Filipino rappers vs. international rappers

December 7, 2012

Above is a rap battle that took place in the Philippines between Dirtbag Dan an American of Mexican descent, and Anygma, a rapper from the Philippines.

Here are some of my favorite lines…


Deep Foundation’s “Children of the Sun”

April 2, 2009

Deep Foundation does it again. It isn’t hard to find Filipino artists in foreign countries, regardless of genre, canvas, and outlet, who are in-tune with their motherland. Filipino rappers are definitely a group of artists who are in active pursuit and promotion of their “foundations” regardless of where they are living today.

I spent the first 5 minutes rewinding the beginning. Nothing takes me back like a rooster’s crows. ERR-EH-ERR-ERRRRR! That reminds me, American roosters say COCK-A-DOODLE-DOOOO!

Watch DP’s “A Place Called Home” for added homeland appreciation. It samples Freddie Aguilar’s instrumental to his Asian hit song, “Anak.”

Filipino Rapper Francis Magalona passes away at 44

March 7, 2009

RIP Francis Magalona

RIP, Francis Magalona.

GMA article / Francis’ blog.

Photo courtesy / Nike.

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