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The Ancestral Dragon and the other Supreme Sovereigns were dumbfounded when they saw that scene.

Of course, the reason the two were dumbfounded was also different.

The Ancestral Dragon was rendered speechless by the other party.

He did not think that Nalan Qi, who was previously so arrogant, would actually be so cowardly that he would kneel down and beg for mercy.

As for the other Supreme Sovereigns, they were so angry that they vomited blood.

Why did he not think of it

Why did he not think of kneeling down and surrendering

In the end, it allowed Nalan Qi, that dog, to be one step ahead of him.

Kneeling down and surrendering was something that definitely had to be done in advance.

Only then would it show that he was sincere and increase the chances of success.

He hated it!

“Nalan Qi, I curse you! You will definitely die without a complete corpse, your soul will scatter, and your essence soul will be destroyed! F*ck you!”

However, it was a pity that just as he finished speaking, Ye Xiaos sword light had already landed on his body.

In the next second, he followed in the footsteps of his companion and vanished into thin air, his primordial soul completely destroyed.

Nalan Qi was so scared that he was about to spit out his bile.

He, a Supreme Sovereign, at the moment of facing death, was also unable to withstand the extremely powerful and terrifying pressure in his heart.

He did not want to die!

He had spent close to a million years to achieve what he had.

Suddenly, once he died, all of those efforts would turn into bubbles.

However, from the moment he knelt down, his martial heart was also destroyed.

From then on, he would not have any further progress.

On one hand, he had previously made an oath that he would definitely succeed in destroying Ye Xiao.

However, that oath did not succeed.

On the other hand, he was a Supreme Sovereign.

It was not easy for him to reach that level of cultivation.

Regardless of whether it was his experience or his state of mind, he had an extraordinary request.

Even so, he actually knelt in front of others, kowtowing and begging for mercy.

From then on, he no longer had that invincible state of mind.

Since he did not have that state of mind, he naturally would not have the chance to improve.

To put it bluntly, his future behavior might even decline.

However, what made him feel incredulous was that it had already been a long time, but Ye Xiao actually did not attack him.

One had to know that when he killed those few people previously, the speed of his attack was very fast.

It was with a single slash, but at the moment, he actually had not launched an attack on him.

That was sufficient to indicate that he might have stopped.

With a trace of anxiety, he could not help but quietly raise his head, wanting to see what the situation was.

However, just as he raised his head, he could not help but be petrified on the spot, his entire person dumbfounded.

It turned out that it was not that Ye Xiao did not attack him.

On the contrary, he had already attacked him.

It was just that he did not know when, but a figure had appeared in front of him.

The appearance of that figure blocked Ye Xiaos sword.

When Nalan Qi saw that scene, he was dumbstruck.

He completely did not understand what was going on.

Who was that fellow who had suddenly appeared in front of him Why did he have such powerful strength Was he able to block Ye Xiaos attack

A large number of question marks appeared in his mind.

One had to know that Ye Xiaos strength had long become unfathomable.

Even if several Supreme Sovereigns joined hands to resist him, they were not his match.

Instead, they were beaten up by him like a group of dogs.

However, the other party was actually able to block his attack.

One could imagine how terrifying the other partys strength was.

“Sir… Who are you”

The other party snorted coldly.

“You trash! Could it be that youve forgotten about me”

Hearing that voice, Nalan Qis pupils instantly constricted.

Then, his body trembled and he was extremely excited.

An extremely ancient memory gradually surged into his heart.

Once, when he was still an extremely ordinary pawn, the Void Alliance had already been established.

At that time, the Void Alliance already had some super cultivators!

They were the Void Alliances original Alliance Master and a group of high-ranking officials.

However, they were almost all existences from the pre-immemorial era!

The pre-immemorial era had already passed a million years ago.

In the flow of the river of time, that era had almost completely disappeared from the world.

The world had changed.

Even many universes in the world were being shattered and rebuilt.

However, he did not expect to see another one today.

That made him so excited that he did not know what to say.

