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Xu Wenyin and Xu Youyous first meeting ended under the reddened eyes of Grandma Wu.

Most of the children in this orphanage were abandoned by their biological parents.

Xu Youyou is lucky to have a biological mother who loves her.

Maybe the mother and daughter will have a harder life in the future, but in todays society, as long as they have hands and feet, they will never starve to death.

Compared with the life in the orphanage, Grandma Wu believed that Yoyo would definitely prefer to be with her mother, she would have done the same thing if she in her place.

Besides, according to Xu Wenyin herself, she graduated from a good university, and she studied computer which has been very popular in the past two years.

It wont be too difficult to find a job to support her family after it is proved.

But about Xu Youyous father, Grandma Wu has also asked a lot of questions.

After learning that she was deceived by a scumbag, she no longer exposes other peoples scars.

No matter what age, this kind of thing is common.

Its just that no matter how touching it is, Xu Wenyin cant take Xu Youyou away today.

At the thought of the Zhou couple coming tomorrow, Grandma Wu couldnt help but frown.

It stands to reason that Xu Youyous biological mother has appeared, and Xu Youyous ownership is already very clear, but the couple is narrow-minded at first glance.

In case they become angry from embarrassment, they will set up ambushes for their mother and daughter who have no foundation or to the orphanage …

These are all things that Grandma Wu cant bear.

“Grandma, whats the matter”

Xu Youyous childish voice interrupted Grandma Wus contemplation, and she habitually showed a kind smile: “Nothing.”

Its better not to say such things to worry the two mother and daughter who have finally reunited.

 When the Zhou couple come over tomorrow, she will try to send them away without offending them.

Grandma Wus worry couldnt escape Xu Wenyins eyes.

She knows better than Grandma Wu that the Zhou couple are narrow-minded and bear grudges.

Tomorrow, if she comes to take Xu Youyou away by herself, there is a high chance that she will meet the two of them, but as a weak woman who “has no strength to tie a chicken with her hands”, she cant beat someone directly.

Considering the future operation of the orphanage, Xu Wenyin thought of a good idea as soon as her eyes turned.

In the original novel, the Zhou couples adoption of Xu Youyou is not a silent act.

On the day he decided to take people away, Zhou Weimin called the media and reported his “public welfare” behavior, trying to portray himself into a conscientious entrepreneur.

The Zhou couple never wanted to treat Xu Youyou as their own daughter, and they didnt want others to think it was their child, so anyone who knew the Zhou couple knew that Xu Youyou was their adopted child.

The two also hypocritically expressed that to deprive the surname of the woman who gave Xu Youyous life, they would treat her well to her even if her surname was not Zhou.

Xu Youyou was an orphan, and nobody wants her.

It was the Zhou familys kindness that allowed her to live the life of Miss Qianjin.1(Unmarried daughter of rich family)

Such a Xu Youyou must repay the Zhou family!

From childhood to adulthood, Xu Youyou has lived in such an environment of statement, a proper pua!2PUA is abbreviation for “Pick-up Artist.” In this context, it a euphemism for mind control, brainwashing and suppression that occurs between superiors and subordinates.

As for now, it was used by Xu Wenyin unceremoniously.

The police comrades have helped her so much.

Of course, this kind of good deed must be vigorously publicized and commended!

On the appointed day, Zhou Weimin and his wife packed up and went to Chunxiao orphanage.

Its just that as soon as they got out of the car this time, they found something different.

Not to mention there are a lot of cars at the entrance, the orphanage is obviously cleaned up, and it looks a lot clean and tidy.

There are two more plants on either side of the big iron gate, which are about the height of one person.

They are very lush and green, which makes some the old orphanage looked a little more alive.

“Did that old woman knew we were going to invite the media”


Zhou whispered to Zhou Weimin that they had long planned to invite some media to write a few reports on the day they officially adopted Xu Youyou, and then spend some money to make it a headline in the city and brush the companys reputation.

She even thought that if the people from Chunxiao orphanage are knowledgeable, it would be no problem to donate tens of thousands more.

Zhou Weimin is not as “simple” as Mrs.


He has a bad feeling in his heart, and his face cant help showing some seriousness: “Dont talk nonsense later, hold it!”

With such an order, Zhou Weimin took out a cigarette, it was very natural to start a conversation with the uncle at the security booth at the entrance.

The uncle didnt hide it from him, he told the story with a smile.

Then the Zhou couple listened to a story of “a single mother looking for a daughter for thousands of miles, and the mother and daughter are reunited with the help of the enthusiastic police”, because the background also involves the earthquake three years ago, there are too many things to talk about…

Moreover, Xu Wenyin was very polite and ordered a custom-made pennant to send it overnight, and because she did not want Xu Youyous life to be disturbed in the future, it was logical for both mother and daughter to wear masks.

