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In the end, it was the reliable grandma Wu who rescued Xu Youyou.

She actually stuffed two bottles of milk and some biscuits in the small suitcase that contained some of Xu Youyous personal belongings, probably thinking of eating them just in case, but who knew that this really saved a child.

Otherwise, no matter how healthy your body is, even an adult who is hungry and thirsty for six hours may not be able to bear it.

Xu Youyou, who was full of food and drink, soon became sleepy.

At this time, Xu Wenyin didnt pay attention to washing and changing clothes.

Shortly after letting the little girl cover the quilt and playing a lullaby for her, the sound of even breathing sounded.

Xu Youyou cried for a long time today, so she was already tired.

She was only temporarily able to ignore her fatigue due to the excitement of leaving the orphanage with her mother; nevertheless, she can no longer stand to go to sleep.

It seemed that she had dreamed of some wonderful pictures.

The corners of her naturally smiling mouth were slightly raised, and her long and curled eyelashes were like two small fans printed on her tender skin.

The color difference between black and white was even more delicate.

Xu Youyou is now a cute and heart-shattering cute child, when she grows up, she will also a beauty who is so stunning that she is the first to notice her in the crowd.

Its just that this beauty also needs time to bloom.

The systems mission is to let Xu Youyou get rid of the fate of the abused heroine and live a happy life.

This is not something that can be accomplished in a short period of time, and the system has long been prepared to spend ten or several decades in this world.

After all, it is an A-level mission, so this time-consuming is normal.

Anyway, time doesnt mean anything to the system.

Seeing that the little girl was already asleep, she didnt need to sleep, she once again began to think about their future lives.

First of all, something like todays almost starving children must never happen again!

At that time, you must prepare more food and water at home, and you have to teach Xu Youyou to make a phone call, otherwise when the energy runs out one day, if something really happens…

Although I have some abilities, but in this world without surreal elements is unable to perform, once used, the rules must be the first to detect it.

Automatically write these two things down on the systems own notepad, the system starts to think about tomorrows arrangement again.

Xu Wenyin has already booked a car to go to Jiangcheng tomorrow.

It takes almost two hours to go back and forth on the road.

There must be no accident in the middle.

After arriving in Jiangcheng, she would stay in a hotel first, and then look for a house.

Xu Youyou should go to kindergarten at this age, it might be too late to sign up now.

In short, there are still a lot of things to do.

And none of these things can be done without one thing – money.

Xu Wenyin cant steal money directly with the power of the system, and she cant do the work that ordinary people can do with her physical condition.

As for other violations of the law and discipline, they must not be involved.

At present, there is only one way to make money quickly.

To do programming online and sell it to others, she doesnt need a body or even a real computer, she herself is the most advanced “computer”.

However, there are also restrictions.

You cant go beyond the level of science and technology in this era.

You are here to do mission, not to change the world.

The original Xu Wenyin was a top computer student who graduated from a well-known university.

During school, she also sold a few programs for living expenses.

In case someone really checked her source of funds in the future, she will not be afraid of being exposed.

Thinking about it this way, a simple small program can usually be sold for several thousand to tens of thousands.

She sells one or two a month, which is not much.

After all, it is a person who wants to raise a child.

It is said that maternal love is a great thing.

It is normal to be inspired to raise children, right

This amount is just enough to support children without attracting the attention of other departments.

It is simply created for Xu Wenyin.

As for now, she has about 5,000 yuan, which was donated by the government to Xu Wenyin.

With the rent price in Jiangcheng, if she doesnt want to take Xu Youyou to live in a farmhouse with poor environment, this amount of money is definitely not enough.

Fortunately, this trouble was solved after two hours.

Someone bought her small program on a website dedicated to trading this virtual product, deducted some handling fees, etc., made a net profit of almost 30,000 yuan.

Its enough for their mother and daughter to live well for a period of time, especially some clothes and daily necessities of Xu Youyou, all can be ordered online.

The little girl is so cute, of course she has to dress up beautifully!

Children from three to eight years old in the orphanage all slept in bunk beds, and there were about a dozen children.

Every morning at 7:00 a.m., they are woken up in unison to wash up, eat breakfast, and then help with whatever they can.

The orphanage has limited conditions.

Most of the time, the older ones take care of the younger ones.

