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Chapter 29: Just in case

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Thus, after Doctor Shis disciple went to get the medicine, Shi Qingluo broke the silence.

“Doctor Shi, dont you need to diagnose my husbands pulse first”

Doctor Shi had been paying attention to Xiao Hanzheng all this while, so he knew that Xiao Hanzheng had recently married a wife, whose chongxi really caused him to wake up.

He was very clear about the medicine he had prescribed.

As long as he drank a few more doses, Xiao Hanzheng would definitely not wake up again.

Who knew that Shi Qingluo would suddenly appear and change the situation.

Because of this, he looked at Shi Qingluo with displeasure.

His smile faded. “Ive been treating patients for more than 20 years. I dont need to check their pulse to know how to prescribe medicine. Are you doubting me

“If thats the case, you can find someone else.”

He looked as if he would not prescribe medicine if you offended him.

Shi Qingluo was not afraid of offending him. “Im just curious. Can you prescribe medicine without checking the pulse Will there be any unexpected symptoms”

Doctor Shi did not think that a village woman knew anything about medicine.

He sneered, “Since Ive prescribed the medicine, how can there be any unexpected symptoms Its not up to you, a village woman, to give me advice.”

He looked at Mother Xiao unhappily and said, “Your daughter-in-law is so rude. After you finish taking the medicine this time, dont come to my medicine hall again. Please find someone else.”

The medicine he prescribed this time was a little fierce.

After eating it for three days, Xiao Hanzhengs body would be completely destroyed.

He just happened to find an excuse not to treat the Xiao family anymore.

Later, even if other doctors really prescribed medicine to nourish his body, it would be useless.

Once he handed him to other doctors, he wouldnt be liable to Xiao Hanzhengs health in the future.

At this moment, Mother Xiao wanted to go up and scratch the face of this doctor, but she held back a troubled look and gasped, “Hey!”

Shi Qingluo sneered. “Sure, we wont come to get the medicine next time.”

When the other people who were waiting to see the doctor heard this, they could not help but shake their heads.

This daughter-in-law was really stupid.

She had actually offended the doctor.

What was she going to do when she needed him in the future

No one knew what she was thinking.

At this moment, Doctor Shis disciple grabbed three-day worth of medicine and handed it to Mother Xiao.

“This is your medicine. Please keep it well. It costs two taels of silver.”

Mother Xiao took the medicine and immediately handed it to Shi Qingluo.

Then, she pretended to take out the silver. “Why is it so expensive”

Doctor Shi said, “I added ginseng roots and some expensive tonics. I only charged you two taels of silver since its for Scholar Xiao.”

He meant that this was at a discounted price.

Shi Qingluo opened a bag of medicine and used her hand to take it.

Indeed, she saw the two types of medication that Xiao Hanzheng told her to recognise which caused weakness and worsened his health.

Then, she saw some medicines that looked like ginseng roots.

She asked Doctor Shi, “Are these ginseng roots”

Doctor Shi felt that something was wrong but nodded. “Of course they are.”

Shi Qingluo picked up a few roots and sniffed them.

“Doctor Shi, it seems that not only did you prescribe medicines without checking the pulse, but you also counterfeit medicine and disguised them as ginseng roots. You are really evil.”

When she was at the Academy of Agricultural Sciences, she had done a ginseng planting project with other experts, so she knew a lot about ginseng.

These roots did indeed look like ginseng, but if one looked carefully, one would discover the difference.

The smell was even more obvious.

A professional could tell with one glance that it was fake, but to deceive a villager who did not know anything was too easy.

When Doctor Shi heard her words, his expression changed slightly. “Nonsense, this is a ginseng root. What would a village woman like you know

“Is it because Im not willing to give you any more medicine and treatment, so you are deliberately finding fault with me”

He became even more threatening. “If you dare to make a scene and find fault with me, Ill send someone to report you to the authorities.”

However, he had an unspeakable bad feeling in his heart.

How could this village woman know that it was fake

Shi Qingluo said arrogantly, “Report then. If you dont report it to the authorities today, you are a bastard.”