If you are not very familiar, who knows who is in the photo

According to the clues provided by Xu Wenyin, the city government took down two human traffickers dens across the province overnight.

The leaders immediately decided to use this incident as a flashpoint.

Lets publicize it and call on everyone to pay attention to these abandoned children, and then publicize the bad effects of human trafficking, which is a win-win situation.

So now many media and police are conducting interviews and condolences in the canteen of the orphanage.

“I heard that the government is going to rebuild a house for us.

Hahaha, this is a great thing!”

The security guard was very happy to exhale a mouthful of smoke, and then added, “Unfortunately, Dean Wu may not have time to receive you today.”

“Ah Hahahaha, its alright.” Zhou Weimin smiled, hes not a fool, so what are they doing here Stealing peoples merit

Since ancient times, the people have not fought with the officials, even if it is a small 18th-tier city.

Its just another trip for nothing today, its really inappropriate for Dean Wu to handle affairs.

If there is such a thing, why dont call them in advance, is their time worthless

Zhou Weimin sank his face and was about to leave, but he suddenly thought of something, so he asked, “Who is the lucky girl who found her mother”

The security guard didnt know which child the Zhous wanted to adopt, but he had also been here for years and was familiar with most of the children at the orphanage, and after exhaling another puff of white smoke, he laughed.

“Its called Youyou, a lovely little girl.

Before, many people tried to adopt her but failed.

At that time, we also said that this child had no parents in her life.

Now, it seems that people are waiting for her biological mother.

Wouldnt you say theres a lot of doorways to this”

Will there be two girls named Youyou in the orphanage

After the Zhou couple looked at each other, their faces turned gloomy at the same time.

But they also knew that they couldnt have lose ones temper at this time, so they didnt even say hello, they sat in the car, and after closing the window, Zhou Weimin slammed the steering wheel and uttered a few swear words.

“There is nothing to be angry about, this girls fate is not compatible with ours, even if we raise it, she probably wont be able bring up a son.” Mrs.

Zhous ability to accept this matter is obviously much better than Zhou Weimin: “This does not work we can change another, you do not get angry with yourself!”

To be honest, Mrs.

Zhou didnt like Xu Youyou very much at first glance, she looked like that kind of coquettish child, it doesnt matter if she is still young, who knows how much trouble she will cause when she grows up.

God might be helping her.

“Hmph, thats true, what a good life can you have with a mother like that.” Zhou Weimin could only swear verbally at this time.

The most important thing now is to race against time to find the next child.

After all, the master said that this year is the most prosperous time for his descendant, and if he misses this year, his hope will be even more dim.

As for revenge against Chunxiao orphanage…

Now that people have a name on the governments side, he wont use his contacts for this matter.

Well, youre lucky!

Xu Wenyin, who is taking a photo with everyone here, noticed the task progress prompt and looked at it distracted.

Completion progress is 10%.

She took down the first obstacle without even seeing their face, as expected of her!

Xu Wenyins smile couldnt help but become brighter, when she raised Xu Youyou for a while, then the scumbag, Bailians3white lotus best friend, and green tea Baiyueguang4white moonlight or first love would be all right.

Maybe I can break the record of the fastest completion A-level task!

On the second day after the interview and photo shoot, at the gate of the orphanage.


“Youyou do not cry, do not cry, you wont be pretty if you cry.

Today is a good day, Youyou have to smile!”

Grandma Wu said so, but her eyes turned red.

Xu Youyou was in her hands almost as soon as she was born, and it was Grandma Wu who fed the little one little by little, now really want to separate is also a hundred thousand reluctant.

But after all, she is an adult, Grandma Wu can still control her emotions.

Compared with Xu Youyou, who is crying with no image at all, Grandma Wu also plays a comforting role.

“Youyou dont cry, we will come back to see grandma again when we have time.”

Xu Wenyin is also coaxing the little one, but her reason is more realistic.

It took nearly two hours to go through the formalities, and it takes fifteen minutes to get to their hotel.

So, she didnt have much time to spend on the two saying goodbye.



Seeing that she didnt know when to meet next time, Grandma Wu quietly took out a bag wrapped in a handkerchief and quickly stuffed it into Xu Wenyins pocket, and said in a low voice, “Its not easy for you to take a child outside.

This is a little token of my appreciation.”

A total of 2,000 yuan would take at least a several months for Grandma Wu, who basically works for the orphanage to save up for her retirement salary.

Of course, Xu Wenyin doesnt want it.

She was faster than Grandma Wu, and she was still holding a child in her hand, but the package returned to Grandma Wus pocket in the blink of an eye.

