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Faced with Gu Qiqis question, the little dirty turtle smiled slyly.

“Hehe, of course, Master! Our current color points are coming in faster than sleeping with men.

Just do it!”

Gu Qiqi was speechless.

What did it mean faster than sleeping with a man!

No wonder the little dirty turtle hadnt mentioned letting her have intimate contact with Gong Jue for the past two days.

It turned out that Young Master Yes reputation had skyrocketed, and the benefits it brought were so awesome.

However, there was always a limit to reputation.

It would probably be saturated to a certain extent.

At that time, she still had to think of a way to develop other ways to increase her color points.

Otherwise, sleeping with a man would definitely be on its agenda again.

Gu Qiqi raised her chin.

“Tell me, what skills can I use”

The little dirty turtle thought for a moment.

“Hm, I cant open my Heavenly Eye yet…”

Gu Qiqi was speechless.

“Of course.

Tell me something you can do.”

The Heavenly Eye can only be used above the Green level, and it also depended on the probability.

She did not expect it.

The little dirty turtle stuck out its tongue and immediately acted like a shopkeeper, as if it knew everything.

“We have the cultivation skills of the wood element, and we also have the poison identification skills.

Then, we can open the ice of the water element, the flames of the fire element, and the earth element…”

Ice could turn water into ice.

It was an offensive technique.

The flames could be ignited at any time without a spark.

It was also an attack technique.

Earth Escape was an escape technique.

Gu Qiqi had a rough understanding of this previously.

Gu Qiqi held her forehead.

“Can ice, flames, and earth escape be activated at the same time”

The little dirty turtle shook its head.

“No, although there are many color points, you can only activate one at a time, because every time you use it, a large number of color points will be consumed.”

Gu Qiqi thought for a moment.


Although these skills sounded dazzling just now, they were actually not that useful.

Especially in the modern city.

It was not convenient to use such skills.

Otherwise, it would cause chaos.

She only dared to use cultivation openly in Kun Bus space.

She was very careful on other occasions.

After all, superpowered people wont be that surprised..

On the other hand, if they really arrived at the Ghost Island and encountered a powerhouse like the man in gray shoes, these skills would be a little insufficient.

It was obvious that they would definitely be easily crushed.

For example, cultivation could be considered very strong.

It was fast enough, had strong penetrative power, and could even create an explosive effect.

However, the man in gray shoes had destroyed the ancient tree she had cultivated with a single move.

Therefore, she needed a more special skill!

It was not limited to a single attack.

Instead, it was a skill that could change into anything, be more flexible, and have unlimited potential.

The little dirty turtle said excitedly, “Theres also X-ray vision! Although its not as powerful as the Heavenly Eye, it can still see many things that cant be seen usually, such as the color of Master Jues underwear…”

Gu Qiqi was speechless.

Who wanted to see that kind of thing!!!

“Change it!” she said coldly.

The little dirty turtle retracted its head.

“Ahem, do you want to read minds Its also very impressive.

Its equivalent to seeing through other peoples hearts… Uh… However, there are side effects.

After seeing it once, youll feel exhausted and have to rest in bed for a day.

Or you can have intimate contact with a man with abundant Yang energy!”

Gu Qiqi was speechless.

Damn it, what sort of lousy trump card was this

Why were the skills that were activated so strange, and the side effects so embarrassing


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