take the water glass, not as unresponsive as before, otherwise he doubted that Xu Youyou would pour water directly into his mouth.

And Lu Chen Jun also knows that this is Xu Youyous kindness, and he should not refuse and say thank you at the same time.

“Xu Youyou, I also want to drink water!” Liu Miaomiao on the side immediately came over.

She cried and made noise, and she was already thirsty after such a long walk.

If she was at home, someone would send her water as long as she shouted, which is not like here.

Hearing the words, Xu Youyou drank the water in one breath, then burped lightly in satisfaction, freeing one finger to point to the water dispenser over there: “You go get it yourself, Im done drinking ~”

Liu Miaomiao pouted, but after several times, she also knew that Xu Youyou wouldnt spoil her like mom and dad.

After rubbing her sore calf, she looked at Xu Youyou in tears: “I wont.”

She didnt even see how Xu Youyou picked up the water, she didnt learn this at home, and hadnt even seen this type of water dispenser.

Xu Youyou felt her strength come back after drinking water.

She also saw Qian Xin and Liu Yanzhi who were also listening with their ears pricked up.

She was thinking about what Grandma Wu said about helping each other.

She got up and waved to the three children: “Come here, Youyou will teach you once~”

Not only Liu Miaomiao, even Lu Chenjun followed silently.

He cant always let Xu Youyou get water for himself, if his mother knows, she will definitely laugh at him.

And Lu Chenjuns self-esteem doesnt allow him to do this.

“You must not touch the red one.

Its very hot water inside, and you will get hurt.”

One spoke seriously, and four listened more seriously.

Actually, for the sake of safety, this water dispenser is not powered on.

In other words, even if the red switch is turned on, there will be no hot water coming out.

However, the instructor feels that this trivial matter does not need to be said, and the little girl taught it very well.

Soon, several children had a glass of water with a hint of coolness in their hands.

Drinking the water you pick up yourself, it all feels especially sweet.

Gulp, gulp, only the sound of drinking water was left in the quiet room.

Xu Youyou also took an estra cup and walked with short legs to the instructor who was observing them: “Uncle, instructor, drink water ~”

This is the first time a child has ever handed him water!

Even the most serious adults couldnt hold back their paralyzed faces at this moment, revealing a smile that he thought was kind: “Thank you.”

Then he finished off the drink with one gulp.

For the sake of this glass of water, let them rest for five more minutes.

Even then, the break time came quickly.

However, after this time, several children became familiar with each other, like Xu Youyou, who called Qian Xin “Xiaopang” directly, and Liu Yanzhi, who also said his nickname because his name was too hard to articulate.


A very simple wish.

“These dishes are for you to eat at noon.

When its done, dinner will be served.

Five children formed a circle, each with a small pot of edamame and a cabbage in front of them.

The edamame should be peeled out of the meat inside, and the cabbage should be torn by hand.

After the instructors demonstration, everyone quickly got started, and Xu Youyou was the best one.

“Youyou, you are amazing!”

Xiaopang couldnt help but sigh, his tone was full of sincerity.

Liu Yanzhi also echoed: “Its really amazing.”

Whether it was at the beginning or now, Xu Youyous performance was excellent, and she didnt feel uncomfortable at all.

Xu Youyou, who heard the words, kept moving her hands but spoke without a trace of pride: “Because I have done it many times, if you practice more, you will certainly do the same.

The children in the orphanage, as long as you can do it, you wont be idle.

Like the vegetables in front of her, Xu Youyou didnt know how much she had peeled.

But Liu Miaomiao suddenly interjected, “Why did you do all this Are those nannies abusing you”

She didnt mean any harm in this sentence.

At Liu Miaomiaos age, she wouldnt understand that not every family has a nanny.

Her parents have taught her that if the nanny treats her badly, she must tell them, so Liu Miaomiao quickly added: “Tell your mother, the bad nanny needs to be told to get out!”

Xu Youyou tilted her head: “But there is no nanny in my family, just my mother and me.”

“Where is your father”

“Mom said dad was dead.”

The instructor watching the children on the side: “……”

What kind of mother is this, if you didnt say become a star in the sky, you also can not directly say dead, right

Just when the instructor was thinking about how to change the subject, the other four children didnt have much reaction, but naturally asked Xu Youyou what else she could do.

Probably only adults think its a big deal to not have a dad.

Xu Youyou started counting with her fingers: “I can also jump rope and brush my teeth …”

Qian Xin: “Wow, Youyou can brush your own teeth, I cant.”

Liu Yanzhi echoed, “I cant either.”

Lu Chenjun, who has been relatively quiet, seems to have said nothing, but his heart was secretly determined that he must also learn to brush his teeth himself, otherwise it would be too humiliating to lose to Xiaolu.

It was the first time Liu Miaomiao chatted with her friends like this, and the original unhappiness disappeared instantly, leaving only novelty.

Coupled with the fact that Xu Youyou is the only girl of her age here, and with an indefinable emotion, the little girls problems are simply endless.

“Then if you dont have a nanny, how do you usually eat”

Xu Youyou: “My mother will cook for me, and my mothers cooking is delicious.”

Liu Miaomiaos eyes suddenly showed envy: “My mothers cooking is terrible.

Your mother is so Nice.”

Qian Xin laughed and patted his round little tummy: “My mothers cooking is also super-super-delicious, next time you all come to my house!”

At this time, Xu Wenyin, who finally said goodbye to Qin Yiren and returned to her home, couldnt wait to change her vision and came to Xu Youyous mind.

And the first sentence she heard was what Liu Miaomiao said.

“I dont want to work so hard.

My grandmother said that in the future, Miaomiao will marry the prince.

Just leave all this to the prince.”

What! Listen to this! You cant spoil my family Youyou!

Xu Wenyin was instantly furious, and immediately wanted to teach Xu Youyou a few words to let her to refute.

Unexpectedly, Xu Youyou spoke first.

She frowned with disapproval: “No, my mom said that girls need to have their own ability to do it themselves.

Men are big pigs hoof, and their only function is to eat meat.”


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