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“Chapter 324: Skill Difference”

What the hell just happened


Kouya had the upper hand just a second ago.


– I hope this makes it clear.

There could be a million of you apes and we still wouldn’t bat an eye.



I’ve never seen an ability like that.

Restoring his own life and paying back the damage


– …Gh…


– Kouya…


Kouya turned himself into a slime and slowly crawled away from the boy.


– Another cheap trick, huh I’ll give you 20 points.



– …Tch, thank you.



He knows there’s no point in fighting.


An ability that can turn the tide of an entire fight in the blink of an eye…


It’s too much for any of us.


– So that’s what you did to my eye.



– That’s right! Can you tell the difference between our power now (Zenya)


– Seems like things have calmed down.

Thank you, Zenya-kun.

That was a fun spectacle.


– I was the one whose head was cut.


– Ah, relax.

I’ll give you a kiss when we’re back.


– Shut up and get this s̲h̲i̲t̲ done with already.


– Alright, alright.


Nayuta stood in front of me.


– Takaya-kun, let’s negotiate.


– …What


– I want you to be my friend, and you don’t want to.

So I’ll convince you to agree.

Pretty simple, right


– I said no.

Nothing will change my mind.


– I knew you’d say that.

Let me change your mind, then.


– …How so


– #$:&&TFTW’%%WUK


Nayuta uttered some unintelligible words to the sky.


I was bracing myself for the worst, but nothing happened.


There’s no way that was a bluff.


– Do you want to know (Nayuta)


– …


– Ohh, scary face!


– Don’t you dare do something to my friends.


– Well, you should’ve said that before I gave the order.


– What!


– Hehe, turn around.


– Mas..ter… (Mike)


– Ggugh… (Akane)


– I can’t… breathe… (Ralph)


All of my friends were laying on the floor grasping the air.


– Takaya… Be careful… These two are stupidly dangerous…


Kouya’s breathing was rough but he was the only one capable of standing still.


– What did you do!


– I ordered everyone in the world to stop breathing for 30 seconds.


She did… what


With those words she said That’s all it took for her to make every single person in this world stop breathing


– 28… 29… 30.

It’s over, everyone.

Enjoy your air~


Everyone started coughing in exasperation.

Some of them managed to regain their breath, others just fainted.


– Let me introduce myself.

My full name is Shijyou Nayuta.

As you might’ve guessed, just like you, Zenya-kun, and Kouya-kun, I reincarnated in this world.

Though that was way too long ago.


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