“Its… Its you! Its actually you! The seventh Alliance Leader of the Void Alliance, Senior Zang Shen!”

Nalan Qi was so excited that tears streamed down his face.

He did not know whether it was because he was excited to see the other party, or because he was able to survive.

However, the other party was clearly not very satisfied with him and snorted coldly.

“You piece of trash, you still have the face to call me senior The face of our Void Alliance has been completely thrown away by you.”

Nalan Qi was incomparably ashamed.

“What senior assumes is that its the juniors incompetence that has completely thrown away the face of our Void Alliance, but instead it is this kid who is extraordinary.

His strength is so powerful that its as if he isnt from this world.

“We are simply not his match.”

“Shut up.

After cultivating for nearly a million years, you still cant defeat a brat who has cultivated for such a short period of time and isnt even considered a junior of the junior generation.

You still have the face to make excuses

“If I were you, I would just save everyone the trouble and get lost.”

Nalan Qi moved his mouth and wanted to say something, but he stopped in the end.

Saying anything at that time would only bring trouble to himself and embarrass himself further.

Rather than doing so, it was better not to say it.

At that time, Zang Shen finally turned his gaze to Ye Xiao.

After the other party blocked his attack, Ye Xiao did not continue to attack.

The other partys strength made him feel slightly surprised because no one knew better than himself just how strong he was.

Even an existence at the level of the Ancestral Dragon was only childs play in front of him at that point.

Despite that, the other party had enough strength to block him, which made Ye Xiao very curious.

He really wanted to know where the other party came from and why he had such powerful strength.

In addition, he also wanted to know more about the worlds secrets.

It was something that even the Ancestral Dragon might not be able to tell him.

However, that Void Alliance Leader who suddenly appeared in front of him should most likely know about it.

Zhang Shen slowly opened his mouth.

“I didnt expect that there would be an existence at your level in this world.

This is quite surprising.

“Right now, the power of laws in this world has long been divided up by those cultivators from the pre-immemorial era.

Whats left is extremely rare.

And you were actually able to plunder enough power from these rare resources to evolve to your current cultivation level.

“I have to say, even I am somewhat impressed by you.”

Ye Xiao spoke indifferently.

“I also didnt expect that there would be an existence at your level in this world that was actually able to block my attack.”

“Haha, Im not the only one who can block your attack.”

Ye Xiao raised his brows slightly.

“You mean to say that there are other cultivators with your strength in this world”

“Of course.”

At that moment, the Ancestral Dragon quickly came to Ye Xiaos side.

“Ye Xiao, what he said should be true.

Ive told you before that there are far more Supreme Sovereigns in this world than just us!

“He should belong to one of them.”

Ye Xiao transmitted his voice.

“Youve mentioned the matter of the God of Creation before, so you should know about these people.

The people you mentioned earlier are the ones who are going to join forces to fight against the God of Creation.

Could it be that they are one of them”

Ancestral Dragons expression was slightly awkward.

“Actually, these are two things.

Fighting against the God of Creation was something I already knew before I transmigrated to this world.

It was that God of Creation who told me.

“She once said that as long as one cultivates to the extreme and possesses the power to fight against her, there would be a way to become the God of Creation!

“As for this group of people, I only found out about it later.

Because I once met one of them, but that fellow was on the verge of death at that time, so he only gave me a few words of advice.”

Ye Xiao narrowed his eyes slightly.

It was simply inconceivable that an existence of such a level could actually die despite being so powerful.

Seeing that the two of them did not speak, it was very obvious that they were communicating secretly, so Zhang Shen spoke,

“From the looks of the two of you, you should know something.

How much do you know The God of Creation Perhaps… The World Destruction Cavalry”

“World Destruction Cavalry”

Ye Xiao and Ancestral Dragons expressions were slightly stunned.

Zhang Shen immediately spoke,

“From the looks of the two of you, you should not know about that matter.

“In our world, there is actually a God of Creation.

