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“Chapter 326: Decision”

It’s been three days since I returned to Bay Road.


I’ve done nothing but lay in my bed and rest.

Rudra and Feria insisted I needed to rest my body and mind after these stressful months.


Raksha and Roar took over the work while I was away so that I would be able to relax if I came back.


– Good morning, Master.



– Hey.



– Did you get some rest (Akane)


– I couldn’t really fall asleep.



All three of them had been given special permission to safeguard me in case Nayuta decided to suddenly appear.


– Hey… I have a favor-


– No.



– No way.



– Rejected.



– Come on.

It’s been three days already…


I was fully expecting to never be able to use my powers again after forcing myself to recreate Moonflower not once but twice.


My Level must have increased by a lot during my stay at the whale because after a day of rest I was back to normal.


– No is no.

Even if you feel fine you need to keep resting.

Give it one or two months before you go back to work.


– One or two months…


Everyone here knew about my situation, but they still insisted on me spending time here.


I only have four more days left.


– You don’t have to worry.

Even if those two come to take you away from us, we’ll protect you.



– Tilchina-sama has arranged for every single high-ranked demon, including herself, to be ready to jump into action at a moment’s notice should you need help.



– The sages, the Thundercloud crew, everyone from the Royal Capital, they’re all guarding you with their best efforts.

There’s nothing to worry about.

Just rest.



– …That means absolutely nothing.



Even if every single warrior in this world tried to defy those two, it would be impossible.


Nayuta’s ability is a cheat.

We can’t win.


Kouya and I found out that her ability had a slightly lesser effect on us since we’re not from this world, but even then Kouya was quickly overwhelmed as if he was a mere insect.


– I’ve been thinking nonstop for the past few days.

I’ve reached the conclusion that it’s impossible for us to win.


Horribly gruesome images flashed in my mind whenever I imagined what would happen if I refused Nayuta’s invitation.


– I’m glad that you’re all worried about me.

I’d like to stay here forever.



– … (M/M/A)


– …I’m sorry.


I wanted to be as positive as possible, but it was pointless.


– Knock Knock –


– Ahh, who’s interrupting (Akane)


– I’ll check.



Leaving the three of them to continue with their chores, I went to open the door.


– Who is it


– Hey, good morning.

Do you have some time


– Meirir-san!


Standing there with a heartbroken smile was my first ever companion in this world.


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