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Mu Liuchuans originally gentle and handsome face was now covered in bruises.

It was simply shocking!

It was as if he had just fought with someone.

The other party was really not polite.

He hit him directly in the most embarrassing place.

That scar would not heal without ten days or half a month.

However, he did not care about the injuries on his face at all.

Instead, he continued to stare at the screen of the finals in a daze and muttered, “Am I wrong… Did I choose wrongly…”

No one knew what he was talking about.

He said he had chosen wrongly.

Did he mean the date of the engagement Or was it the woman who he was getting engaged to

Gu Xuexue looked at Gu Qiqis face on the screen and was instantly filled with jealousy and hatred.

This little b*tch was actually so far away and did not forget to ruin her engagement.

How could she let her have her way

She grabbed Mu Liuchuans hand, snatched the phone, and threw it on the ground.

“Brother Liuchuan, the engagement banquet is about to begin.

There are so many reporters and guests waiting.

Do you have the cheek to embarrass the Mu family and the Gu family Even if you dont consider me, you have to consider the Mu family and your future!”

Mu Liuchuan made a sound, and a smoky smell of alcohol surged.

It was very smelly.

He seemed to sober up for a moment because he heard about the Mu familys reputation and his own future.

“Arent there still my parents They… burp… they accompanied you to attend…”

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“Your parents are gone! They dont even care about you! Are you willing to let them give all their resources to your second brother and your fathers illegitimate son Brother Liuchuan, wake up.

Why dont you marry me and have children to consolidate your status Do you want to use your status as a son or wait for the Mu familys assets to fall into the hands of others” Gu Xuexue gritted her teeth and directly revealed the benefits between the two of them.

If she played the little white rabbit again, Brother Liuchuan would not marry her!

Mu Liuchuans eyes froze for a moment.

Finally, he stood up.

“I… will… get married! But my face…”

“We can wear couple masks!” Gu Xuexue had an idea and felt that she was too smart.

She hurriedly helped Mu Liuchuan dress up and tidy up.

On the other side, Gu Meifeng took the opportunity to contact the private detective she had been hiring.

“Send me the photo of you took when following Mu Liuchuan last night.

I want to know what happened to him last night!”

When the private detective sent a few photos of Gu Qiqi meeting Mu Liuchuan, Gu Meifeng was so angry that she almost slammed the table.

She pulled Gu Xuexue to the side and showed her the photos.

“Xuexue, look.

The little b*tch still seduced Liuchuan the night before your wedding!”

Gu Xuexue gritted her teeth so hard that her nails dug into her palms.

Damn it, Brother Liuchuan didnt have the time to see her, but he went to see that b*tch!

She whispered fiercely, “Mommy, keep the photo.

Well find a suitable time to expose this photo and the scandal she did four years ago!”

Gu Meifeng nodded.

“Alright! Get engaged beautifully tonight.

Well discuss this in detail later.

Hurry, your grandfather is here.

Hurry up and prepare!”

Old Master Gu leaned on his walking stick and pushed open the door of the lounge with Xiaobeis help.

He smelled the alcohol in the room and was a little unhappy.

“Whats wrong with you guys The banquet is about to begin.

What are you guys doing here!”

“Okay, Father, well go right away!” Gu Meifeng was flustered.

“Wait, why didnt you arrange a seat for Qiqi Although shes participating in the competition, she said that she would come.

You didnt even arrange a seat for her.

Do you want her to stand and eat!” The old man frowned.

Gu Meifeng rolled her eyes in her heart, but she smiled on the surface.

“She might not be in the mood to come…”

Old Master Gu asked, “What do you mean”

Gu Meifeng said, “Father, dont you know Her medical skills are not good at all.

She was questioned by the judges and couldnt answer.

She lost that competition terribly.

How can she still have the face to attend Xuexues engagement party”


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