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Gong Jues face was slightly red as he looked at her with narrowed eyes.

She thought he looked grim.

In fact, he looked a little confused.

She sniffed the air, and the faint smell of champagne wafted through the car.

Gu Qiqis heart skipped a beat.

“Gong Jue, did you drink a lot of champagne at the celebration banquet just now”

Gu Qiqi recalled that many people surrounded Gong Jue and wanted to toast him.

The cold and aloof chief originally rejected them, but she was also surrounded, so she didnt notice if he rejected them to the end or if he really drank them all…

Gong Jue didnt answer her.

Instead, he leaned closer to her and said in a hoarse voice, “Its very fragrant.

I still want to drink…”

As he spoke, he actually buried his head in her neck and kissed the tender spot on the back of her neck.

Gu Qiqis face turned red.

Fortunately, Special Assistant Lu, who was in the drivers seat, had already silently closed the partition between the front and back rows.

He was praying that these two would develop their relationship and kick the male mistress out…

Gu Qiqis neck felt itchy as she gently pushed Gong Jue.

“Youre drunk, Gong Jue.”

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“Im not drunk!” Gong Jue said in a muffled voice as his large palm wantonly roamed over her body.

Gu Qiqi was helpless.

“Drunkards never admit that theyre drunk.


She fumbled out the hangover pills, fed him one, and supported him with her hand.

Fortunately, Gong Jue only touched her and didnt really do anything too embarrassing to her.

They traveled in silence.

Back at the hospital.

The boy was waiting excitedly at the door of the ward.

As soon as he saw Gu Qiqi helping Gong Jue back, he exerted strength in her short legs and ran up to hug Gu Qiqis thigh.

“Big Sister, youre finally back! I miss you so much!”

When Gu Qiqi saw how clingy the little packrat was, she was indescribably satisfied.

In an instant, her heart almost melted.

Oh God, her maternal love was going to overflow…

She threw Gong Jue on the bench by the door and freed her hand to hug the little packrat.

“You missed me.

How should you express your longing”

The little boys face was flushed red.

He closed his big eyes and kissed Gu Qiqis face.

“Is this okay”

Gu Qiqi pretended to be serious.


The boy was confused and cautious.

“Miss, is my kissing technique bad Im sorry, Im too young and inexperienced.

Ive never kissed anyone before…”

Then, as if he had made a decision, he said forcefully, “But I can study hard! And… and I can practice hard.

I must satisfy you more and more each time!”


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Gu Qiqi almost couldnt hold back her laughter.

Were all children so cute these days Or was the little boy especially rare

Why couldnt she love this little guy enough She loved him when he was arrogant, and when he was stupid and cute.

She loved him more than her own flesh and blood.

The biggest reason why she couldnt bear to leave Gong Jue was because of the little packrat.

She curled her lips slightly.

“Yes, its not that your skills are bad, but the number of times is not balanced.

You only kissed Sister Qiqis left cheek and not her right cheek.

Its too unfair.”

She stifled a laugh, feeling like a big bad wolf trying to bait a child.

Was she too bad

But the boy was enjoying it.

His big black grape eyes were shining.

“Really Can I really kiss you again”

“Of course!”

A loud kiss filled the hallway.

The little packrat was satisfied, leaving glistening saliva on both sides of Gu Qiqis face.

Gong Jue was burning with jealousy!


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