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Xu Youyou, who saw Xu Wenyin, immediately abandoned the little boy and ran towards her.

After successfully holding his mother’s hand, the little girl was still a little reluctant, so she pulled her to the boy: “Mom, tell him quickly, my name is Youyou, not Xiaolu!”

Xu Wenyin: “…” This topic has not been over yet

Just like that, Xu Wenyin wondered if the little boy could understand her.

Not knowing what to think, she couldn’t help but look at the boy.

It’s cute.

His face is white and tender, which is unique to children.

Although his facial features are still immature, you can see that every part is very delicate.

As long as there is no genetic mutation when he grows up, he is absolutely a handsome guy.

The key is that this little boy is a little curly hair.

It seems to be not permed but natural.

“Hahaha.” Another female voice came, “Sorry, sorry.”

The person who came was a woman who looked about the same age as Xu Wenyin, but unlike Xu Wenyin’s intelligent and gentle nature, the one in front of her can be described as flamboyant and gorgeous.

It’s not that kind of vulgar beauty.

When you see her, you won’t think of some messy things, but you will only feel aggressive.

The beauty is very aggressive.

“I wonder which two words are the Youyou of the little beauty”

Probably everyone has a love for beauty, even the system is no exception.

Xu Wenyin answered this question naturally: “Youyou, my heart’s youyou.”1

This is the origin of Xu Youyou’s name, and it is also the name that the real Xu Wenyin gave to her daughter at the last moment.

It’s a pity that the person she was waiting for didn’t come in the end.

“Did you hear that” The unknown lady rubbed the boy’s curly hair: “It’s not Yo Yo from Luming Literature!”

—–It turned out to be a misunderstanding of these two words.

In order to be a literate parent, Xu Wenyin had already imported the 300 ancient poems, the Book of Songs, and poets from different dynasties into her database, and she immediately understood the meaning of the person in front of her.

But does such a young child know the poem “Yo Yo Lu Ming”2 This is genius!

Anyway, Xu Youyou definitely doesn’t know these two sentences, but she can understand that it was the boy who made a mistake, so if that’s the case…

The word “forgiveness” in her heart hasn’t come out yet, the little boy just put away the book and got up, his eyes straight Looking at Xu Youyou.


The boy’s tone was a bit stubborn.

—It looks exactly like a fawn!

That’s what his eyes said.

The two adults present: “…”

Is there something wrong with this kid

The strange feeling that Xu Wenyin noticed a moment ago appeared again.

Logically, children’s eyes are clear and agile, but this boy’s eyes are very…

Something like, you ordinary people, I’m too lazy to talk to you.

It’s a kind of “genius” look.

——Damn, what the hell is this little kid pulling!

Xu Wenyin is upset, no one has ever been able to drag her in front of her!

The boy’s … should be his mother

She seemed to have found Xu Wenyin’s guess, and she showed her a slightly apologetic smile.

She knew that as long as her son recognized one thing, it would be difficult to change it.

She was very happy to see that he was willing to talk to a little girl.

I didn’t expect …

The woman was about to pick her son up and take him away when Xu Youyou suddenly stepped forward.

She tilted her head and leaned in front of the boy’s face.

The first reaction of ordinary people should be to take a step back, but the boy still stood there motionless.

I don’t know whether I’m too lazy to move or I don’t care to move.

“Is it a nickname for Youyou”

Xu Youyou knows what a nickname is, and children in the orphanage often take a nickname for each other.

For example, Huahua’s name is of course not these two words, but she is very fond of flower-like things, and then she was called Huahua by a close friend at first, afterwards she became the name’s owner.

Grandma Wu said that nicknames like this, which are not meant to be ridicule, are taken by good friends, not bad things.

He gave me a nickname —> good friend —> we are friends!

Xu youyou’s mind instantly connected into a line.

— I have a friend!

The next second, the excited little girl blinked her eyes: “You call me Xiaolu, what should I call you What’s your name”

Unexpectedly, not afraid of her son

The woman’s eyes lit up instantly, and her original action immediately paused: “His name is Lu Chenjun, he has a nickname called Juanjuan.

Little beauty, you can also call his other names.”


Xu Youyou looked up and saw Lu Chenjun’s curly hair, like a baa sheep, so cute.

“Juanjuan, can I touch your hair”

Mom said, if you want to do something, do it boldly.

Success or failure is one thing.

If you don’t do it, you will never succeed.

Xu Youyou wants to touch the curly hair now, but she also knows that it needs the consent of Juanjuan, so she asked directly.


Before Lu Chenjun could answer, his mother decided for him first.

“It’s okay, Youyou, right Touch it, Juanjuan won’t mind.”