Otherwise, there is not enough staff.

Under such a long-term accumulation, Xu Youyou has also developed a good work and rest habit.

Even if she was very tired yesterday, when it was almost seven oclock today, the little girl still opened her eyes on time.


The first thing she did when she opened her eyes was to find Xu Wenyin.

“Im here, Im here ~”

Todays main time is for the road trip, so she is still talking in Xu Youyous mind.

After letting Xu Youyou finish the rest of the bottle of milk and cookies, Xu Wenyin figured it was about time to finally showed up again.


A leg pendant appears.

“Mom, you are so tall~”

With her messy hair, couldnt hide Xu Youyous bright smile: “Will I be as tall as my mother in the future”     ”

“Youll definitely be taller than me in the future.”

While answering Xu Youyous question, Xu Wenyin packed up the suitcase that was opened yesterday, and conveniently tied Xu Youyou with a soaring braid.

The little ones hair is fine and soft, and such a hairstyle makes her look like a fried dandelion growing on her head, making her hands itch to ruffle it back and forth a few times.

Including Xu Youyou herself.

Her previous hairstyle is basically tied with two little pigtails on the left and right.

This is the first time that one has been put on her head.

The key is that my mother personally tied it for her!

The little girl stopped making trouble with Xu Wenyin, ran to the floor mirror in the room to admire her new hairstyle, ran and jumped just to see this soaring braid swaying back and forth.

Its obviously a very childish and boring game, but Xu Youyou is having fun playing it alone.

“Lets go~

Xu Wenyin suddenly sneak attacked, picked up Xu Youyou from behind with one hand, dragged the suitcase with the other hand, and went downstairs with ease to prepare to leave the hotel.

Just as they were getting ready to check in at the front desk, a familiar couple walked in on the other side.

It is the Zhou couple who are also preparing to leave here.

For the sake of cleanliness and safety, Xu Wenyin naturally chose the best hotel in this small county, and it was not surprising that the Zhou couple stayed here too.

But the fact that the two parties can meet so coincidentally makes one wonder if it is fates fault.

When Xu Wenyin saw them, the Zhou couple naturally saw the mother and daughter as well.

Both of them have seen Xu Youyou.

What else do you not understand about Xu Wenyins appearance

“This hotel is also really, what people are allowed to stay.” An instant expression of disgust appeared on Mrs.

Zhous face.

From the narration of the security guards yesterday, they knew that Xu Youyous biological mother was an orphan girl with no power, there was nothing to be afraid of.

The thought of wasting several days here is because of her, and Mrs.

Zhous face is naturally turned bad, moreover …


Zhou quietly glanced at Zhou Weimin on her right side, and she saw the astonishment on his face.


Zhou thought that Xu Youyou would look like a vixen when she grew up, but now seeing Xu Wenyin has confirmed her conjecture.

Exquisite face, with a natural bookish air, the appearance is more the kind of family-friendly atmosphere and gentle look., which can be said to be the perfect wifes appearance in the eyes of many men.

Since Zhou Weimins development, he has been philandering outside, including Mrs.

Zhou herself as his third wife.

As for the means of superiority, it is naturally not very bright and upright.

If it werent for her being obedient and knowledgeable, with Zhou Weimins worth, it would not be difficult to change a wife in minutes.

This also means that Mrs.

Zhou cant control Zhou Weimin.

Xu Wenyin ignored Mrs.

Zhous yin and yang anger, her precious time should not be wasted on irrelevant people.

“Please check out, Im in a hurry.”

Xu Youyou was also in a hurry.

She was still a little scared when she saw the Zhou couple, and worried they were coming to rob her, she quickly shrank behind Xu Wenyin and tried to pretend they didnt exist.

“Miss Xu”

As expected by Mrs.

Zhou, Zhou Weimin was no longer angry after seeing Xu Wenyin.

He even had a “magic” idea.

Maybe, Xu Youyou can still be his daughter

He doesnt mind that Xu Wenyin is an orphan girl, and whether she has a background or not.

Its not a shame to take this appearance out alone, and such a background is easier to control, so he is not afraid of her riding on his head.

Which of those real misses qianjin1unmarried daughter of rich family.

is not full of temper Zhou Weimin doesnt want to suffer.

