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Probably because of the company of “mother”, Xu Youyou slept soundly this morning.

After getting up early in the morning, seeing Huahua making faces at her, it didnt affect the little girls good mood.

After breakfast, she was called away by grandma Wu alone.

Xu Youyou couldnt help but feel a little uneasy at this time.

Could it be because of what happened yesterday Is grandma going to criticize herself

After all, she was educated to be “well-behaved and sensible” from birth.

Even with the encouragement of “mother”, the long-standing habits cannot be easily erased.

But in the morning, mother said she was going to prepare something, now that she is not by her side, Xu Youyou is even more afraid and worried.

Actually, 5874 didnt leave at all.

How can It leave for this important plot point Because of its importance, the power of the rules during this period will be much stronger.

It cant do unnecessary things, or It will be “expelled” in minutes!

So, everything depends on Xu Youyou herself.

Theres nothing the rules can do if she strongly doesnt want to be adopted.

5874 had to praise Itself at this time.

Fortunately, It gave Itself a “mother” status, which made Xu Youyou believe in Itself.

After a night of friendly exchanges, the little girls favorability for It has now reached 90 and it is estimated that It will have to go through several trials and suffering if It wants to go up.

But, 5874 is already very satisfied.

In less than a day, let the female protagonists favor towards It reach 90.

Who else has such a speed!

If it werent for some “crooked ways”, according to 5874′ s flamboyant character, It would have posted high-profile posts in their system forums.

“Youyou, are you nervous”

Grandma Wu looked at Xu Youyous “serious” look with a tense little face, reached out and stroked her soft hair with amusement, then picked up the little girl and put her on her lap: “Grandma has good news to tell Youyou today.”

Isnt it about yesterday

Xu Youyou breathed a sigh of relief quietly, then immediately became excited again.

Her big eyes sparkled like stars, and she could clearly see the joy inside.

“Whats the good news, Grandma~”

Xu Youyou raised her head slightly, could it be that her mother is coming to pick her up

Grandma Wu didnt play the suspense either, but spoke directly: “There is a couple who want to adopt Youyou ~”

This is indeed good news for the children in the orphanage.

Moreover, Grandma Wu has read the information of the couple.

They have opened a large-scale company in Jiangcheng.

They have a house and a car.

The family conditions are good, but they have been married for many years and have no children, so they want to adopt one.

Even though grandma Wu has read the information, the specific person still has to meet in person.

Grandma Wu is a responsible character, it is impossible to hand over the precious child to a stranger just because of mere family conditions.

Jiangcheng is also a two-hour drive from here.

If something happens, its hard for you to know.

But seeing that Youyou is getting older and gradually beginning to remember things, she cant help but be a little anxious.

–Someone wants to adopt me

And its not mom!

Xu Youyous brain is not stupid, and even because of the growing environment in the orphanage, she is smarter than the average three-year-old child.

If it was a day ago, the little one would have been expecting or happy to hear the news, but now …

Xu Youyou really wants to tell Grandma Wu that her mother is coming to pick her up soon, and she has a mother~

However, my mother said that I cant tell anyone about this for the time being, otherwise the gods in the sky will take my mother away and will never return!


Seeing that the little girl didnt show a happy smile but frowned, Grandma Wu asked strangely, “Whats wrong”

“If you are adopted, Youyou will be able to eat a lot of big drumsticks and sleep on a soft bed.”

These words have been said by Grandma Wu and other aunts in the orphanage, and there are even more beautiful imaginations.

In order to make the children behave.

Only good children can be adopted.

Regardless of whether this statement is right or not, there is nothing we can do when there are so many children in the orphanage with poor conditions.

“Grandma.” Xu Youyou tugged on Grandma Wus sleeve: “Can we change to another child”


Grandma Wu was stunned: “Youyou doesnt want to have a mommy and daddy”


However, she has a better mother, Youyous fairy mother!

Then the two talked again, but Xu Youyou still looked like she didnt want to be adopted.

The little girl even cried when she asked more questions.

