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Zhou Mingfeng walked to the bedroom door, knocked on the door and waited for a few minutes, then opened the door and went in.

As soon as he entered, he saw Jiang Jinjin lying on the bed.

He walked over to find that she was lying in the shape of the Chinese 'Big' letters, with a look of lost love and even numb looking at the ceiling.

Honestly speaking, Zhou Mingfeng is bold, if Zhou Yan saw this scene, he would be scared to think that she is no longer alive.

Zhou Mingfeng walked over, dragged a stool and sat down by the bed.

He looked at her, and he didn't know how long it took before Jiang Jinjin's eyes moved a few times, and their eyes met.

Zhou Mingfeng knew why she was doing this, but deliberately asked, "What's the matter Do you want Dr.

Wang to come over"

Jiang Jinjin shook her head weakly.

She didn't need a doctor.

Let alone seeing a doctor, she would rather give up the air she breathed for money.

"No, I'm just a little sleepy." At this moment, Jiang Jinjin really seemed to be ill.

When she transmigrated, her spirit was already tense.

In order to open a store these days, she had to run around every day.

Suddenly today, it seemed that there was no much sense in making money.

At least, she felt that before she was forty years old, she could not make eight figures.

Whatever you make, you still have to buy a watch for Zhou Mingfeng.

For a while, her mood can be summed up in an emoticon pack-forget it.


Although she knew that within two days, she would be resurrected with blood like Xiaoqiang who could not be beaten to death, but in these two days, she allowed herself to be decadent and tired of the world.

The difference between Zhou Mingfeng and Jiang Jinjin is that she knows nothing about his weaknesses, but he is basically clear about her weaknesses.

"I heard that you didn't eat dinner." Zhou Mingfeng said, "Are you really okay"

Jiang Jinjin continued to shook her head, her eyes gradually moved down to his watch, and her heart suddenly choked.

This watch is very expensive at first glance.

Avoiding the solution is not the solution.

It is true to face the difficulties.

Jiang Jinjin closed her eyes in pain, and her voice was as soft as a mosquito: "That watch..."

Looking at her listless appearance, Zhou Mingfeng actually regretted making a joke with her.

How old is she, he is ten years older than her, how can he care about her.

But Zhou Mingfeng didn't realize it himself, he hadn't joked with anyone for many, many years.

He thought not to tease her anymore, but his body reacted more honestly.

Hearing her lifting his watch, a trace of doubt flashed across his face, and he didn't seem to think of it anymore.

Seeing his reaction, Jiang Jinjin didn't regret it.

Why did she take the initiative to mention it!

It's not good to be too honest.

But pretending not to know, and treating what he said as farting, this is not Jiang Jinjin's principle of life.

That's all it was said, Jiang Jinjin had no choice but to say: "You said I smashed your watch."

Zhou Mingfeng suddenly realized it, and then asked softly: "Are you unable to eat for this matter"

Jiang Jinjin nodded, "I feel very embarrassed."

She felt grief suddenly, and she actually got the strength to sit up with regrets, "I shouldn't drink, and I won't drink anymore."

The latter sentence has a bit of gritted teeth.

Never touch alcohol again in this life.

The ancients sincerely did not deceive me if something went wrong with drinking.

Zhou Mingfeng listened to this.

Involuntarily, all kinds of things after she was drunk yesterday appeared in his mind.

Jiang Jinjin watched Zhou Mingfeng stop speaking, and the expression on his face was a bit weird.

She continued to confess, "I was so embarrassed yesterday, you came here to pick me up, and I smashed your watch, don't worry..."

"Don't worry," she really couldn't say the following words.

It hurts too much.

Zhou Mingfeng also felt that the point was over.

Thinking of this, he raised his head to look at her with a gentle look, "No need to be like this, it's just a sports watch developed by others."

Jiang Jinjin looked at him abruptly, "Sports watch"

Although sports watches are also expensive, according to her superficial knowledge, even if they are expensive, they should not be prohibitively expensive.

Zhou Mingfeng nodded, "It hasn't been listed yet, and it is mainly facing the sub-healthy office workers in modern society.

The price is not high.

The developer is a junior of mine.

I invested a little for him.

Two days ago, he gave a piece to me.

I'm going to extract the data as part of my reference."

[T/N: I really don't know what this means...]

Jiang Jinjin tentatively asked, "Is that expensive"

Zhou Mingfeng laughed, "Of course it's not expensive, it was originally a parity route."

Jiang Jinjin breathed a sigh of relief.

What is a turnaround, this is it!

What is rebirth after catastrophe, this is it!

Just when she thought she was going to be in debt to millions, she was told that the piece of smashed was a cheap sports watch, not expensive at all.