The key is to know that Xu Wenyin is well-read.

If she gave birth to the descendants of the Zhou family, it would be better than the yellow-faced woman2describes a woman who has married for a long time.

The (face) color indicates that she has aged with the burden of housework.

next to him, right

Maybe this is what the master meant

The more he thinks about it, the more Zhou Weimin thinks hes right!

Otherwise, how could it be so coincidental, when they were about to adopt Xu Youyou, her own mother appeared, and now they met by such a coincidence

This is the so-called fate!

Zhou Weimin coughed lightly, corrected his tie and then gave Mrs.

Zhou a warning look before taking the initiative to step forward.

“Miss Xu, Im the chairman of Weimin Group.

My surname is Zhou.

You may not know that I came here this time to adopt Youyou.

Who knew it was such a coincidence.”

“I feel close to Youyou when I look at her, and this time I met her by chance, how about I treat you to dinner”

After saying this, Zhou Weimin also showed a kind smile to Xu Youyou: “Youyou, do you still remember uncle”

Xu Youyou, who heard the words, hid even more.

It was as if she had seen someone who scared her.

Zhou Weimin: “…”

“Youyou, lets go.” The check-out went smoothly, and Xu Wenyin did the utmost to ignore the two words.

Her reaction made Zhou Weimin a little unhappy, he wanted to grab Xu Wenyins arm, but he didnt know how Xu Wenyin avoided his hand, and his hand fell empty.

However, this action also made Xu Wenyin finally turn her head.

Her originally gentle face was completely frozen, when her eyes fell on Zhou Weimin, it looked like an ice knife, which made people have illusion.

—If it wasnt in public, she would definitely beat me up.

But in the next second, Xu Wenyins expression changed again.

With a voice of “panic” but trying to be calm sounded in this lobby: “Mr.

Zhou, Ill say it again, I wont be a mistress.

Your wife is still around.

Please respect yourself!”

With a forceful tone and a firm look, she looks like a strong-willed woman who doesnt bend over for five buckets of rice, Xu Wenyin gives full marks to her acting skills!

Last night, while Xu Youyou fell asleep, Xu Wenyin watched a lot of movies in order to learn more about this world.

This performance imitates a scene from one of the movies.

What was that movie called, oh, she remembered.

I really want to recommend this movie to Zhou couple to see.

Zhou Weimin: “…”

Although he has this idea, he hasnt said or done anything yet!

“You vixen, what nonsense are you talking about!”


Zhou reacted faster, or her instinct was stimulated.

She ran at Xu Wenyin wanted to pounce on her with her teeth and claws bared.

Xu Wenyin, of course, could not be touched by her, and she moved the position of the suitcase without moving, after careful calculation.

Pata —


Zhou directly performed a “five-body bowing” to Xu Wenyin and Xu Youyou on the spot!

“Hey—you shameless woman! I **ing…”

Seeing that a string of national curses was about to exit, Xu Wenyin sneered: “The police station is 500 meters away from here, there are a total of eight surveillance cameras in this hall, I can sue you for violating my reputation for your behavior and actions just now.

Its better to take care of your husband if you have this energy!”

Comparing the Zhou couples behavior towards Xu Youyou in the future, Xu Wenyin only felt that this little action now doesnt even count as revenge.

But it does feel much better.

At this moment, the Zhou couple were surrounded by the line of sight around them and the vague discussion.

Both of them are face-loving people, when have they been so aggrieved!

But now if you do anything else, it doesnt reasonable at all.

Xu Wenyin also doesnt care how bad Zhou Weimins face is, and directly started the on-site teaching: “Youyou, next time you encounter this kind of thing, you must call the police immediately, understand”

“Youyou understand!”

“Whats the police uncles phone number”

“Demon Demon Spirit!”3妖妖靈 (Yao Yaoling) is an internet buzzword, which is the Chinese homonym of the number 110.

Said he needed help from the police.

“Youyou is awesome!”


From nowhere, there was a secret laugh, which was especially clear in the quiet lobby.

1unmarried daughter of rich family.2describes a woman who has married for a long time.

The (face) color indicates that she has aged with the burden of housework.

3妖妖靈 (Yao Yaoling) is an internet buzzword, which is the Chinese homonym of the number 110.

Said he needed help from the police.-

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