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Gong Jue watched as his biological son became more and more infatuated with Gu Qiqi.

He didnt take his fathers words seriously at all…

Taking a deep breath, he changed his strategy.

“Dont forget that Gu Qiqi asked you to identify the murderer!”

The little boy immediately changed his tone.


Where did you say the people from S Nation were”

Gong Jue was speechless.

Did it have to be so effective! He felt so humiliated.

As he was completing the mission Gu Qiqi had given him, this was different from his fathers orders.

This time, the little packrat seriously swept its gaze across the S Nation team seats several times.

He turned to Gong Jue and shook his head.

“Theres no one inside who looks like the person who kidnapped me.”

“What about similar ones”

“I dont feel that theres anything similar at all.”

“Alright, then you should watch the competition.”

Gong Jue knew that although finding the murderer was very urgent, he couldnt afford to be anxious.

He comforted the little packrat and immersed himself in the competition with him.

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At this moment, the three teams in the finals had already begun to get busy.

As the questions were all about beauty, the patients prepared by the organizing committee for the three representative teams were in the same situation: 20 years old, 1.65 meters tall, and in the second year of university.

Their health conditions were almost identical.

All three university girls had bad facial skin and severe allergies.

And what the three teams were going to do was facial surgery.

Bai Langs team was the first to be prepared.

They began to make their move.

The reason why they were fast was because Young Master Ye, who had not been present, had already prepared the key to his beauty technique.

When he took out the contents of the delivery box, the entire team was stunned.

“Second Young Master, will… will this do Isnt this too childish”

“Second Young Master, although the theme of this competition is beauty treatment, its still a surgery.

How can we use the beauty salons method…”

“Second Young Master, please reconsider!”

“Second Young Master, could Young Master Ye be a spy sent by the enemy Is he trying to trick us”

Bai Lang had been listening to everyones complaints with a good temper.

However, when he heard someone say that Young Master Ye was a spy, his bright peach blossom face instantly darkened.

His tone turned cold.

“Who dares to say anything bad about Young Master Ye I wont let them off the hook!”

“Second Young Master, but…”

“But what If you dont want to win the championship, get out now!”

Everyone trembled.

Oh my god, they had never seen Second Young Master, who was so carefree and had such a good temper, become so vicious.

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So people could change so much for a blind relationship!

Their Young Master was definitely changed!

No one dared to say anything else.

Obediently, they opened the package that Young Master Ye had sent over and handed it to the patient.

One could not blame everyone for objecting.

Young Master Ye was truly a weirdo.

It was actually a facial mask!

The competition was about beauty, but Young Master Ye had sent a few facial masks.

This was really like childs play!

After all, this was a competition, not a beauty salon.

Everyone composed themselves and resigned themselves to fate.

They cleaned the patients face and applied the face mask.

One by one, the professional apothecaries turned into servants at the beauty salon.

They actually wanted to cry!

However, Bai Lang was in high spirits and was extremely confident.

Not only did he urge them on, but he also took charge of the process himself.

“Hey, hey, be more careful.

Young Master Ye wrote down the instructions to use the mask.

Did you guys read it carefully You have to cover your neck with the mask! Yes! And you have to change the mask every ten minutes! Do you think this is an ordinary mask This is a special medicinal mask!”


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