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Chapter 430

Ye Hua lifted Donghuang Baizhis hair: “Do you know why we can have Ah Li after just one time”

Donghuang Baizhi secretly thought that it was not good, and Ye Huas crooked reason was about to come out again.

“Because we spent the whole night that day.”

Donghuang Baizhi was not fooled, and put both hands on his chest: “But this time is different from the past.

It was a one-night stand.

We are husband and wife now.

Before the words were finished, Ye Hua attacked again.

“Baizhi, giving birth to a child is a physical task.

We must pay close attention every minute.”

“You! You are just enjoying the process of giving birth to a child.” Donghuang Baizhi shouted with difficulty.

Ye Hua chuckled: “Its killing two birds with one stone.

Dont you think so”

“You bastard! Stop it!”

“Hehe, I will never stop in my life.” The battle continued until the sky gradually turned white.

Ye Hua hugged Baizhi, who had already fallen asleep.

He let out a long sigh of relief.

His waist is a little difficult to use.

It seems that he needs to strengthen his body, at least he doesnt want a sore waist.

Gently wiping away the tears from the corners of Donghuang Baizhis eyes, uh, this should be tears of joy.

Seeing the delicate appearance of Donghuang Baizhi, Ye Hua was a little restless, but he wanted to let her rest for a while.

‘This woman, no matter how high her cultivation is, she has never encountered such a thing.

Thinking of Donghuang Baizhis cultivation, Ye Hua decided to transform it.

Donghuang Baizhi wanted to give birth to a boy so that there was hope to awaken the power of Donghuangs blood.

However, in Ye Huas view, his bloodline is the most powerful.

Ah Li is the perfect example.

He gently pressed her chest.

Dont get him wrong, this is just casting a spell.

Hes obviously taking advantage of her!

A soft golden light appeared in Ye Huas hand and entered her body.

Looking at it, the whole body of Donghuang Baizhi was dyed with golden luminosity.

She became transparent, and one could see thin blood vessels.

Donghuang Baizhi was a descendant of Donghuang, and she still had the power of the blood, albeit weakened.

Ye Hua instantly activated the blood of Donghuang Baizhi.

The so-called awakening is equivalent to activating the blood vessels in the body.

In fact, there are people with such blood, but they are unable to activate it.

Gradually, the golden light on Donghuang Baizhi disappeared, and Ye Hua looked at Baizhis face.

Ye Huas heart was undoubtedly moved by that holy face.

He was so fascinated by pressing his wife under his body again.

The sleeping Donghuang Baizhi was awakened again by her husbands vigorous exercise, and she was stunned.

“Ye Hua, let me rest all night.”

Ye Hua said in a deep voice: “Life lies in exercise.

In the morning, you must do even more exercise.”

“You! I will fight you!”

At this time, he was tasting the queen.

~Qing Yutongs room~

Qing Yutong and Ye Zizi were covering their ears with pillows.

There had been noise all night, and before they could rest, it started again.

They are not human!

Ye Zizi was okay, but Qing Yutong was suffering.

It was terrible for a virgin maiden to hear this sort of noise.

At that time, in a majestic castle in Europe, a meeting was being held.

A total of 11 people, 8 males, and 3 females.

One of the men sat on a seat made of gold, and all of them wore black suits, even the three women.

“My emperor, the two princesses of the blood family have been found, and they are in Longan City in China.” One of the men bowed and said.

The man in the main seat said lightly: “I cant let them run away this time.

The pure blood of this blood clan is extremely rare, and it is more than enough to be refined into blood wings.

Then the emperor will no longer fear the Gods.” [God title might change when I get more context.]

“My emperor can be at ease.

This subordinate has already placed people in Longan City.

Now we are just waiting for the arrest.”

“Very good.

No more mistakes are allowed this time.”


The man in the main seat took a deep breath: “About the last incident, how is the investigation going”

At this time, a plump woman walked out and said respectfully, “My emperor, that little girl is still being searched.

“It was a waste of this emperors magical weapon.

If that little girl could be used by me, she would have kicked over the gods in the temple!” The man suddenly seemed very irritable.

He originally wanted to kill her, but the little girl turned out to be invulnerable.

After some digging, he found out that this little girl was terrifyingly powerful.

So he didnt hesitate to use the Desolate Soul Eater to change the little girls thinking and make her surrender.

Everything was fine, but suddenly one day someone told him that the sacrifices were all dead, and the little girl was gone.

He was almost out of breath, so he could only think of another way to lock the two princesses of the blood clan.

But he still did not give up looking for the little girl.

“When the emperor refines the pure blood of the blood clan, he will definitely be able to defeat the gods.” The man stood up slowly, six pure black wings spread out behind his back.

Demon Lord Lucifer.

In the bedroom on the second floor of the Leisure Bar, it was already noon.

Ye Hua hugged the soft queen and walked into the wild area with his big hands.

“Ye Hua, dont make a fuss, I dont even have the strength to move my fingers now.” Donghuang Baizhi leaned in her husbands arms and said softly, feeling that her whole body was about to fall apart.

She didnt want to move at all.

Even the falling sky wont make her move.

Looking at the state of Baizhi, Ye Hua has already understood that the theory of Lie Gu is correct.

At that time, Donghuang Baizhi didnt even have the strength to speak.

Ye Hua felt particularly cool to be able to make the most beautiful woman in the world look like this.

“What do you want to eat Ill prepare it for you.” Ye Hua stroked his wifes hair lightly and asked with concern.

It was a hard night for Baizhi.

Donghuang Baizhi moved slightly: “I dont want to eat, just let me rest.”

“How can I do that I have to continue at night.”

Donghuang Baizhi felt like dying.

“No.” Donghuang Baizhi said dazedly, obviously wanting to refuse, but this feeble refusal ignited Ye Hua.

“Then lets do it again.”

“Ah! Go call Qing Ya and stop messing with me.”

“Qing Ya isnt running away.

We need to have a baby.

Relax a little, this is a very beautiful thing.

“You! You! Ah!”

If Donghuang Baizhi knew that this kind of thing would happen when she returned, then she wouldnt have, even if she was killed.

Ye Hua was even more brutal than three years ago.

An ordinary woman wouldnt be able to stand it.

Ye Hua will definitely kill them.

Qing Ya, who was in the Void Realm, was much smarter.

She was holding a storybook for Ah Li.

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