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“Chapter 325: Shijyou Nayuta”

(Nayuta’s POV)

I reincarnated in this world long before Kouya-kun’s accident.

About 50 years prior.

I was only 2 or 3 years old.

The accident happened while I was traveling on the sea with my family.

A storm suddenly formed in the middle of the night and wrecked our ship in no time.

We all sunk to the bottom of the ocean.

I was ready for my death.

But I woke up again.

I’m glad I did, but there was nothing around me.

I cried and I cried, but my parents were nowhere to be seen.

There was nothing to eat.

The only thing to drink was mud puddles that I would pour back out immediately.

At the very least, I wished to be able to drink some clean water.

That’s when a blue sphere of water materialized on the palm of my weak hand.

I didn’t know why, but it was there.

Clean water.

It completely revitalized my body.

After trying various other things, I realized I was able to produce fire, wind, lightning, and many other things just from the palm of my hand.

It took some time until I realized what it was.


Then, it was time to satisfy my hunger.

I looked around for wild animals to hunt, but everything around me was an endless field of grass.

Not even insects.

The only thing I could eat was dirt.

But then it occurred to me.

What if the dirt tasted like that delicious cake I ate once

Wishful thinking, but I still decided to grab a chunk of dirt and shove it in my mouth.

Surely enough, I tasted something sweet.

It was cake.

That’s when I realized.

Maybe this world was made to be whatever I wanted it to be.

(Takaya’s POV)

– And that’s my story.

Again, a very old one. Order: The World Loses All Sound – Release

My friends, who had been deprived of their breathing, and then of any hearing, looked just as bewildered as I was.

– So What do you think of my Administrator power

– …You’re a monster.

This is absurd.

In no way is this right.

No matter what we do, this is a wall that we can’t possibly overcome.

She’s like the ruler of this world.

– So, let me ask you again, Takaya-kun… Will you be my friend

– …

It’s not a request.

It’s an order.

This isn’t friendship.

She’s trying to enslave me using my friends as hostages.

– …..

I don’t want to.

I want to refuse.

But how can I refuse after seeing her ability

My friends’ lives will be gone in the blink of an eye just because this psychopath felt like playing with her toys.

– Haha, decisions, right They’re the only people you have in this world.

What to do, what to do (Nayuta)

– You’re f̲u̲c̲k̲i̲n̲g sick.


– Aah, the representative of the demon king! I don’t need you, Kouya-kun.

Please shut up.

– …! …! …!

She’s enjoying herself torturing Kouya.

I haven’t seen someone this insane since Shiori.

– Listen, I’m not that bad.

I’ll give you some time to consider my offer.

One week.

I’ll give you one week to reach the decision you please.

Don’t worry, I won’t be peeking.

You’ll be free for the entire time.

– You’re giving me a week to bid my farewells

– I never said that.

Feel free to refuse! Though I’d be shocked if you did.

Come on, Zenya-kun.

Time to go back home.

Thank you, Takaya-kun and friends.

This is the most fun I’ve had in a long time.

– Goodbye, apes.

I hope you learned your lesson.

Don’t mess with me.


Both kids jumped off the boat and left without a trace.

– …Takaya, what will you do

– I don’t know.

Let’s go back home first.

We all returned to Bay Road in complete silence with our heads hanging.

No wisdom from anyone in the boat could get us out of this.


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