He is extremely powerful, and up until now, no one has seen him.

“He created our world, but our world was not created out of thin air by him.

“To be more precise, this world has existed for a very, very long time.

However, after experiencing an unimaginable battle that we dont even know about, this world was ultimately destroyed.”

When Ye Xiao heard that, he could not help but feel his heart tremble.

In the cave, he had obtained some insights regarding that powerful existence called Lu Xiaoran.

At the same time, he had also awakened the memories of the Golden Book divine soul from his previous life.

The Golden Book divine soul should have been a creator-level existence in his previous life.

Furthermore, it was not just one creator-level existence, but several creator-level existences.

There had been a terrifying battle between them, Lu Xiaoran, and his disciple.

That battle had destroyed countless worlds.

Could it be that Zhang Shen was referring to that battle

If that was the case, did that not mean that the formation of the world had something to do with him

No, it had something to do with the Golden Book divine soul!

The original world had already been destroyed.

It was a world that relied on the blueprint of the original world that had been destroyed to create a new world!

Ye Xiao had a vague feeling that he had already touched the core of the world!

However, he was still a little short.

He seemed to feel that something was not quite right and that it had not been cleared yet.

Zhang Shen was still explaining.

“That God of Creation gathered the core fragments of the original world and used her power of creation to form this world.

“However, this world does not seem to be completely under her control.

“As long as someones cultivation base reaches a certain level, it is possible for them to break free from his shackles and break through this world, heading towards the most real and vast origin world!

“It includes the world were currently in, as well as all other possible worlds!

“Therefore, he created the World Destruction Cavalry to specifically deal with the existences weve asked for.

“As long as our cultivation has reached a certain level, its possible for us to become the targets of the World Destruction Cavalry.”

Ye Xiao was stunned, and some more reasoning materials appeared in his mind.

If everything that the other party said was true, then it was more or less possible for him to think of something.

That was, Lu Xiaoran and his disciple did not die, or perhaps a portion of them did not die.

As for the few Gods of Creation that the Golden Book divine soul had fused with, they were already dead.

In order to prevent that power from recovering, the other party created the World Destruction Cavalry and completely sealed the power of the Golden Book divine soul in the world.

As long as the Golden Book divine soul wanted to support a super cultivator, it might be targeted.

In other words, the reason why she chose to create the world was very likely to be to hunt down the power of the Golden Book divine soul!

Everything was there!

Since the Golden Book divine soul carried the power of several Gods of Creation, it became the only uncontrollable factor in the world.

The other partys goal was the Golden Book divine soul.

He wanted to draw that power out.

What a formidable scheme.

He looked at Zhang Shen and immediately said,

“The reason you chose to tell me this is because you want me to cooperate with you”

Zhang Shen narrowed his eyes and smiled,

“Smart! At this moment, supreme existences like us arent many anymore.

During the pre-immemorial era, we were still very many, but we were all massacred by the World Destruction Cavalry.

“If existences like us dont join forces, then this world will never have any hope.

“In other words, every person whose strength has reached the Supreme Sovereign realm has no hope.

“Our cultivation has already been determined by others from the moment we were born.

“Those who exceed this level will definitely be killed.

“If you want your children and grandchildren to have such a future, that is understandable.

“However, with all due respect, you might not necessarily want to have such a life, right

“You are already very powerful now, and according to my judgment, you might be able to go one step further.

“However, once you go one step further, you will reach that level and attract the World Destruction Cavalry.

“At that time, I dare to guarantee that even if you dont want to die, you will still die.

Everything is not up to you!”

The Ancestral Dragon reminded Ye Xiao by his ear,

“Ye Xiao, theres no need to agree to him so easily.

We still havent figured out this fellows identity and background.

We cant just listen to his one-sided words and trust him.

“Lets observe first and see.”

Meanwhile, Nalan Qi hurriedly opened his mouth and said,

“Senior Zhang Shen, how can you invite him to ally with you You cant do that!

“He killed many of our disciples.

He is our enemy.”


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