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When they woke up, all five children’s faces were deeply tired, even Xu Youyou was no exception.

They slept on a big bed yesterday.

The bed was made of hard wood, with a thin layer of cushions in the middle and a mat on it.

It was even harder than the beds in the orphanage.

The material conditions are poor they let it pass, but what is more painful are the sleeping positions of Liu Miaomiao and Qian Xin.

The order of the five of them was like this from right to left, Liu Yanzhi – Qian Xin – Lu Chenjun – Xu Youyou – Liu Miaomiao.

The width of the bed is about three meters, and the length is the standard two meters.

It is reasonable for five children to lie on it, if it is not spacious, at least it is not crowded, but it cannot hold two of them in a sleeping position that makes the ghosts and spirits’ cry.

For example, when Xu Youyou fell asleep, she suddenly had an extra foot on her body.

When she opened her eyes, she saw that Liu Miaomiao turned her body 180 degrees and fell asleep in a big word.1

Xu Youyou: “…”

Xu Wenyin was not in Xu Youyou’s mind at this time, after all it was bedtime, she couldn’t just wait and watch Youyou sleep, right

The hardworking old mother chose to make money.

Raising a child is very expensive, and she still wants to buy a house and a car for Yoyo, so she has to work hard, so she missed this one.

Another example is that Liu Yanzhi and Lu Chenjun were suddenly punched when they fell asleep, and when they opened their eyes in confusion, they found that Qian Xin was holding his hands in the air and waving them around.

If it wasn’t for the fact that Qian Xin’s eyes were tightly closed and his breathing was even, they would have thought he was doing it on purpose.

Liu Yanzhi was even more surprised.

He and Qian Xin grew up together.

Occasionally, they would spend the night together when they were tired from playing.

Didn’t he find that his little friend still had this problem

In the end, he credits this to the fact that the bed at home was too big for the two of them, and certainly he would not be attacked in the middle of the night.

But now the bed is this big, and we have to train tomorrow.

So, we have to sleep, right

Once again, the three people who were awakened looked at each other, and their faces exuded strong resentment.

I’m already so tired during the day, and they don’t let people sleep well at night.

What if I don’t grow taller in the future!

“Just do it like this.”

Finally, Lu Chenjun made a final decision.

Under his idea, Qian Xin and Liu Miaomiao were moved to the right side of the bed, occupying about two-thirds of the space, and a quilt rolled into a column was placed in the middle to isolate them.

While Xu Youyou trio squeezed peacefully on the other side, let the two of them hurt each other, we have to sleep!

Only then they finally sleep a relatively peaceful second half of the night.

But this can’t offset all the tiredness, even Liu Miaomiao and Qian Xin opened their eyes with unhappy faces in the morning.

“Miaomiao, why are you so strong!”

Qian Xin rubbed his arms and legs, which were already had a faint bruised.

He didn’t sleep well last night, and he always felt pressed by something in the second half of the night.

He couldn’t turn them over.

It was only when he woke up in the morning and saw Liu Miaomiao’s leg on his stomach that Qian Xin cracked the case, and then he found himself with a few more bruises, so the little guy couldn’t help but complain a bit.

He hasn’t reacted yet.

Before going to bed, there were clearly two people between himself and Liu Miaomiao.

How did he wake up and become the two of them on one side

“Xiaopang, you are the one!”

Liu Miaomiao pointed to her forehead, nothing could be seen on it now, but she couldn’t ignore the fact that she was suddenly punched in the middle of her sleep.

It’s just that Liu Miaomiao’s mind becomes more confused when she falls asleep.

After being woken up, she turned over and went back to sleep.

She didn’t remember about it until she heard Qian Xin complaining in the morning.

“You’re talking nonsense, how could I hit someone”

Qian Xin refused.

His sleeping position is obviously very good.

Even if Miaomiao is a girl, he can’t be slandered!

“Ask An’an if you don’t believe me!” After speaking, he also pulled his friends to testify.

Then the two little kids saw three deadpan zombie faces.

