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Chapter 425

The two women were speechless after hearing this.

Ye Huas temperament was that he had to pretend to act cool even if the sky fall.

How could he jump into the river Even if he jumped, he wouldnt die.

They were not worried.

‘It seems that daddys death poses no threat to mama.

“Mama” Donghuang Li shouted with a numb tone.

When Donghuang Baizhi heard her daughters tone, she asked: “Whats wrong”

“Mama, you asked whats wrong You dont love Ah Li.”

‘Daddy not knowing my birthday is normal, but Mama as well This baby is not happy, come and coax me.

Qing Ya glanced at Donghuang Baizhi,Why did Ah Li get angry for no reason

Donghuang Baizhi suddenly remembered and said with a smile, “Mama is wrong, I forgot that Ah Lis birthday is coming soon.”

Donghuang Li puffed out her cheeks and said nothing.

“Okay, Ill satisfy Ah Li with whatever she wants this year, okay”

“Really” Donghuang Li asked with wide eyes.

Donghuang Baizhi nodded with certainty.

Donghuang Li looked at Qing Ya again.

“Okay, Qing Ma Ma agrees to Ah Li.” Qing Ya smiled dotingly.

Donghuang Li was very happy, but she still said quietly, “I want us to be together.”

How sensible Ah Li is.

If Ye Hua could be half as sensible as Ah Li, how could they not return

Qing Ya and Donghuang Baizhi didnt know how to fulfill Ah Lis wish.

“Ah Li knows that daddy and Mama have misunderstood, so you dont have to come to each other.

Ah Li will arrange a place, and then we will go together, okay”

The two women seemed to think it was good.

Maybe this was a chance for reconciliation.

It just depends on Ye Hua.

Ah Li always wanted a complete family, not a single-parent family.

Seeing that Mama agreed, Donghuang Li was overjoyed.

Its finally done.

‘You should cherish this opportunity and make up for it already.

You cant quarrel anymore.

‘When you quarrel, Ah Li has to coax you.

As a child, its really hard.

The next night, the Seven Bar opened.

Ye Hua was sitting in the office, listening to the noise outside, the roar of the supercar.

He was a little unhappy.

This was a blatant provocation.

He stood up and walked to the window, only to see a huge crowd of people.

The young people waiting to enter the venue were all lined up outside the alley.

‘It was the same with my bar a few months ago.

I didnt expect that after a few months, I would be cursed by Qing Ya and Baizhi.

I cant wait to beat them.

This kind of thinking is good if you think about it, but obviously, it wont work.

If you beat them, itll be hopeless.

Feeling unhappy, Ye Hua went downstairs.

It was empty.

Seeing Ye Hua come, Wei Chang and others were also a little embarrassed.

They didnt know how to comfort him.

After all, when it comes to doing business, it is inevitable that there will be unsatisfactory places.

Anyway, it is like this, and it will be good to get used to it.

“You dont need to work.” Ye Hua shouted coldly.

These subordinates have no brains.

A few days ago, he wanted to say that they were smart.

Go out and do something

‘They dont know how to smash the bar.

Do they still need this deity to teach them

Seeing that the lord was furious, everyone turned their heads and went to work, wiping a cup for several hours.

Sitting at the bar, Ye Hua became more and more unhappy.

The more he thought about it, this was bullying to the very end.

He couldnt bear it.

“Little Lu, come with me.” Ye Hua decided to bring one person to smash the bar.

Why only one Because if too many people appear, itll seem like hes the bully.

Thats why he would take Lu Hong, because hes the only single dog.

‘At least in the entire team, only little Lu is single.

When he heard Ye Hua calling him, he understood that Ye Hua was going to help him find a wife.

Thats great.

Now in the whole team, only hes single.

Its humiliating.

Looking at his younger brother, even he has a beautiful wife.

Looking at himself, he has green hair.

Ye Hua got up and walked out of the Leisure bar, with Lu Hong following behind.

“Does little Lu know how to smash the bar” Ye Hua asked, pulling out a cigarette.

Lu Hong didnt dare to brag, and said honestly, “Your subordinate has always had such an idea, but I havent implemented it yet.”

“Then implement it tonight.”


Just thinking about it, Lu Hongs scalp was tingling with excitement.

This is not a simple smashing bar, it is going out with Ye Hua to smash the bar.

What an honor this is.

Ye Hua values him too much, so he must perform well tonight.

The two walked to the Seven Bar.

There were a lot of beautiful little sisters at the door, with their thighs exposed, looking very hot.

Ye Hua couldnt help but take a look or two.

He was not like this before, he must have been confused by Qing Ya and Donghuang Baizhi.

Suddenly, one of the girls came out.

Ye Hua sneered,Another woman who is fascinated by this deity.

Unfortunately, this deity wants to reject you severely.

A fragrant fragrance drifted by.

Ye Hua stopped and walked over.

‘How could this deity be ignored by a girl

“Are you alone” The girls inquiry sounded from behind, and Ye Huas mouth twitched slightly.

Lu Hong was actually approached with an initiative.

‘Why is the subordinate of the deitys subordinate so good

In fact, Lu Hong is quite an individual.

Now he is not that kind of explosive head and has learned to comb his head and put on a green windbreaker.

Not to mention, he is also strangely handsome, like a big clown villain.

Girls still like this type.

Ye Hua is good-looking, but the aura is too heavy.

Ordinary women didnt dare to approach him.

Looking at the girl in front of him, Lu Hong didnt look happy, and said in a deep voice, “Im not a man, am I a pig”[ Alone and Man sound similar.]

The girl was stunned for a moment after hearing this, feeling very amused, and smiled, “Can I have a phone call”

His face sank, and he said in a cold voice, “You are sick.

Why dont you just ask for several thousand yuans”

This time the girl was really stunned.

It turned out that he was not funny, rather he was straightforward.

“Excuse me.” The girl said, running back to her group.

She shared what happened just now with her sisters.

She bet that if this green hair could find a girlfriend, she would eat **.

Ye Hua patted Lu Hong on the shoulder, “Dont pay attention to this kind of woman.

She doesnt look good at first glance.”

“Thank you boss for reminding me.

Fortunately, I found out quickly, otherwise, I would have been deceived by her.” Lu Hong breathed a sigh of relief.

‘She even tried to deceive me.

‘I am a man who has been cheated once.

Ill always maintain my vigilance.

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