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The little packrat stared at Gu Qiqi in a daze!

“Big sister…”

How did she become his stepmother in a second!

“Wah…!” His nose twitched, and he began to cry.

Gu Qiqi turned around and glanced at Gong Jue in confusion.

“Is there something on my face Im surprised that I scared the boy.

Can you help me take a look”

Gong Jue glanced at Gu Qiqi speechlessly, his lips twitching.

In that instant, he understood the entire situation.

How was he going to tell Gu Qiqi about how the little packrat had fallen in love with her at first sight

Wasnt this a confession on behalf of her love rival

He absolutely refused!

Gong Jue didnt speak, and Gu Qiqi grew even more anxious.

Afraid that she would scare the boy, she hurriedly took out her hand and wiped her face with it, but she didnt feel that anything was wrong.

In a hurry, she coaxed the boy and patted his back gently.

“Be good.

Quickly tell Auntie Qiqi where youre unwell, okay Did you see something that made you unhappy”

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The little packrats eyes were filled with tears.

Seeing Gu Qiqis nervous and concerned expression, he saw Gu Qiqis face clearly this time.

This was indeed a stepmother.

A vixen stepmother… His vixen stepmother was fine! She wasnt injured, she wasnt missing, and she didnt lose her life because of him.

She appeared in front of him perfectly fine!

Thats great!

The vixen stepmother had returned!

His stepmother was his big sister!

The little packrat hugged Gu Qiqi tightly, refusing to let go.

As he was too agitated, his mind ached and he fainted again.

Gu Qiqi was flustered.

She hurriedly placed him back on the bed and quickly ordered, “Quick! Breather! Turn on the oxygen! Increase the glucose level! Test the heart rate!”

After some work, the little packrats various indicators gradually stabilized.

The medical staff in the room had all been cleared out by Gong Jue.

Only Gu Qiqi and the three of them were left in the room.

There were some things he could finally say to Gu Qiqi.

“Qiqi, actually… The boy saw you a long time ago…” Although Gong Jue was extremely unwilling, he still had to speak.

Gu Qiqi was confused.

“What did you say”

Gong Jue took a deep breath.

“Previously, the little boy kept saying that the young lady he loved the most was the nurse he met at Qing City Hospital.

Im afraid youre the one…”

Gu Qiqi was surprised.

She glanced at the little fellow on the bed again.

“I see…”

In the long corridor of Qing City Hospital, the pitiful little thing who had been squatting in a corner with a sudden burst of intestinal cramps at the entrance of the toilet and the boy who cried his heart out after hearing Bai Lang say that his dad was looking for a stepmother for him were the same child.

Her heart suddenly ached even more.

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Gong Jue continued, “However, this is just a child fooling around.

Dont take it seriously.

Just pretend that you dont exist.

According to seniority, youre still his stepmother…”

Gu Qiqi suddenly interrupted him sternly.

“Gong Jue! How are you taking care of the child Youre too irresponsible!”


“What about you Look at you.

You always leave the boy alone.

If it werent for your negligence, why would he run around the hospital and the clubhouse alone No one will notice if hes sick, and no one will comfort him if hes sad.

Can you reflect on yourself!”

“I…” Gong Jue had been holding it in for so long that his internal injuries had worsened! He had initially wanted Gu Qiqi to ignore the big sister that the little boy was talking about.

In the end, why was Gu Qiqi even more worried about the boys safety than he was

Gong Jue, who had been reprimanded like a dog, was speechless…


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