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Chapter 1: The Stepmother Has Come (1)

​​Jiang Jinjin never believed in fortune telling, but the elders in her family were keen to ask people around to read her birth data, the eight characters of her birthday and analyze her future path according to that, ranging from infancy to marriage, that was why when she was very young, she had known one thing in advance: She will have a good love life and will fall in the hand of a nice man.

From the age of 16 to 26, Jiang Jinjin had several passionate dating stories.

Each one was unforgettable and inscribed in her mind.

It could even be processed and polished into a romantic novel, until the last of her love.

Her boyfriend wanted to take her to the North Pole in order to give her an unforgettable proposal.

However, she had an accident on the journey and died before she was sent to the hospital.

Who knew whether she was too lucky or she just wasn’t supposed to die, she traversed to another body which had the same name and the same striking appearance of her.

Soon, she figured out the sequence of events, and deducted that she had traversed inside a novel.

Coincidently, she was on annual leave before she traversed, and what more stupid was that under her friend’s persuasion, she braced herself to read this romantic novel with the school as the background.

The story was not particularly attractive, the female lead was an introverted but a gentle transfer student, and the male lead was the most handsome boy in the school who was cruel when he spoke.

After all kinds of misunderstandings, they were finally together.

This composed a beautiful love story starting from when they were still wearing school uniforms to wedding attires.

An experienced person like her wasn’t really interested in this pure kind of teenage love story.

Fortunately, this story wasn’t very long, it was not more than hundred thousand words.

What she didn’t expect was that she actually traversed into this book.

Maybe God also thought that it was too unreasonable for her to become a high school student with her 26-year-old soul, so she didn’t become the female lead nor a high school girl, instead… She became the stepmother of the male lead.

In the novel, both of the protagonists’ families were described in detail.

The male lead’s father was a self-made businessman.

He started a business with others before he graduated from university.

In just a bit more than ten years, he made a great leap, and the group he founded was successfully listed eight years ago.

His name was on the rich list, and steadily moved up every year.

He was a role model of successful businessmen.

The male lead’s parents didn’t have a good relationship, and divorced peacefully when he was ten years old.

The male lead who lived in a single parent family got only material compensation without the warmth of family affection, so the relationship between him and his father was not very optimistic.

In the time when the male lead was 16 years old, his father remarried.

Readers were pleased because although his father was a scumbag, he knew what he was doing.

He did not let the male lead become pitiful like the story where after he had a stepmother, his father would also change.

Throughout the story, the number of appearances of this stepmother was almost negligible, and it could be rated excellent for the background setting.

Regarding this, Jiang Jinjin expressed that she had traversed into a lonesome life.

But if she had become another character, she would know the ending.

Only for this stepmother, the author was stingy to describe more about.

As a result, she knew nothing about herself.

But what she could be certain about was the male lead’s father didn’t seem to have any feelings towards his wife.

If Jiang Jinjin hadn’t lost her life on the way for the marriage proposal, she would definitely scream up to the sky: I haven’t dated enough yet, how can I accept the setting of stepping into the grave.

But now thinking back about the words of “Stay away from men and cherish life” from several fortune-tellers, she entered a mode of refusing love and all feelings.

Since she didn’t have worldly desires, then she didn’t oppose having a married person status, and just accepted it right away.

It had been a week since Jiang Jinjin’s traversed, and she had found out about a lot of things under her own lateral inspection.

The forest villa she lived had the top level security system, two butlers who provided professional services 24 hours a day, and several housemaids.

The villa had three masters, the male lead, his father, and herself.

The original owner of her body and the male lead’s father held their wedding last month.

Intriguingly, with the current financial resources of the male lead’s father, their wedding was too simple.

However, it could also be understood that the male lead was 16 years old and was in a rebellious period.

As a father, he always had to consider his son’s feelings.

On the second day after the wedding, the male lead’s father went on a business trip.

He really deserved to be called a workaholic, and hadn’t come back since that day.

With this, Jiang Jingjing was more relaxed.

In the past seven days, she didn’t even see her stepson.

The high schooler went out early in the morning and came back at dusk.

While she was still trying to accept the current situation, she only slept until late in the morning.

In terms of time, she simply couldn’t keep up with the male lead’s schedule.

Without a tiger, the monkey would proclaim himself the king.

The male lead and his father were not at home, so Jiang Jinjin was enjoying herself that she almost regarded this place as her own home.

Until a phone call brought her back to reality.

Reminding her of the hard life as a stepmother.

“Madam, there’s something you need to deal with.” The person on the phone was the assistant of the male lead’s father, and he talked with a stereotypical tone.

“The school called in the morning, and the school hopes the student’s parents can go there for a bit.

As you know, Mr.

Zhou is still on a business trip and can’t come back today.”

Jiang Jinjin almost forgot that the male lead was a bully in school…

She blurted out, “Isn’t it appropriate for me to go”


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