Seeing that Grandma Wu still wanted to stuff it, Xu Wenyin took a quick step back: “Dean Wu rest assured, I still have money in my hand, and the state has given me five thousand yuan, so dont worry.”

“What is five thousand yuan enough You are going to Jiangcheng, how expensive is the rent there Its okay for adults, but you cant make the kids suffer!

Xu Wenyin saw people coming over again, and hurriedly took a few steps to hold the child and got into the car: “You can rest assured, I have found a job in Jiangcheng, food and accommodation included!”

Actually, none at all.

But this is to reassure the elderly.

“Ill call you when we settle down!”

The car left quickly, Grandma Wu still cannot resist wiping a tear.

She only hopes that Youyou, a sensible child, can grow up smoothly, healthily, and happy in the future.


After getting off the car quickly, checking in and closing the door, Xu Wenyin finally breathed a sigh of relief.

Luckily, luckily, just a minute away from performing their own disappear-in-place method, luckily, they finally caught up.

Originally, if there was enough time, the two of them could go to Jiangcheng today, but who let the physical constraints, can only be moved to tomorrow.

“Sorry, moms time is up.”

Xu Wenyin told Xu Youyou long ago that she could only exist for more than two hours, and the reason was lack of strength.

Xu Youyou, at this age, has seen a lot of transformation cartoons and understood the meaning of this sentence at once.

Hearing Xu Wenyins words, she quickly patted her shoulder and signaled that she was going down.

“Hmm, its fine, Youyou can do it alone!”

As long as I can be with my mother, this little difficulty is nothing at all!

In her limited memory, this was the first time Xu Youyou left the orphanage.

Seeing this clean and beautiful room, the little girl immediately became excited.

In the last few seconds, Xu Wenyin locked the door and held the chair against it.

Her body disappeared instantly, and she communicated with Xu Youyou in her mind like before.

It thought it would go smoothly until the next morning, but a system found Itself naive.

“Mom ~ Youyou wants to pee ~”

A three-year-old child can go to the toilet by herself, but the hotel uses a smart toilet.

Xu Wenyin: “…”

“Yes, yes, sit on the pad, no! Cant step there!”

After finally going to the toilet without any danger, Xu Youyou was thirsty again.

The hotel did put mineral water there, but the little girls strength could not twist it.

As for tap water …

Lets not say whether it will upset our stomachs, but Xu Youyous height cant reach it!

However, the problem of thirst has not been solved, and Xu Youyou said that she was hungry again.

Xu Wenyin: “…”

Chapter 1, Section 3 of the Human Cub Raising Handbook: Human cubs are very fragile creatures, which need to be fed regularly, including but not limited to vegetables, high-protein meat, etc.

Damn! She completely forgot that human cubs have to eat!

Thinking of yesterday, he also boasted that he would take Xu Youyou to eat and drink spicy food, Xu Wenyin only felt that her face was slapped right now.

What can I do! She cant make food either!

The body will not be able to reappear until after twelve oclock in the night when the energy is refreshed at the earliest.

There are still more than six hours from now, and the little girl will definitely be starved.

If you go out for help, let such a child go out.

Xu Wenyin is really not at ease.

Even if she ordered takeout, her “line of sight” saw the heavy objects that had just been blocked at the door to ensure safety…

is obviously unrealistic for such a small person to move it away.

The code that was supposed to be running smoothly in the system started to get restless!

Xu Youyou seemed to feel Xu Wenyins embarrassment, so she tried her best to climb into the big bed and get into the quilt: “Mom it is fine, Youyou will be fine when she sleeps, she will not be hungry or thirsty when she sleeps.”

She looks very experienced.

After saying that, she was sensible enough to close her eyes, as if she could fall asleep in the next second, but her stomach was not so sensible.

Gu – Gu Lulu –

Its especially obvious in a quiet room, which makes Xu Youyou, who is trying to cover her ears, unable to hold it anymore.

Xu Wenyin: “…”

That non-existent conscience began to ache!

After a minute.

“Youyou, that, have you ever heard the story of watching plums to quench your thirst” 5“Watching plum to quench thirst” is as follows.(1) To comfort yourself or others by imagination.(2) Aspirations cannot be realized.

Someone appeared in Xu Youyous mind with a guilty voice.

1(Unmarried daughter of rich family)2PUA is abbreviation for “Pick-up Artist.” In this context, it a euphemism for mind control, brainwashing and suppression that occurs between superiors and subordinates.

3white lotus4white moonlight or first love5“Watching plum to quench thirst” is as follows.(1) To comfort yourself or others by imagination.(2) Aspirations cannot be realized.-

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