Seeing that the appointed time is approaching, the couple is probably coming soon.

Grandma Wu can only appease Xu Youyou first and let her meet and talk.

It is not something that will be decided immediately.

“Dean Wu!”

Five minutes later, the adopter was welcomed into Grandma Wus office.


Zhou, Mrs.


Grandma Wu stepped forward with a smile: “Its been hard work all the way, lets sit down and drink some water first.”

During the talk, she also secretly looked at the couple.

Although it is said that a person cannot be judged by his appearances, their appearance often reflects a persons character.

The couple obviously didnt have any problems with their appearance.

As soon as they entered the door, they had big smiling faces with a little bit of a businessmans philistine, but they were normal.


Zhou also enthusiastically took out a doll directly from her bag, which seemed to be for Xu Youyou.

“This is Youyou, right How cute!”

Naturally, the two sides have already exchanged information, so the two couples also recognized at a glance that the child beside dean Wu is their adoption target this time.

Looking at it, she is really a little beauty embryo, the key is to have healthy limbs and no brain problems.

The only pity is that … its a girl.

But the girl is also good, the girl is easy to control.


Zhou and Mrs.

Zhou looked at each other.

With their abilities, it was not impossible to “adopt” a healthy boy, but who wants to give their hard-earned family business to an unrelated man

It happened that there was something wrong with Zhou Weimins health and the chance of making the woman pregnant was very low.

If it werent for this, it is estimated that even if the two dont get divorced now, there will be a lot of illegitimate children.

Later, the unwilling Zhou Weimin spent a lot of money to find a master, who gave him a trick.


Adopting a child whose birth date is prosperous to Zhou Weimins children, also who is born with right eight characters has a chance of allowing him to have his own children.

Obviously, Xu Youyou is this carefully selected child.

“Hello, uncle and aunt.”

Even if she didnt want to be adopted, Xu Youyou still had the courtesy.

Such a move was naturally praised by the two couples exaggeratedly.

They said one sentence to another, and they praised the heavenly and earthly Xu Youyou, as a peerless good girl, cant wait to take her away.

Such a warm attitude also made Grandma Wu give them a good score in her heart, but Youyou she …

After all, adoption is a matter of mutual consent.

If Xu Youyou is really unwilling here, isnt that a feud

“Oh, I like you as soon as I saw Youyou.

Maybe we were really mother and daughter in our previous life ~ ”


Zhou and Zhou Weimin had the same idea, adopt Xu Youyou as soon as possible and see the effect.

If it doesnt work, adopt another one.

As for abandoning Xu Youyou, its unnecessary.

They dont lack this meal money.

Its also good for beautiful little girls to marry or please some bosses in the future.

She was not afraid of her disobedience since she was only a child.

Therefore, Mrs.

Zhou is responsible for chatting with Xu Youyou, and Zhou Weimin is responsible for telling Dean Wu about adoption and taking the person away as soon as possible.

The orphanage was in tatters and there were many bugs, so Mrs.

Zhou didnt want to make more trips.

Even in a small 18th-tier city like Yuxian, she disliked it in various ways, the best hotels couldnt compare to an ordinary hotel in Jiangcheng.

Since she succeeded in holding Zhou Weimins thigh and ascended the throne, how could she have lived in such a bad place.

“This, tomorrow Isnt it too soon”

Grandma Wu is also somewhat embarrassed.

She quietly looked at Xu Youyous eyes and found that the little girls face was still somewhat reluctant.


Xu Youyou looked up at Mrs.

Zhou and said: “I dont want to be adopted; can you find another child”

She promised her mother that she would wait for her.

She cant lie!

Compared with Dean Wus forward thinking, Xu Youyou obviously didnt think much about it, and she didnt understand what it meant to refuse such an opportunity.

Moreover, Xu Youyou is actually a little afraid of Zhou Weimin and his wife.

This feeling is hard to describe.

She just thinks their eyes are too strange, as if she, she is a big fragrant chicken leg


The smiles on Zhou Weimins couples faces froze at the same time.

