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80s Wife is Sweet and Sassy

Chapter 47 – Azure Dragon at the left, and White tiger at the right.


Later, an accident happened within a month.

Someone reported that he was recruiting child labor in the dance hall.

As the result, that old Jianghu was actually a child labor.

She was only 15 years old.

His elder brother scolded him very harshly, and also kicked him several times.

He had been wronged!

Who would know that this girl was 15 years old, after all she looked more coquettish than the one who was 25 years old!

Tang Yaozong has learned the lesson now.

So when recruiting people with unknown identities, he had to check their hukou first.

Those who were less than 18 years old, even if they looked like fairy, they should just go out of here! His butt still hurts now!

“I’m 21.

When you see me, you will know that I didn’t lie to you.” Chu Qiao said quickly.

She wanted to laugh a little.

Her voice did sound a bit young.

Even if she was 40 years old, her voice would be the same as an 18 years old.

“Where are you now”

“Just below the dance hall.”

“I will open the door.

You can come in and play a tune.”

Tang Yaozong relented.

After hanging up the phone, he yawned lazily, wiped the gum in his eyes, and went downstairs to open the door with flip flops.

Last night, he was watching the venue until three or four o’clock.

He also watched the video cassette from Hong Kong Island.

It was so exciting that he just fell asleep when it was noon.

When he was just about to have a good dream, he was woken up by the phone.

If this woman on the phone didn’t play well, he would definitely scold her badly.

Damn, it was not easy to finally dream of a pretty girl.

He was about to kiss her, but this woman’s phone destroyed it. 

Tang Yaozong, who was very angry when he got up, opened the door with a dark face.

He saw an old-fashioned shirt, which was more rustic than his mother’s clothes.

He smiled angrily.

Is this damn smelly girl coming to play with him

His dance hall was the most high-end in Shanghai, and all the people who came here were respectable.

Did this aunt come out from Qingshan Mental Hospital Did she think that his place was a vegetable market

“If you have a mental problem, you can go and cure it.

I don’t have time to play with you.

You just……”

Tang Yaozong got up angrily and was about to explode.

He directed his anger at Chuqiao, but soon, when he saw a face which was more beautiful than the beauty in his dream.

He looked at her with his big eyes like a deer, looking dumbfounded.

“Just…what are you doing

Tang Yaozong swallowed all the swear words he was going to say.

His face was full of polite smiles, and his tone was softer than talking to his mother.

“It was you who asked me to play the electronic keyboard.

I was the one who just called you.” Chu Qiao said quickly, feeling a little flustered.

This man looked so fierce.

He was wearing an undershirt, with bare arms.

He had an azure dragon1 tattoo on his left side, and a tiger on the right side.

Chu Peng felt that maybe he would have a black tortoise tattoo on his chest.

1Four symbols of Chinese constellations : Azure Dragon (qing long) ; White Tiger (bai hu) ; Black Tortoise (xuan wu) ; Vermilion Bird (zhu que).

In fact, when she saw Tang Yaozong, she had the impulse to turn around and leave.

The dance halls in the 1980s were very messy and chaotic.

It was too risky for a girl like her to come to work there.

But she wanted to make money and to prove herself.

In her previous life, she had never worked in her whole life.

Gu Jianshe said that she could only reach out her hand to ask for money.

Her mother-in-law said that she was a chicken who couldn’t lay eggs.

No one had respect for her, as they all thought that she was a parasite who was leaching to Gu Jianshe.

The way they looked at her was clearly contemptuous, and Chu Qiao could feel it.

In this life, she didn’t want to live like that anymore.

She also wanted to become an independent woman of the new era.

The dance hall was her first step, and she couldn’t shrink back.

If someone really harassed her, at worst she would just stop working.

She had to give it a try.

“Come in!”

Tang Yaozong looked up and down, and felt pity in his heart.

This girl was really beautiful, she looked more beautiful than the female stars on Hong Kong Island.

It was a pity that her clothes were too rustic.

Even his mother would not wear such rustic clothes.

It was simply a waste, she didn’t know how to cherish it!

However, it seemed that she should have grown up to be an adult.

Moreover, this kind of honest girl wouldn’t dare to tell lies.

Chu Qiao looked hesitant, but in front of her was a macho man with tattoos.

Would she be okay if she followed up

Just in case this man was bad, she would not be able to escape.

Tang Yaozong saw her thought, her alertness was quite high.

So he simply shouted inside, “Aunt Wang!”


A voice came from inside, then a chubby and energetic aunt came running with a mop, “Mr.


“Accompany this girl to play the piano.”

Tang Yaozong pointed at Chu Qiao, with a smile in his eyes.

Chu Qiao’s face and ears turned red.

She just used her despicable mind to judge people’s character.

She smiled embarrassedly, and followed behind Aunt Wang.


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