Liu Miaomiao and Qian Xin shook at the same time: “…”

“You, why do you look at us like this”

“Hehe.” The three of them sneered in a milky voice.

One minute later.

“Impossible, how could I be like this”

“No, no, Miaomiao is a princess, and a princess is the most beautiful even when she sleeps.”

After hearing the complaints of their friends, the two little guys began to doubt life.

Like Xu Youyou, Xu Wenyin in Youyou mind was angry, to let her cub did not sleep well, it was too much!

It is said in the book that it is important to ensure the sleeping time of human cubs, otherwise it will not only affect the development, but also cause mental stress.

Damn it, is this Liu Miaomiao is planning to hurt Youyou in this way

Xu Wenyin has already started thinking about how to silently hack the official website of the Liu family real estate company.

Fortunately, the instructor appeared in time and interrupted their respective thoughts.

When a new day begins, there will naturally be new training.

Yesterday was just an appetizer to “teach” the kids, today is the official start.

At 7:00 a.m., they folded the quilt and tidied the bed, plus washed up.

At 7:30, breakfast is served, and you have to wash your own dishes afterwards.

Don’t worry about breaking it or anything, because all stainless-steel tableware is used.

If it is truly breakable, the instructor will give you a thumbs up.

At 8:30, warm up, jog, and review what you learned yesterday.

At 10:00, we begin to process the dishes for lunch.

At 11:00, eat.

At 12:00, take a nap for an hour.

The next steps are to do the horse stance, learn boxing, and even have an hour-long yoga class.

Looking at the hard-bodied instructor, he was able to put his feet on his head, twisting his whole body into a strange shape, which frightened the children for a moment.

But when it was time to learn, everyone was very serious, probably because they thought such a “unique skill” was cool, right

When the parent-child video interaction started again at 8 o’clock in the evening, no child wiped away tears today, like Liu Miaomiao proudly told her parents that she could wash dishes.

In just over a day, the child has undergone such a change.

This time, it was Liu’s mother who wiped the tears.

Moreover, the relationship between the five children has also become “better”.

At least Qian Xin and Liu Miaomiao can start to dislike each other openly.

“You like hitting people when you sleep, I’m not going to sleep next to you!”

When Liu Miaomiao heard that she and Qian Xin were to be placed together again, she immediately protested.

Then Qianxin also refused.

“And you like to kick people! I don’t want to sleep next to you either!”

After speaking, he looked at his closest friend, Liu Yanzhi.

–Brother, you would like to sleep with me, right

Liu Yanzhi silently turned his head away.

Qian Xin and Liu Miaomiao then look at the others.

Xu Youyou hugged Lu Chenjun’s arm, her tone and expression were very firm: “Me and Juanjuan don’t want to sleep next to you either!”

It can be said that the fragile friendship boat completely capsized in an instant.

The instructor didn’t care about this, he just waved his hand and let them solve it by themselves.

Anyway, his little bed would never be given up.

But the bed is that big, want to separate Qian Xin and Liu Miaomiao, and for the three of them to be unaffected, it is almost impossible.

Xu Wenyin: “Youyou, why don’t the three of you just knock them out!”

This was obviously a bad idea, Xu Wenyin sighed after finished speaking.

She has no body now, she can’t use many ideas.

How can she just rely on a few children …

Just as she was thinking, Lu Chenjun suddenly started to act.

This large concrete room is actually quite empty, and you can see what’s inside at a glance.

Apart from a toilet, the main room is a bed for children and adults to sleep on, five small benches, a water dispenser and a small table next to it.

Some sundries, such as iodophor, band-aids, etc., are prepared in case of emergency.

In order to prevent children from reaching it easily, the table is a little higher, about 90 centimeters long, about 1.5 meters long and less than half a meter wide.

We can’t let one of them sleep on the table, can we It’s no joke if you fall off.

At first glance, there is really nothing that can be used.

Otherwise, Xu Wenyin wouldn’t give up on herself and come up with bad ideas.

But Lu Chenjun didn’t think so.