Rather than saying it doesn’t mind, it’s better to say it doesn’t matter.

Lu Chenjun is a very well-behaved child.

If you let him eat, he will eat, if he is allowed to sleep, he will sleep.

If he is given a book, he can sit and read without moving for an afternoon.

It can be said that it is very easy to support.

However, this kind of behavior is not right.

Qin Yiren’s smiling face couldn’t help but flash a trace of sadness.

If she had a choice, she didn’t want her child to be so well-behaved at all, it’s no problem to be naughty.

Their husband and wife also took Lu Chenjun to have a check-up.

There is no problem with his IQ and body, and he is not autistic.

They are not only fine, but also excellent.

Far beyond the excellence of ordinary people.

Lu Chenjun’s IQ test is 168.

The IQ of ordinary people is generally around 100.

For example, a dog’s IQ is around 40.

Lu Chenjun’s feelings of looking at ordinary people is probably the same as ordinary people’s feeling of looking at dogs.

There is no common topic at all.

It’s better to immerse yourself in your own world.

“Juanjuan~ Juanjuan~ Then I’ll touch it”

Xu Youyou, who got permission from the adults, happily stood on tiptoe, gently placing her small hand on Lu Chenjun’s soft and fluffy curly hair.

Wow, it feels as good as she imagined.

Xu Youyou’s eyes instantly lit up a few degrees, as if she had obtained a big doll, and wished to take it home immediately.

But she also understood that Juanjuan was a human being and could not be taken home by her.

After enjoying this wonderful touch a few more times, Xu Youyou bent down and the little tug on her head reached Lu Chenjun’s face: “Then, mine is also for you to touch.”

A good friend is a friend who wants to come and go.

She touches Juanjuan’s hair, and Juanjuan has to touch her back.

Xu Youyou doesn’t mind at all.

She also loves her little tug and often uses her hand to flick it back and forth, so her new friend will love it too, right

However, after her head was lowered for a while, she didn’t notice a hand touch.

Xu Youyou thought her new friend was embarrassed, so she consciously grabbed Lu Chenjun’s right hand and put it on her head: “Touch it, Youyou won’t be angry ~”

Xu Youyou was not angry, but Xu Wenyin on the side almost couldn’t control her expression.

Curly hair! Lu Chenjun!

She has matched the little boy in front of her with the talented teenager with high IQ in the book!

In the original story line, Lu Chenjun was a super genius who attended the junior class at the age of twelve and won the International Science Award at the age of fifteen.

It’s just that this teenager, who appears only in a few strokes in the book, exists only in the male protagonist’s sigh.

It’s the male protagonist’s cousin who had a bright future but died young!

That is the only role of portraying this cousin, the male protagonist has become the only orthodox heir of the Lu family’s generation, and the status is even more different in an instant.

If this Lu Chenjun doesn’t die ……

Xu Wenyin couldn’t help but start to think, isn’t the scumbag less powerful to take and force someone to be a stand-in

The book says that the enemy of the enemy is a friend!

Xu Wenyin looked at the little curly hair in front of her, and even her originally unhappy eyes began to look kindly at this moment.

Look carefully, this little curly hair still exudes the breath of a wise man~

Unfortunately, all Xu Wenyin knows ahead of time is what is written in the book.

If it wasn’t written, she couldn’t know what was going on behind the scenes.

Therefore, Xu Wenyin didn’t know how old Lu Chenjun died, nor the date.

The book only said that he was underage, and the cause of death was a car accident.

This information is insufficient.

The introduction of Lu Chenjun is not as long as the dog raised by a certain male protagonist.

She can’t let Lu Chenjun not go out after the age of fifteen.

However, do you really want to get involved with Lu Chenjun’s family

If Youyou and this kid became friends, but Lu Chenjun still didn’t escape the fate of death, Youyou, a kind child, would definitely be very sad.

It’s better to stay away from Lu Chenjun.

The big deal is that she works hard to start a business to make more money, so that scumbag will have to weigh it up if he wants to take it by force.

Xu Wenyin, who hadn’t figured out how to treat Lu Chenjun for a while, didn’t have time to stop Xu Youyou from grabbing Lu Chenjun’s hand and putting it on her head.

By the time she saw it, it was too late.

Xu Wenyin: “…”

It turns out that Xu Youyou, who had low self-esteem and was timid when she grew up, was so naturally familiar with other children when she was a child

Compared with Xu Wenyin’s entanglement, Lu Chenjun’s mother Qin Yiren was overjoyed.

That’s right, even if Lu Chenjun has no special reaction so far, this is also good news.

His good behavior is limited to his own mother, for outsiders Lu Chenjun is more ignorant.

And the reaction of ignoring is not even giving you a look.

