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Jiang Rouwan had made up her mind.

If Gu Qiqi could be so generous, why was she still so petty

After all, Gu Qiqis prescription was the core of the production line.

Without an exclusive prescription, this business couldnt continue at all.

It was only right that she gave Gu Qiqi all her shares.

Gu Qiqi smiled and declined.

“Miss Jiang, youre treating me like an outsider.

Qiu Qiu is my classmate and friend.

He even calls me Master.

His family is my family, so I have to help him protect it.

You can use the prescription as much as you want.

Its free.

Talking about money hurts relationships.

Besides, I dont need this small sum of money.”

Jiang Rouwan was speechless.

Once again, she was shocked by this nineteen-year-old girl.

How lucky was her son, Qiu Qiu, to have such a domineering girl as a friend!

This little bit of money!



It turned out that Gu Qiqi didnt care about the 70% shares that she had painstakingly made concessions for.

These 70% shares were no different from giving them to her for free.

Oh my god, not only was this girls life grand, but she also had the breadth of mind of a god.

Jiang Rouwan couldnt help but recall how Qiu Qius father had insisted on divorcing her in order to be with his mistress.

Furthermore, he hadnt even been willing to give her a tenth of his shares in the divorce agreement.

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Compared to Gu Qiqis generosity at this moment, Qiu Qius father was simply the trash of scumbags!

He couldnt even compare to the boldness and breadth of mind of a 19-year-old girl!

On the other end of the phone, Gu Qiqi heard that Jiang Rouwan hadnt spoken for a long time and had been silent for a long time, thinking about something.

She couldnt help but comfort her.

“Miss Jiang, my prescription is just the basics.

Its nothing much.

Dont feel burdened.

Just use it casually.

On the other hand, the subsequent production management and market sales are very complicated and detailed.

Do you have any ready-made manpower to use Are all the old employees in the factory here Can your husband continue to help”

If it was so easy to produce a medicine, Gu Qiqi would have long opened her own factory and relied on selling medicine to become rich.

She had many types of prescriptions!

However, she knew best how much effort it took to run a professional pharmaceutical factory.

Therefore, she would rather choose a reliable pharmaceutical factory to cooperate with to produce the beauty medicine that she had displayed in the World Medical Tournament than open a factory herself.

A factory was a responsibility.

It wasnt easy being a boss!

However, Gu Qiqis casual question of concern made the other end of the line even more silent.

Jiang Rouwan paused for a moment before saying in a low voice, “Qiqi, I didnt remarry.

I dont have a husband anymore.”

“Ah.” Gu Qiqi exclaimed in surprise.

She was indeed surprised!

Back then, Jiang Rouwan couldnt bear to part with Qiu Qius father.

Even though she knew that he kept a mistress all year round, she still refused to get a divorce.

Later on, they got a divorce because Gu Qiqi had promised her that she would let the scumbag return to remarry her.

It could be said that this divorce was just a temporary solution.

In other words, retreat in order to advance.

In fact, Father Qiu Qiu had indeed turned back.

His mistress had taken away all his assets, and the pharmaceutical factory had gone bankrupt.

If he didnt come back to beg for mercy from his ex-wife, there was only one way out: jump off a building to repay his debt!

Actually, men were not stupid.

They were all very shrewd and realistic.

How good was that He had money and a woman to sleep with.

He would be a fool not to remarry her.

What Jiang Rouwan wanted was for the man to return to her side.

Before Gu Qiqi went to Professor Browns house for the banquet, Jiang Rouwan had clearly told her that she had chosen to remarry.

But in the blink of an eye, Jiang Rouwan had changed her mind!

This was definitely a huge change for a traditional woman.

Gu Qiqi almost couldnt believe that Jiang Rouwan had become so thorough.

However, on the other end of the line, Jiang Rouwans voice was firm and confident.

“Qiqi, you were the one who taught me that women live for themselves, not for others!”


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