He went to the table and stood on tiptoe, took down the things above and put them on the ground, then moved the table.

Well, of course it didn’t move.

In terms of strength, Lu Chenjun may not be as big as Liu Miaomiao.

Fortunately, at this awkward time, Xu Youyou appeared.

“Does Juanjuan want to move the table” Xu Youyou put her hands on the other side of the table while asking: “Did you come up with a good idea”

Lu Chenjun nodded: “Move over to the bed.”

“Okay!” Xu Youyou didn’t ask much, the two children exerted their hands at the same time, and the table was indeed a few centimeters off the ground, but it was still a bit difficult to move it ten meters away.

“Juanjuan, Youyou, let me help you.”

Although Qian Xin and Liu Yanzhi didn’t understand what their friends were going to do, their bodies moved honestly first.

Even Liu Miaomiao joined in with a puzzled look on her face: “Why do you want to move the table”

Xu Youyou: “Juanjuan must have a good idea!”

Liu Miaomiao was curious: “What good idea”

Xu Youyou shook her head honestly: “I don’t know.”

Liu Miaomiao: “…”

If she were a few years older and had a richer vocabulary, she would be able to spit out a lot of words at this time.

Unfortunately, now she can only express her speechlessness with silence.

Soon, with the efforts of five children, the table was carried to the bedside.

Then under Lu Chenjun’s command, the table was turned sideways and placed on the bed, with the long side touching the bed, and the four table legs facing the left side of the bed.

Seeing this, Xu Youyou suddenly realized, patting the edge of the bed hard: “I understand! Juanjuan, you are so smart! ”

The other three: “”

What, what do you understand

But asking now seems to make you look stupid again.

Xu Wenyin also understood, should she say that he is a recognized genius in the novel Actually, the method is not difficult.

The key is whether you can figure it out.

The three kids who didn’t understand just watched Xu Youyou and Lu Chenjun got into bed together, and they all pushed the sideways table to the left until the legs of the table passed through the protective railing on the edge of the bed.

A small space with a length of 1.5 meters and a width of 90 centimeters suddenly appeared on the bed.

Lu Chenjun then pointed his finger at Liu Miaomiao: “You, sleep inside.”

Liu Miaomiao and Qian Xin, one likes to move around while sleeping, and the other likes to punch with both hands, so it is more suitable to leave this space for Liu Miaomiao.

It was definitely not enough for an adult, but for Liu Miaomiao, who was only a little over 80 centimeters tall and obviously short, it was more than enough.

Let her through it by herself, anyway, the other side of the table becomes a natural baffle, and it only hurts her when she hits it, and it won’t affect other people.

The kid Lu Chenjun thought ruthlessly.

Qian Xin, on the other hand, slept alone on one side as before, separated by a quilt.

This space was enough for the three of them, and the three of them slept very honestly and did not move around.

As for Liu Miaomiao’s thought that it’s so ugly or something, it’s out of their consideration.

People with poor sleeping positions are not qualified to have opinions!

In the end, the minority obeyed the majority, so Liu Miaomiao could only hold her little blanket and walked into her small space aggrieved.

The five children soon fell into a deep sleep.

This night, finally have a good sleep.

The instructor on the side couldn’t help but quietly sent someone a message.

“Boss, your son is awesome!”

Father Lu who only saw the news two days later: “”

The seven days of training felt long at first, but it passed quickly when they were really immersed in it.

The morning of the seventh day was the same as usual: wake up, eat breakfast, and train.

The children didn’t need to be urged by the instructor in the morning, and they woke up naturally at the right time.

They thought it would be another hard but fulfilling day.

But at lunch, the instructor suddenly announced at the dining table, “Congratulations, the first training session ended successfully, and your parents will come to pick you up later.”

“So soon”

The one who raised this question turned out to be Liu Miaomiao, who was the most reluctant at first.

And looked at her appearance she was genuinely surprised.

When she first came here, she could count the days with her fingers, but when she gradually got used to the training, coupled with her inability to count, the number of days soon became chaotic.

“What Don’t want to leave Then stay and continue training.”

