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Chapter 129: How Many Young Masters Does Your Bai Family Have

The manager mentioned the eldest young master of the Bai family, Bai Yeyuan.

Bai Lang immediately lost his temper.

He muttered softly, “Hes doing great.

I dont know where he went to live happily, but he made me face these hateful accounts…”

She was feeling resentful.

Suddenly, his eyes lit up!

Through the French window, he saw a petite figure walk in.

That persons shirt was tied into a skirt.

She had long seaweed-like hair, a straight waist, and a pair of clear eyes.

Her skin was as white as snow… Who else could it be but Gu Qiqi

“Heh, something interesting happened!”

Bai Lang rubbed his fists and wiped his palms.

He suddenly felt that it wasnt boring to look at the accounts in the pharmacy anymore.

“Go andentertain that little vixen for me!”

He gnashed his teeth and made an expression like a hungry tiger pouncing on its prey.

The managers lips twitched.

He muttered in his heart, Second Master, are you sure that it wasnt a vixen who ate you up until she didnt even spit out your bones

“Why are you still standing there in a daze Go on! Take back all the money that she used to cheat me from that time!”

“Yes, Second Master!”

The manager led the way with an impossible task.

He had a bitter expression on his face, but he still had to smile as he welcomed Gu Qiqi.

“Young Lady Qiqi, youre here! What herbs do you want to buy this time”

“I was just looking around.”

Gu Qiqis tone was indifferent.

She didnt look aggressive at all.

But the manager tensed up.

He didnt dare to relax at all.

After the previous two encounters, he knew all too well that although this girl looked petite, she was definitely not someone to be trifled with.

Seeing Gu Qiqi walk towards the expensive Chinese medicine counter, he hurriedly followed her.

“Young Lady Qiqi, we have all the medicine in our shop this time.

You can choose whatever you want…”

Back then, in order to prevent Gu Qiqi from buying the medicine, Bai Lang withdrew all of them.

In the end, his business license was nearly revoked.

This time, Bai Lang learned his lesson.

Gu Qiqi looked over and there were all the herbs.

The problem was that there was an extra zero on the price tag!

The price rose tenfold!

Gu Qiqi snorted coldly in her heart.

“Scumbag!” But she didnt show it on her face.

She suddenly asked a question that had nothing to do with buying medicine!

“How many young masters does your Bai family have”

The manager was stunned.

The unexpected question dumbfounded him.

Of the ten thousand lines that she had prepared in his heart, not a single one of them was suitable for this kind of problem.

He couldnt help but stammer as he replied, “There are a total of… two young masters…”

“Bai Lang is the younger one”

“Yes, yes.

Young Lady Qiqi, youre right.

Second Young Master is Young Master Bai Lang.

Young Master is Young Master Bai Yueyuan.”

Gu Qiqi fell into deep thought.

Bai Lang was the younger one

That was “Little Uncle”, right

Luckily, she asked a few more questions.

What if there were a few men in the Bai family It wouldnt be good if she wronged that scum.

It was one thing for her to cheat the white scum of money previously.

It was another matter to stand up for Xiao Ning now.

Every injustice has its perpetrator, every debt has its debtor.

Since she had confirmed that Bai Lang was that “Little Uncle” now, she wouldnt be soft-hearted!

That b*stards “Little Uncle” did that disgusting thing to Xiao Ning and even locked Xiao Ning at home… She wanted to see if he would still have the leisure to bully Xiao Ning after she burned his shop down!

The manager wiped his cold sweat.

He didnt understand what Gu Qiqi was up to.

Could it be that Young Lady Qiqi and our Second Young Master became friends after fighting a few times Could it be that they had begun to appreciate each other and have… feelings for each other

However, when this thought surfaced, he shivered and felt a little disgusted.


The difference between them… was too great.

The manager sighed.

Young Lady Qiqi was such a smart person…

She probably wouldnt take a fancy to that “Second Young Master” of his, right


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