This! This! This!

What did this brat say


Does she understand that this is a great gift

If a kid in an orphanage like this is not adopted, you can see the end of your life almost at a glance.

Whats more, their conditions are so good, its really … shameless!

But thinking about the words of the master, Xu Youyous eight characters are the most compatible with them, and then think about the future “son”, Zhou Weimin squeezed out a smile: “Can Youyou tell uncle why Uncles house has a lot of toys and a big room, we also like Youyou very much.”

Xu Youyou didnt want to lie to people and couldnt tell them the reason, so she could only bow her head and dont speak like before, but her whole body showed a stubbornness, there is quite an air of non-violence and uncooperative meaning..

Zhou Weimin: “…”

With his short temper, this is the first time he has been humiliated by such a brat!

If it werent for the presence of outsiders, Zhou Weimin has already started.

–When he brings this brat home, he must personally teach her what rules are!

Zhou Weimin had obviously regarded the adoption of Xu Youyou as a 100% success.

“Aiyaah.” Grandma Wu on the side hastily picked up Xu Youyou: “Mr.

and Mrs.

Zhou, Youyou grew up in an orphanage and suddenly she was a little scared.

You two dont mind.

As she spoke, Grandma Wus face was slightly flattering, but she was somewhat surprised.

If she didnt notice it just now, a trace of violence flashed across Zhou Weimins face

People are becoming old and mature.

Grandma Wu has lived for more than 60 years.

She doesnt go through too much.

Zhou Weimin and his wife came over with contempt, in their eyes, people with conditions like theirs to come to the orphanage, the orphanage people must be grateful and send people quickly.

So even if they are willing to pretend, its the kind that actually dont really care about.

Now, grandma Wu found something strange, it was even more impossible to give Xu Youyou to the couple easily.

She managed to send them away without offending them as much as possible.

“Grandma, Youyou wont be adopted by them, right”

Seeing people leave, Xu Youyous tone immediately became excited.

She was young and didnt understand the conversation between grandma Wu and the Zhou couple.

She just thought she was safe when people left.


Grandma Wu stroked Xu Youyous head, her tone was as kind as always, but her eyes were worried.

How could it be that simple The couple said they would come back the day after tomorrow with complete procedures.

If she refused without a valid or proper reason, Im afraid…

Grandma Wu has vaguely recognized their threat, said that they have a good relationship with someone in the government who is responsible for allocating funds to welfare homes and orphanages.

I thought it would be a good thing, but I didnt expect it!


Xu Youyou did not understand Grandma Wus concern, she just felt the atmosphere was not right, she grabbed the skirts in front of her carefully and didnt dare to say anything.

She couldnt help calling her mother in her heart, as if this could give her courage.

As for 5874, after seeing the Zhou couple leave angrily, It cheered and knew that It had to hurry up.

The couple did not give up so easily.

Just this one failure is enough, and the power of the rules has returned to normal levels, so she now appears at the police station.

The body can be changed, but a legal identity certificate still needs to be done by 5874 Itself.

After all, Xu Wenyin had passed away, so 5874 had to make up a reasonable story of coming back from the dead.

On this day, this small local police station received a report of a bizarre case.

“Comrade police! I, Im really miserable…”

This opening instantly attracted the attention of all the people in the hall, including the grandfather and grandmother on the other side, who reported the case for the ownership of a bundle of vegetables, and two youths who fought.

Following the description of the woman who reported the case, the originally scattered people gathered more and more together, with ears pricked up even more than elves, and each with a serious expression as if they were the parties.

Grandma: “Die! Such people must go to hell!”

Youth No.

1: “Damn, sister, dont cry.

Ill ask a few brothers to help you get revenge right away.”

The policewoman who was listening in: “In broad daylight, there is no king.

We will definitely help you, dont be afraid.”

Xu Wenyin wiped her nonexistent tears: “Oh, thank you, you are really great people!”

I dont know when I was pushed aside.

The policeman who was really in charge of accepting this report: “…”

Well, give me a chance to speak.


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