Just a moment ago, he would argue with the little girl for a name.

Now when the little girl grabs his hand, he has not refused, which is a huge improvement!

Qin Yiren couldn’t help but start to think, could it be that his son is still a face control

No matter, since her son has a “new friend”, she, as a mother, cannot hold back!

Qin Yiren naturally struck up a conversation with Xu Wenyin, and then she happened to find out that the two are still neighbors!

The building where Xu Wenyin lives has two stairs and two households.

The building where Xu Wenyin lived had two elevators and two households, but there was a big difference between households.

It is suitable for single people to live like their mother and daughter, although it is small but complete.

Although Qin Yiren’s family lived on the same floor, they lived on a large flat floor of more than 200 square meters, which was five or six times that of Xu Wenyin’s.

“That’s really a coincidence!” Qin Yiren obviously likes this coincidence: “Our two families are so destined.

My husband is basically not at home at ordinary times, and I’m bored to death alone.

Youyou mom, if it’s inconvenient for you to take Youyou, just leave her at my house!”

In the conversation just now, Xu Wenyin has portrayed herself as a single mother with a child, and she still has no formal job.

Generally, people may think that if they take their children to live in such a nice neighborhood without a job, they will be taken care of, but Qin Yiren doesn’t think so.

She totally depends on her eyes when interacting with others, and Xu Wenyin’s temperament and speech are not like that kind of person.

So, she took it for granted that Xu Wenyin just hadn’t found a job for the time being.

Since Youyou is so young, it must be inconvenient for a single mother to take care of children in many ways.

Of course, she can help.

Qin Yiren doesn’t need to work.

She is a standard rich N generation.

The company’s annual dividends alone can guarantee a good life for her family, not to mention her husband’s identity.

In fact, their family just moved here not long ago.

The reason why they didn’t choose a high-end villa area was mainly for Lu Chenjun.

Qin Yiren hoped that he would have more contact with other children and be more lively and cheerful.

“Huh This is too much trouble for you.” If it wasn’t for the half-year’s rent and deposit paid in one go, Xu Wenyin would even be thinking about moving.

But seeing Xu Youyou’s happy smiling face, even though the book didn’t clearly say what to do in this situation, she still gave up the idea of moving.

Let’s look around first.

With this little kid’s indifference, maybe Youyou will get tired of it after a while.

Xu Youyou, who is completely unaware of Xu Wenyin’s concerns, is still glad that she has her first friend, especially since this friend has a comfortable little curly hair.

“Juanjuan! Please eat candy!”

After saying that, without waiting for Lu Chenjun’s reaction, Xu Youyou tore off the wrapper and directly stuffed the lollipop into Lu Chenjun’s mouth.

My new friend is slow to respond, and Xu Youyou has found a way to get along with him.

Sure enough, Lu Chenjun didn’t spit out the candy, but looked at Xu Youyou with his big dark eyes, and then said in a vague voice: “Stupid, egg.”

Xu Youyou: “Juanjuan~ Candy is delicious! I still have it~”

Lu Chenjun: “… Don’t.”

Xu Youyou: “What book are you reading, Juanjuan It looks amazing!”

The adults present: “…”

They have seen what it means for a chicken to talk with a duck.5

But looking at the smile on Qin Yiren’s face, it was obvious that this mother didn’t mind her son being persecuted, and she was very happy watching the play.

Then Xu Wenyin is more indifferent, the book said: a good human needs many younger brothers.6

Youyou must have listened to her words, and she is collecting her younger brothers.


Qing Qing Zi Ji Youyou Wo Xin.

The poem “青青子衿,悠悠我心。” is from “The Book of Songs – Zheng Feng”.

This poem is about a woman who waits for her beloved on a city tower for a long time and does not see him coming, so she is so anxious that she keeps walking back and forth, as if three months have passed since she saw him.

The poem is divided into three chapters, using flashbacks.

In the first two chapters, the poem is written in the tone of “I”.

“Qing Qing Zi Ji” and “Qing Qing Zi Pei” are substitutes for lovers’ clothes.

The other party’s clothing left such a deep impression on her that she could not forget it, so one can imagine his longing for his lover.

Cheng Tingzuo of the Qing Dynasty thought that the chapter “Zheng Feng Zi Fu” was a poem describing the love between lovers.

A day without seeing each other is like three months apart, which shows how passionate it has become.


“Xiaoya Luming” is a poem in “The Book of Songs “, the first collection of poetry in ancient China, and the first chapter of ” Xiaoya “. This is a banquet poem .

Yo (yōu) Yo: The sound of a deer. 


Little Deer


Curly curly


people not understanding each other, talking without communicating


but what Xu Wenyin means here are minions.


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