Jiang Jinjin seemed to be infuriated by someone, and his face was radiant in a second.

Sweeping away the previous malaise, her eyes regained their agility and anger, and immediately couldn't help but let out rhetoric: "Then I will buy you the watch after it goes on the market.

By the way, how much will it cost"

Zhou Mingfeng thought for a while, "I don't know, I just know that it should not exceed one thousand."

Jiang Jinjin nodded, "Okay, I'll buy it for you in the future, and I'll buy you seven watches.

You change them every day, and don't repeat the same for a week!"

Having said that, after a pause, she added in a low voice, "Of course, the premise is that it does not exceed one thousand.

I am very poor."

Zhou Mingfeng's eyes were filled with helpless smiles, "Poor"

To say that he was sorry for the teasing today, that's not true.

After all, he was tossed by her all night yesterday.

The only thing he regrets is that he scared her to the point that she didn't even eat dinner.

Jiang Jinjin: "..."

She chose to tell the truth, "I thought the broken watch was very expensive today.

Anyway, being poor is not counted as being poor, but I really don't have the ability to pay you for it."


Zhou Mingfeng smiled, "I didn't really make you pay, but you did remind me."

As he said, he took out his wallet from his pocket, opened it, and took out a card from the mezzanine and handed it to her, "Sorry, it was my negligence before.

I forgot to give you this."

Jiang Jinjin glanced at the probe, it was not a black card.

She held this card, her eyes blank, "This is"

"My salary card."

The villain in Jiang Jinjin's heart pouted: I believe you have a ghost.

What about the big boss and the salary card

"Do you still have a salary" She appropriately expressed her doubts.

"Yeah." Zhou Mingfeng is also very shrewd.

"When I was in college, I worked in a senior's company.

Later, the senior asked me to continue to work as a business consultant.

My senior helped me a lot.

I am still his business consultant now.


Jiang Jinjin recalled it, and it seemed that in the original text, this brother had indeed appeared on the stage, but this brother was behind Zhou Yan.

Zhou Mingfeng has a very good relationship with this senior, so to speak, it is a good talk in the business world.

In the early days of Zhou Mingfeng's entrepreneurship, his senior brother provided him with a lot of help.

After Zhou Mingfeng succeeded, he did not forget his senior brother.

Therefore, in the original text, when Zhou Yan started his business after graduation, the senior brother also helped him explicitly or secretly

"Really" Jiang Jinjin was still surprised.

Zhou Mingfeng didn't lie to her this time.

In Zhou Mingfeng's plan, it was to let her "live" again and then take her out for a supper.

But don't know why, he took out his wallet and gave this card to her.

The relationship between him and her shouldn't be like this in the first place.

From the moment he shared the bed with her, everything went wrong.

Zhou Mingfeng clearly knows that many things are no longer under his control.

From the constant situation last night, he is not only not upset, but insomnia can be seen.

However, he is willing to let it go, just because his life dictionary has always been " It is inevitable."

"Yes." Zhou Mingfeng said, "I don't know how much it is, you can check it yourself."

Jiang Jinjin was very excited, but still struggling to say, "What do you want me to do with it"

Zhou Mingfeng looked down, "I'll use it for yourself."

Jiang Jinjin will not be moved by this move.

Several predecessors had given her their salary cards.

She didn't accept it.

It wasn't that she didn't want to spend her boyfriend's money, it was just in case they broke up someday and it wouldn't be good to talk about this kind of thing.

After all, the character of a man cannot be seen in a sweet relationship.

But fortunately, every time they broke up, the predecessors didn't do anything superb.

Thinking about it, the men she liked was at least humane.

Now Zhou Mingfeng giving her his is a different situation.

Why wouldn't she collect it

Holding this card, Jiang Jinjin had already thought about it, so he would go and see how much money was in it just two days when he was free.

She asked again: "What percentage can I control"

"All." Zhou Mingfeng has always been generous, "We'll talk about it again when it's finished."

Jiang Jinjin: There are no seven or eight digits in this card.

Even if you are a big brother, I think you are acting as if you say this.

She put the card away with a smile.

Zhou Mingfeng asked again: "Would you like to go out to eat something, A'Yan is still waiting for us."

Jiang Jinjin has now solved the debt crisis and took a card.

Naturally, she was full of blood and resurrected.

She asked, "Going out to eat"


Jiang Jinjin was in a good mood and jumped up and ran to the cloakroom to change clothes barefooted.

When Zhou Mingfeng and Jiang Jinjin went downstairs, Zhou Yan had been waiting bored on the sofa for a while.

Watching Jiang Jinjin's face flushed, and she didn't look like she was ill, he quietly let out a sigh of relief.


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