The instructor made a “joke” with his deadpan face, and he felt funny when he saw Liu Miaomiao shaking her head again and again.

He naturally saw the changes in Liu Miaomiao, this child was indeed spoiled, but luckily the root was not rotten, and now that she is still young, she can correct it in time.

“Instructor! When is the next time”

Xu Youyou raised her hand to ask a question.

She remembered that Aunt Qin had said that this training camp would come several times.

The little girl feels that although many things have happened here in the past few days, she has also learned a lot of new things, and she feels more powerful!

So, it’s one step closer to the goal of protecting her mother, and Xu Youyou can’t wait to think about the second and third time.

After a few more times, she will be able to punch a bad guy like those powerful brothers and sisters on TV, right

The instructor also likes active children, and Xu Youyou left a good impression on him, so he answered this question without hesitation: “It should be October, and hopefully it will still be five of you by then.”

“Instructor! Can I take that little blanket ” This is Qian Xin, who has developed feelings with that little blanket.

“Instructor, instructor, when we go back…”

Five, no, four children’s series of questions made the instructor a little overwhelmed, so he could only put on a straight face again: “No more questions, eat!”

Well, the children lowered their heads and ate in silence.

After eating, they consciously picked up their plates and went to the sink, stood on a small bench, washed them and put them on the shelf on the other side.

Seeing this level of proficiency, you can tell that these days have done a lot of these things.

The instructor was also pleased to see that the children had carefully completed the last piece of work.

Seeing that there were still five minutes before the appointed time, he led the children directly to the gate of the training camp.

After thinking that it would take more than a month for the next meeting, the instructor had a rare act of kindness: “Didn’t you have a lot to say just now Go ahead, I’ll listen.

When this sentence came out, everyone suddenly seemed to have broken the seal, and twittered like instructors surrounded by a group of sparrows.

“Instructor, Youyou will definitely miss you~”

“Instructor, do you have a child I can bring him to play with me later, I have a lot of toys.”

“Instructor, instructor, why are you so dark”

“Instructor, why don’t you laugh My mother said that people who love to laugh won’t have bad luck.

Instructor, are you unlucky ”

Instructor: “…”

Hey, hey, hey, what kind of bear kids are these Already involved in personal attacks, okay

But after all, it was his own boast, he endured it until the gate.

The moment the door was opened, the kids around him scattered instantly and threw themselves into their parents’ arms.

Especially Liu Miaomiao, who was cheerfully asking messy questions just now, is now crying in mother Liu arms.

Those who don’t know would think the training camp abused her.

Well, it does seem like abuse to her.

These parents are very excited when they see their children, whom they haven’t seen for a long time.

They said they are “thin”, “black” and “go back and make up for it”.

Even Qin Yiren can’t avoid custom, and she’s bent on showing Lu Chenjun personally and making delicious food for him.

Lu Chenjun: “…”

His mother’s cooking skills are probably not as good as Xiaolu’s.

In order to avoid poisoning his stomach, Lu Chenjun tactfully found a new way.

“Mom, you’re fat.”

The smile on Qin Yiren’s face froze: “I, I’m fat !”

After she said this, her eyes couldn’t help but look at Xu Wenyin who was playing raise high with Xu Youyou on the side.

After the child went for seven days, Xu Wenyin “live-streamed” eating for six days.

And Qin Yiren couldn’t stand it on the second day and took the initiative to knock on the door to join this activity

You don’t say, the children were not around, they really can eat whatever they want, so don’t have to worry too much.

And Qin Yiren is not short of money.

In the next few days, the recipes of the two parents are quite rich.

Flying in the sky, swimming in the sea, only what they don’t want to eat, there is nothing Qin Yiren can’t get.

In this way, eating and drinking for almost a week, Qin Yiren looked at Xu Wenyin, who was still slim and slender, and silently pinched the meat around her waist.

She has already made the same emoticon package of the world-famous painting “The Scream” in her heart.

Is there anything more painful than you and your best friend eating together, only to have you gain weight while she is still so thin




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