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Gu Qiqi said coldly, “Why didnt you say no when you messed with my Xiaolan Its too late to regret it now!”

Xiaolan, who was covered in blood, was trembling in her arms, making her feel her pain and trembling every second.

If she didnt let these scumbags experience it, her name wouldnt be Gu Qiqi!

Bai Yingzhus legs went limp.

“Y-Young Master Ye, you, you cant do this to me.

Our Bai family is working with you!”

“Do you think scum like you are worthy of discussing cooperation with me” Gu Qiqi said coldly.

Other than that fool Bai Lang, who could still be considered a human, the rest of the Bai family were all scum.

When Shen Ping, who had fallen to the ground, heard this, his small eyes widened.

He quickly struggled and revealed a flattering smile.

“Young Master Ye, the Bai family is not reliable.

Why dont you change to working with me Our Shen family will definitely listen to you!”

At this moment, there was no trace of the cold and ruthless attitude he had towards Gu Qiqi just now.

Instead, he looked extremely arrogant.

Gu Qiqi couldnt be bothered to look at him at all.

Her lips curled up slightly as she said, “Shut up!”

With that, she raised her hand.

The vines tightened a little more.

Shen Pings throat made a cracking sound.

It was unknown if it was broken or cracked.

In short, he was completely crippled.

He could no longer use his little schemes on Gu Qiqi.

On the other side, when the hooligans saw how terrifying and merciless Gu Qiqi was, their hairs stood on end.

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As soon as Gu Qiqi untied them, they immediately rushed towards Bai Yingzhu without hesitation.

She was dragged towards the hanging ring where Xiaolan was hung upside down.

They really followed Gu Qiqis orders and hung Bai Yingzhu upside down!

Only then did the naive little princess Bai Yingzhu realize that she was afraid.

It turned out that being hung upside down was so terrifying.

The blood in her scalp was unbearable.

In front of her were the soles of others shoes.

She was really afraid that if she was not careful, these leather shoes would step on her face.

It turned out that Yang Xiaolan had just faced such a terrifying scene.

This was simply unbearable!

It was ridiculous that she had even teased Yang Xiaolan and she couldnt help but hit her and make her scream in pain by pulling out her nails.

She hadnt had her nails pulled out yet, so just the thought of it was unbearable.

“No! No! Spare me, I was wrong! I was really wrong! Young Master Ye, this wasnt my idea.

I was…”

She had been harmed by Gu Xuexue.

It was clearly Gu Xuexues rotten idea who said that torturing people like this felt the best.

How could she have known that it would feel like this She felt that it was fun, so she used it on Yang Xiaolan.

Unfortunately, Gu Xuexue knew that this move was cruel, so she even deleted her call history.

Her goal was probably to prevent Young Master Ye from finding out and settling scores with her!

What a cunning Gu Xuexue!

Unfortunately, it was too late for Bai Yingzhu to realize it.

This regret was really worthless.

In order to survive, the hooligans had already swarmed forward.

It was exactly the same move that they had used against Xiaolan just now, multiplied by ten times to deal with Bai Yingzhu.

There were slaps to the face, slaps to the butt, and some even took off Bai Yingzhus high heels and put them on themselves to stuff them into her mouth…

Everyone tried their best to recall what strange things Bai Yingzhu had done just now.

Then, they repeatedly attacked her.

Soon, Bai Yingzhu couldnt even beg for mercy.

However, there was no pity or hesitation in Gu Qiqis eyes.

‘Im sorry, but Im not a saint.

I can be merciful to my friends, but I dont forgive my enemies for their evil ways.


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