Doctor Shis face darkened. “Insulting the educated class. How dare you insult the educated class.”

Shi Qingluo sneered. “Even if I disgrace the educated people, Im still much better than a black-hearted and shameless doctor like you.

“Not only is the ginseng root fake, theres also problems with the other medicines.

“They are clearly used to nourish the body, but they are two opposing medicines. Not only will it not strengthen the body, on the contrary, it will cause the body to become weak and suffer serious damages.

“The dosage you prescribed is also very large. If my husband were to really take it for another three days, Im afraid that his body will be so weak that he will have to lie in bed for the rest of his life.”

Hearing these words, Doctor Shis expression completely changed.

Those who were waiting in the medicine hall to see the doctor and those who had already seen the doctor looked in disbelief.

Doctor Shis face darkened. “You shrew, youre deliberately finding trouble. Since thats the case, I wont sell this medicine.”

After saying that, he gave his disciple a look.

Since she had exposed the problems of these medications, he wouldnt let them take the medicine away again.

His disciple understood immediately and quickly went to snatch the medicine from Shi Qingluos hands.

Shi Qingluo was already prepared. As soon as the other party came over, she dodged.

She even raised her leg and kicked him down.

Then, she ran in front of Doctor Shi as fast as pressed his entire body onto the table.

“If theres no problem with the medicine, why are you guys feeling guilty and want to snatch the medicine away

“Since you dont dare to report it to the authorities, then let us report it to the authorities instead. Well sue you for intentionally harming others and even selling fake medicine.”

Before Doctor Shi could react, she pressed his head against the table.

When he regained his senses, he wanted to resist, but he couldnt free himself no matter how hard he struggled. “Impudent! You shrew, how dare you treat me like this Ill definitely teach you a lesson.”

Shi Qingluo let Mother Xiao take out a rope that she had prepared and tied Doctor Shi and his disciple up.

“Youre going to eat your meals in the prison soon. Its only a matter of time before you go into the prison.”

Only then did Doctor Shi panic completely.

He really didnt expect this village woman to know medicine, and her skills werent bad, so he started cursing guiltily.

Shi Qingluo was annoyed, so she directly crumpled the cloth on the counter into a ball and stuffed it into his mouth.

Then, she put the medicine that she had just grabbed into the basket on her back, and kept the medicine from the prescription counter.

After keeping them, she thought for a moment, pulled open the drawers and cabinets, and searched for the prescription that Doctor Shi had given Xiao Hanzheng.

“There is something wrong with all the prescriptions that you have given. We will report this to the authorities now.

“Are you deliberately trying to kill people To set the facts right, go get a doctor from the capital to come over and take a look at your prescriptions.”

She looked at the flustered Doctor Shi and continued, “We have also brought all the medicine that you gave in the past.”

Doctor Shis pupils shrank. He now understood that this little woman had come prepared today.

It seemed that medicine prescription fraud had already been discovered by the Xiao family.

Today, they intentionally let him continue to prescribe the medicine so that they could get the evidence.

They even cursed those who had delivered the news in the past two days.

They said that Xiao Hanzhengs body was so weak that he could not get out of bed.

They wanted him to continue prescribing and it was best to increase the dosage and get rid of him as soon as possible.

Right now, he felt so weak that he could not get out of bed. Perhaps it was all fake.

He wanted to defend himself, but his mouth was blocked. He was going crazy.

At this moment, the people who were seeing the doctor also regained their senses.

One of them could not help but ask Shi Qingluo, “Miss, is what you said just now true”

Shi Qingluo nodded. “Of course its true. Otherwise, why would I dare to tie them up and report them to the authorities

“This is a black-hearted quack who harms people. He even knows how to use counterfeit medicine.”

She added, “I suggest that you go to the authorities and ask someone to take a look at your medicine to see if there are any problems too.

“You can also figure out if what we said was true.”

She was doing this just in case.

As more people knew about it and spread the word, only then would they be able to put pressure on the magistrate and make it difficult for him to practice jobbery.


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