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Chapter 117: She Flared Up Like A Kid

Gu Qiqi sighed lightly.

Her cherry-like lips pouted.

She coaxed Gong Jue softly in a very soft voice.

“Be good.

Let me go for a while, okay Ill walk away for a while…”

After speaking, she even used her small hand to lightly pat Gong Jues face as if she was dealing with an naughty pet.

Gasp! This fellow looked like a big-sized pet, but in fact, even his face was so hard that she found it painful to slap it.

She was really curious.

Was there nothing about this man that wasnt hard and unyielding

Gu Qiqi stared at Gong Jues reaction.

Indeed, she had gone the right way!

Gong Jue frowned slightly.

He snorted and loosened his hand.

Gu Qiqi was free.

She couldnt help but laugh in her heart.

If she could take a photo of this man with erectile dysfunction, it would definitely be very valuable and she could blackmail him properly.

With a thought, she dug out her phone and captured Gong Jues adorable look as a big-sized pet.

She put away her phone and crept to the door.

Suddenly, a shout exploded behind her.

“What are you doing”

The atmosphere changed drastically!


How domineering!

Damn it.

The man with erectile dysfunction was awake.

He became angry when he woke up.

Gu Qiqi gripped her phone in frustration.

If only she hadnt taken the photo just now.

But she was also feeling a little guilty.

Could it be that he had discovered that she had secretly taken a photo

She stopped in her tracks.


Gong Jue didnt wait for her reply.

He flipped over and got out of bed agilely.

He pulled out a mans shirt from the cabinet and threw it to her.

“How can you wear that kind of skirt out.

Its so ugly! Change it for me!”

Damn it.

This was her school uniform, alright What did he mean by that kind of skirt Furthermore, how was it ugly

Gu Qiqi was a little angry.

She was helpless and Gong Jues orders couldnt be disobeyed.

She didnt want to argue over such a small matter and waste her time.

Thus, she decided to go along with his morning temper and changed into a new outfit.

In the end, Gong Jue looked at her long and fair legs under her skirt and his frown deepened.

It was time to buy a few sets of clothes for this stupid woman.

Speaking of which, it was also his fault.

He had never had a woman by his side before, so he had never considered the food and clothes of women.

After she came to the research base, she didnt have a single decent shirt on her.

A trace of guilt washed over Gong Jue.

His expression softened a little and he said in a low voice, “Lets go downstairs to eat.”

But Gu Qiqi held onto her phone tightly.

“Im not hungry… Um, I have something important to do.

Can I go out for a while”

Afraid that Gong Jue wouldnt agree, she immediately added.

“Ill be back once Im done.”

Seeing Gu Qiqis tightly gripped phone, Gong Jue immediately recalled the scene of him hugging her at the bar last night.

Actually, it felt quite good to be a hero saving a beauty.


He just had to see that the number that she had dialed wasnt his!

Little Master Xiao Ning.

Hmph! He would remember this gigolo.

Could it be that this stupid woman was going to meet that gigolo secretly

She was that eager

Couldnt wait a second longer

Her desire to see that man even exceeded the need to take care of her own body

Gong Jues expression, which had just calmed down, immediately darkened.

“Youre not allowed to go.”

These three words silenced her thoughts of going out to complain about her grades.

Gu Qiqi frowned.

“Domineering man, are you being reasonable”

Gong Jue raised his chin proudly.

“Youre right.

Theres no need to say anything.”


“Lets go downstairs to eat!”

“I dont want to eat.”

Gu Qiqi threw her phone onto the table and sat by the window angrily.

Why should I eat Im so angry!

“Then lets starve!”

Gong Jue tolerated his anger.

Gu Qiqis tantrum reminded him of the boy.

Almost every time the boy protested against his actions, he would always say that he didnt want to eat!

Why was this stupid woman still acting like a child


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